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Traditional Chinese medicine feed additive used to improve immunity and resist parasitic infection of weaned piglets and preparation and use method thereof

The invention relates to a traditional Chinese medicine feed additive used to improve immunity and resist parasitic infection of weaned piglets. The traditional Chinese medicine feed additive is composed of the following traditional Chinese medicine raw materials: 30-90 g of Codonopsis, 10-30 g of Atractylodes, 30-90 g of Poria cocos, 30-90 g of yam, 30-90 g of Astragalus, 10 - 30 g of lotus seed, 10-30 g of fried lentils, 10-30 g of fried barley, 10-30 g of Atractylis, 10-30 g of dried tangerine peel, 30-90 g of Polygonum, 10-30 g of Ligustrum lucidum, 10-30 g of Eclipta, 30-90 g of Epimedium, 30-90 g of Medicated Leaven, 30-90 g of melanoidin malt, 15-45 g of Rhizoma Dryoteris Crassirhizmae, 10-30 g of fried betelnut, 20-60 g of pumpkin seed, 30-90 g of dandelion, 30-90 g of purslane, 20-60 g of Isatidis and 6-18 g of licorice. The traditional Chinese medicine feed additive provided by the invention has the advantages of simple preparation process, low price and no any toxic and side effects, and can improve the immunity, prevent infectious diseases and enhance the resistance to pathogenic microorganisms and parasites of the weaned piglets, and improve the quality and yield of pig products.

Anti-radiation eyesight protective health food and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to anti-radiation eyesight protective health food and a preparation method thereof. The food serves as daily drinking to improve the resistance of the human body to radiation, and comprises green tea, cassia, medlar, mulberry and white chrysanthemum. The preparation method comprises that the cassia, the medlar and the mulberry are mixed, added with water and extracted, and dry extract powder is prepared. The white chrysanthemum is soaked in water under the condition of 80 to 90DEG C, and the dry extract powder is prepared. The green tea is soaked under the condition of 80 to 90DEG C, and the dry extract powder is prepared. The dry extract powder is mixed and added with auxiliary pellets, and drinking grains are prepared. The invention has the advantage of anti-radiation function with the medlar, the green tea and the white chrysanthemum in the theory of homologous medicine and food; and the cassia and the green tea have the effect of clearing heat and calming liver, relaxing bowel, and brightening eye and benefiting eyesight. The eye brightening function of the medlar, the white chrysanthemum and the mulberry cooperates, and the daily food capable of enhancing immunity, easing eyestrain, improving the anti-radiation capability of the human body and protecting the eyesight is prepared.

Feed additive made of Chinese herbal medicine and used for reducing respiratory tract diseases of piglets

The invention relates to feed additive made of Chinese herbal medicine and used for reducing respiratory tract diseases of piglets. The Chinese herbal medicine additive comprises the following components by weight in parts: 30-90 parts of root of pilose asiabell, 10-30 parts of rhizoma atractylodis macrocephalae, 30-90 parts of tuckahoe, 30-90 parts of dioscorea opposite, 30-90 parts of astragalus mongholicus, 10-30 parts of perilla seed, 10-30 parts of radish seed, 10-30 parts of semen brassicae, 10-30 parts of semen nelumbinis, 10-30 parts of stirfried green beans, 10-30 parts of pericarpium citri reticulatae, 10-30 parts of platycodon grandiforus, 10-30 parts of reed rhizome, 30-90 parts of honeysuckle flower, 10-30 parts of forsythia suspense, 20-60 parts of folium isatidis, 20-60 parts of isatis indigotica fort, 30-90 parts of epimedium davidii franch, 30-90 parts of coke divine comedy, 30-90 parts of hordeum vulgare, 15-45 parts of cyrtomium rhizome, 10-30 parts of fried betelnut, 20-60 parts of pumpkin seed and 6-18 parts of liquorice. The mass percent of the Chinese herbal medicine additive in the pig feed is 1.5-2%. The feed of the invention improves the immunity of the piglets, reduces the respiratory tract diseases, and has low price and non-toxic side-effects.

Poultry composite probiotic preparation and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a poultry composite probiotic preparation and a preparation method thereof. The preparation method comprises the following steps: mixing bacillus subtilis liquid, bacillus licheniformis liquid, enterococcus faecalis liquid, lactobacillus acidophilus liquid, and clostridium butyricum liquid according to a volume ratio of 20-40:5-20:10-30:12-35:15-30, adding carboxymethyl cellulose to prepare suspension, adding the suspension into an aluminum sulfate solution to form agglomerated capsules, filtering to obtain the agglomerated capsulated, washing the capsules with water, and finally drying so as to obtain the poultry composite probiotic preparation; wherein the number of live bacterium in each bacterium liquid is not less than 109 CFU/mL. The composite probiotic preparation with multiple physiological functions is obtained by reasonably compounding the aerobic bacteria and anaerobic bacteria (bacillus subtilis, bacillus licheniformis, enterococcus faecalis, lactobacillus acidophilus, and clostridium butyricum). The provided poultry composite probiotic preparation can modulate the microecological environment in intestines, inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria in intestines, strengthen the organism immunity, and increase the feed utilization rate.

Probiotic goat milk tablet and preparation method of probiotic goat milk tablet

ActiveCN102742659AImprove the body's immunityRegulate nutritional balanceMilk preparationFreeze dryGut flora
The invention relates to a probiotic goat milk tablet and a preparation method of the probiotic goat milk tablet. The method comprises the methods that firstly, activated probiotic is taken and is inoculated into an MRS (Man Rogosa Sharpe) culture medium to be cultured, then, the centrifugation is carried out, the materials are made into probiotic mud, composite freeze drying protecting agents are added into the probiotic mud, the vacuum freeze drying is carried out to obtain freeze drying probiotic powder, goat milk is subjected to purification and standardization and is then subjected to pressure reduction concentration, so that the solid content reaches 42 to 50, and raw material goat milk is obtained, the raw material goat milk is subjected to spray drying cooling, after the temperature is lowered to the room temperature, the raw material goat milk is sieved by a sieve being 40 to 80 meshes, goat milk powder is obtained, the goat milk powder, the freeze drying probiotic powder, cane sugar, glucose and magnesium stearate are uniformly mixed, then, a single impact type tablet machine is used for making the goat milk powder containing the probiotics into the probiotic goat milk tablets. The major ingredient in the probiotic goat milk tablet provided by the invention is goat milk powder, in addition, the probiotic is added into the goat milk powder, and the important physiological effects of improving the intestinal flora structures, promoting the propagation of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract, inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria, eliminating carcinogens, improving the immunity of the organism, reducing the cholesterol, relieving lactose intolerance and the like are realized.

Antimicrobial-free feed for nursery pig and preparation method thereof

InactiveCN106173254AImprove the body's immunityReduce intestinal damageFood processingAnimal feeding stuffMonobasic calcium phosphateSimple Organic Compounds
The invention discloses an antimicrobial-free feed for a nursery pig and a preparation method thereof. The antimicrobial-free feed is prepared from, by weight, 50-55 parts of corn, 5-8 parts of sorghum, 3-5 parts of whey powder, 5-12 parts of expanded soybean, 3-5 parts of fermented soybean meal, 15-20 parts of soybean meal, 3-5 parts of fish meal, 1-2 parts of organic compound acidifier, 1-2 parts of organic mineral premix, 0.03-0.07 part of Chinese herbal medicine additive, 0.02-0.05 part of tea powder, 0.02-0.04 part of orange peel powder, 0.08-0.12 part of hydrolyzed wheat protein powder, 0.5-0.9 part of calcium formate, 0.1-0.5 part of calcium hydrogen phosphate, 0.3-0.5 part of amino acid, 0.1%-0.3% of salt, 0.05-0.2 part of choline chloride, 0.02-0.04 part of vitamin premix, 0.05-0.1 part of complex enzyme preparation and 0.1-0.5 part of mildewproof agent. The antimicrobial-free feed is a green, safe and pollution-free nursing material feed which gives full play to the function of a nursing material for undertaking the period between a weaning feed and a piggy feed, piglet intestinal injuries are well repaired, and the death rate and the incidence risk are decreased; normal growth of piglets is guaranteed, and the optimal growth performance is played.

Chinese herbal medicine additive for improving fertility of sow and method for preparing Chinese herbal medicine additive

The invention discloses a Chinese herbal medicine additive for improving the fertility of sow. The Chinese herbal medicine additive comprises, by weight, 2-10 parts of herba leonuri, 2-10 parts of eucommia ulmoides, 2-10 parts of herba epimedii and 1-5 parts of Himalayan teasel roots. The invention further discloses a method for preparing the Chinese herbal medicine additive. The Chinese herbal medicine additive and the method have the advantages that the Chinese herbal medicine additive is scientific in combination and has obvious effects of preventing diseases and protecting health of the sow, improving the production performance of animals, improving the quality of animal products and the quality of fodder and the like; the effects of preventing the diseases and protecting the health of the sow are mainly represented in the aspects of enhancing the immunity of the sow, inhibiting bacteria, expelling parasites, regulating functions of the sow and the like; the effect of improving the production performance of the sow is mainly represented in the aspects of promoting the growth of the sow, promoting the development of the reproductive organs of the sow, increasing a pregnancy rate and a farrowing rate and reducing a piglet mortality rate; the effect of improving the quality of fodder is mainly represented in that the Chinese herbal medicine additive has effects of supplementing nutrition, enhancing aroma and deodorizing, preventing mildew and rotting and the like, accordingly, the nutrition of the fodder is improved, the appetite of the sow is promoted, the shelf life of the fodder is prolonged, and the like.

Chinese medicine for treating liver disease

The invention discloses a Chinese traditional medicine for curing hepatic diseases. Raw materials such as chicken-bone herb, moellendorf's spikemoss Herb, Japanese St. John's wort, giant knotweed, linearstripe rabdosia herb, white back leaf mallotus root, oriental wormwood, isatis root, isatis leaf, oldenlandia, capejasmine, curcuma root, water pepper, downy rosemyrtle root, self-heal spike, radix salviae, peach kernel, alkanet, kendyr, pennywort, astragalus root, junesnow, Japanese ardisia herb, Indian kalimeris herb, Oxalis, flavescent sophora root, stringy stonecrop, longhairy antenoron herb, European verbena and capejasmine root are made into a Chinese traditional medicine broth or powder through a conventional method. The medicine which is low in price and simple in preparation process has the functions of soothing the liver and dispersing the depressed vital energy, clearing away heat and promoting diuresis, promoting blood circulation and arresting bleeding, dissipating blood stasis and subsiding swelling, strengthening the body resistance and causing diuresis, and improving the organism immunity. The medicine can be used for curing virus hepatitis, icteric serum hepatitis, and non- icteric serum infectious hepatitis. The medicine also has curative actions on chronic deferred active hepatitis, cirrhosis liver, and ascites due to cirrhosis with a general effectiveness ratio of 98 percent.

Tobacco natural plant dye, preparation method, and application thereof

The invention provides a tobacco natural plant dye, a preparation method, and an application thereof. The tobacco natural plant dye is prepared from fresh tobacco as a raw material, which is washed with a surfactant and is subjected to bio-pretreatment impurity removal to obtain tobacco powder. The tobacco powder is extracted by a water solution or an ethanol water solution, wherein the pH value of the solution is controlled by NaHCO3 or ethylenediamine; the solution is subjected to heating extraction and is filtered to produce a natural dye stock liquid, which is concentrated, solidified and crushed to obtain the tobacco natural plant dye. In the method, tobacco pigments are used as natural dyes in the dyeing and finishing industry. The preparation method is simple and is high-effective. The tobacco natural plant dye can dye cotton, wool, cashmere and the like. Through regulation on a direct dyeing process, a pre-mordant dyeing process or a same-mordant dyeing process and types of mordants, fabrics in brown color, yellow-brown color, light-brown color, yellow color or green color can be produced. The dyed fabric has high color fastness to rubbing, has natural and gentle gloss and significantly improves usage value of tobacco and application value of the fabrics.

Chinese prescription energy pure Chinese medicine extract with anti-aging function

The invention relates to a Chinese prescription energy pure Chinese medicine extract with an anti-aging function. The extract is prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 5 parts of licorice root, 10 parts of tangerine peel, 10 parts of lucid ganoderma, 5 parts of herba ecliptae, 10 parts of mulberry, 10 parts of epimedium herb, 10 parts of Indian buead, 10 parts of yam, 10 parts of glossy privet fruit, 10 parts of medlar, 10 parts of ginseng and 40 parts of astragalus. The extract has the beneficial effects that: a preparation process is simple; the medlar, the yam, the Indian buead, the epimedium herb, the glossy privet fruit, the mulberry and the lucid ganoderma are used for benefiting vital energy, tonifying spleen, invigorating the kidney and soothing the liver to enhance the monarch medicaments; the astragalus and the ginseng are used as the monarch medicaments together for benefiting vital energy and nourishing yin; the tangerine peel is used for enlivening the spleen and the licorice root is used as an adjuvant medicament for blending the various medicaments; the various medicaments can be matched with one another to play a better synergistic effect, so that the effects of benefiting vital energy, nourishing yin and nourishing the spleen and the kidney are achieved; the symptoms of lack of power, shortness of breath, spontaneous sweating, night sweat, dry mouth, pharyngoxerosis, dizziness, tinnitus and the like due to Qi and Yin deficiency and insufficiencies of spleen and kidney can be treated; and the effects of enhancing the immunity of the body, delaying the aging of the body and enhancing the anti-fatigue capacity of the body are achieved.

Traditional Chinese medicine composition for preventing and treating piglet diarrhea and preparation method of traditional Chinese medicine composition

The invention provides a traditional Chinese medicine composition for preventing and treating piglet diarrhea and belongs to the field of veterinary medicine preparation. The traditional Chinese medicine composition is prepared from the following Chinese herbal components in parts by weight: 8-12 parts of Chinese pulsatilla root, 1-3 parts of dangshen, 1-3 parts of red peony root, 1-3 parts of bighead atractylodes rhizome, 1-3 parts of dried ginger, 1-3 parts of dried orange peel, 1-3 parts of golden cypress and 1-3 parts of liquorice root. The traditional Chinese medicine composition is prepared from pure Chinese herbal medicinal materials which are wide in source and low in cost; the traditional Chinese medicine composition is free from residue and toxic and side effects; especially, the Chinese herbal medicinal materials are extracted by virtue of decocting in water, and therefore, the traditional Chinese medicine process is kept and the traditional Chinese medicine can be absorbed more easily. The traditional Chinese medicine composition has remarkable effects of clearing away heat and toxic materials, eliminating dampness and stopping dysentery, warmly invigorating stomach and intestine and regulating the functions of the organism, and is capable of effectively treating various types of diarrhea and shortening the recovery phase. The traditional Chinese medicine composition is convenient to use. Clinical tests prove that the cure rate of the traditional Chinese medicine composition is not less than 85% and a unique curative effect can be achieved.

Poultry antivirus composition, freeze-dried powder, preparation method and applications of the composition

InactiveCN104208673AImprove the body's immunityEnhance body adaptability and resistanceOrganic active ingredientsPowder deliveryAntibodyDisease
The invention discloses a poultry antivirus composition, freeze-dried powder, a preparation method and applications of the composition, and belongs to the technical field of feed additive for poultry and livestock. The poultry antivirus composition is mainly composed of the following components in parts by weight: 90 to 100 parts of poultry antivirus yolk antibody, 1 to 2 parts of poultry antivirus transfer factor, and 1 to 2 parts of alpha-interferon, and preferably also comprises the following components in parts by weight: 5 to 10 parts of astragalus polysaccharide, 5 to 10 parts of angelica polysaccharide, 10 to 20 parts of wolfberry polysaccharide, and 10 to 30 parts of licorice polysaccharide. The poultry antivirus yolk antibody, poultry antivirus transfer factor, alpha-interferon, and traditional Chinese herbal extracts (astragalus polysaccharide, angelica polysaccharide, wolfberry polysaccharide, and licorice polysaccharide) are compounded to prepare the composition, which can effectively improve the immunity and disease preventing performance of poultry organism and has a good preventing and treating effect on poultry viral diseases. The composition can be made into freeze-dried powder, which can be preserved at a normal temperature for a long time and has the advantages of high antibody titer and good bio-activity.

Amino acid and chelated calcium composition and preparation method thereof

ActiveCN104397359AFacilitates bone matrix formationImprove the body's immunityAnimal feeding stuffCalcium EDTAChemistry
The invention relates to an amino acid and chelated calcium composition and a preparation method thereof. The composition comprises 32-48 parts of composite amino acid chelated calcium, 0.0001-0.001 part of vitamin D, 0.001-0.01 part of vitamin K, 24-36 parts of glycine, 24-36 parts of a proline composition, 5-15 parts of probiotics, 10-20 parts of a plant extract and the like. By the use of the vitamins, calcium absorption is promoted; amino acid and polysaccharide are used for promoting bone matrix formation; by the adding of the probiotics, a good intestinal environment is provided for the absorption of calcium; by the adding of the plant extract, calcium absorption of an organ is facilitated, and effects of resisting oxidization, clearing away toxicity, diminishing inflammation and enhancing the immunity of the organ are achieved, so that the aim of supplementing calcium is fulfilled under multi-aspect cooperative action, calcium absorption is facilitated more, irritation to the intestinal tract is avoided, and the problems of discomfort of the intestines and the stomach or constipation and the like are avoided; furthermore, the preparation method is simple; original nutritional components of all components can be retained, so that all the nutritional components achieve a synergistic effect, and the absorption rate is high.
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