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Fresh breath honeyed pill

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The invention relates to a fresh breath honeyed pill, wherein raw material components comprise, by mass, 8 parts of clove, 8 parts of alpinia katsumadai hayata, 24 parts of asarum sieboldii miq, 10 parts of peppermint, 24 parts of cortex cinnamomi, 8 parts of radix aucklandiae, 16 parts of orange peel, 10 parts of angelica dahurica, 24 parts of licorice root, 24 parts of dried ginger (processing and breaking), and 130 parts of osmanthus fragrans honey. The fresh breath honeyed pill production method is characterized by comprising: weighing clove, alpinia katsumadai hayata, asarum sieboldii miq, peppermint, cortex cinnamomi, radix aucklandiae, orange peel, angelica dahurica, licorice root, and dried ginger (processing and breaking) according to a certain mass part ratio, respectively crushing, screening with a 200 mesh sieve, uniformly mixing various powders, and adding osmanthus fragrans honey to prepare the honeyed pill, wherein the size of each honeyed pill is similar to the bullet. According to the present invention, characteristics of simple formula, less medication variety and less use amount are provided; the used traditional Chinese medicines have natural aromatic odor and do not contain artificial perfume, such that the fresh breath honeyed pill is safety on the human body; and the osmanthus fragrans honey is adopted to prepare the honeyed pill, the artificial additive is not contained, and the fresh breath honeyed pill does not contain preservative and can be stored for a long time.

Fruit-vegetable paper and method for preparing same

The invention relates to a fruit and vegetable paper; the main components of the invention comprise vegetables, fruits, sucrose, konjaku flour, agar-agar, salt and flavoring agent; the invention has the following preparation method: 1. fresh vegetables and fruits are selected, dipped in, washed and cut up; 2. the fresh vegetables and fruits are boiled and cooled; 3. the fresh vegetables and fruits are grinded to fruit and vegetable pulp; 4. the sucrose, the konjaku flour, the agar-agar, the salt and the flavoring agent are taken out, put to the fruit and vegetable pulp, mixed and stirred uniformly; 5. the mixture is put to a film forming machine for molding, drying, film stripping and film cutting; 6. the mixture is sterilized by ultraviolet radiation and sealed in vacuum to become the finished goods; the invention has the advantages that: the invention is easy to acquire raw material, simple in formula and reliable in technique; the finished goods keeps the primitive colors, primary tastes and nutrient components of the fruits and vegetables, has unique and various tastes and can be used as fruit and vegetable foods to eat directly; the fruit and vegetable paper is thin and soft, easy to regulate and strengthen the nutrition, good in taste and attractive in color and shape and in particular is suitable for elders with poor teeth and children to eat.

Complex interstitial substance for cyclobalanopsis glauca container raise seedling

The invention discloses a compounded medium for Cyclobalanopsis glauca container seedlings, which belongs to the technical field of forest seedling cultivation. The medium can be prepared through the following steps: carbonized rice husks, perlite and peat are mixed into a preformed medium according to the volume ratio of 25 to 35:25 to 35:35 to 50; according to that the mixture ratio of nutrient content of N:P2O5:K2O:Fe:Zn is 14 to 16:3 to 5:3 to 5:0.2 to 0.35:0.1 to 0.25, slow-release nitrogen fertilizer, slightly soluble phosphate fertilizer, potassium fertilizer, iron, zinc trace fertilizer which are sold in markets are made into a slow-release slightly soluble compounded fertilizer; and then the fertilizer and the preformed medium are made into the compounded medium in the proportion of 2 to 3 kg:1m<3>. The medium has the advantages that the medium is simple and reasonable in formulation, stable in quality, convenient to get materials, low in cost, lower in peat consumption, sufficient in fertility, long in fertilizer effect, capable of meeting the demand of Cyclobalanopsis glauca seedlings for nutrients, 23 to 33 percent lower than the prior medium formulation in prices and high in cost performance, and can be popularized and applied in the production of Cyclobalanopsis glauca container seedlings.

Metallographic corrosive agent for advanced high-strength steel residual austenite dyeing and using method of metallographic corrosive agent

The invention discloses a metallographic corrosive agent for advanced high-strength steel residual austenite dyeing. The metallographic corrosive agent is prepared from an alcoholic solution and a surfactant; the alcoholic solution is prepared from the components in percentage by mass: 3.5-15% of sulfuric acid, 12-15% of hydrochloric acid, 7-10% of FeCl3, and the balance of anhydrous alcohol. In addition, the invention discloses a using method of the metallographic corrosive agent. The method includes the steps that a polished metallographic sample is immersed in the metallographic corrosive agent for a period of time, then the surface of the metallographic sample is cleaned and blow-dried, and the metallographic sample is observed on a color microscope. The metallographic corrosive agentis good in stability and simple in formula, in practical application, various structures of steel are corroded by the metallographic corrosive agent to achieve sufficient contrast and the structures are effectively distinguished, and especially when advanced high-strength steel is subjected to metallographic corrosion by the metallographic corrosive agent, the structures of bainite, martensite, ferrite and residual austenite in the metallographic structure are all displayed, and different colors are presented.

Novel method for tissue culture rapid propagation of acer paimatum

The invention discloses a novel method for tissue culture rapid propagation of acer paimatum . The novel method comprises the steps as follows: S1, explant cutting: collecting and cutting an acer paimatum young and tender stalk section to be 2-3 cm in length; S2, sterilization, placing an explant on an extra-clean workbench, and sterilizing the explant with alcohol and mercuric chloride; S3, initiation culture: inoculating the sterilized explant to an initiation culture medium for culture, wherein the initiation culture medium is provided with WPM, 30.1mg/L of GA, 0.05mg/L of TDZ, 30g/L of cane sugar and 5g/L of agar; S4, rooting culture, after the initiation culture, selecting an acer paimatum stalk section with buds, wherein the acer paimatum stalk section is 1-2 cm in length; cutting off and transferring axillary buds to a rooting culture medium for culture, and the rooting culture medium is provided with 1/2WPM, 0.05mg/L of NAA, 25g/L of cane sugar and 5g/L of agar. According to the invention, the culture media are simple in formula and low in cost; only via the initiation culture and the rooting culture, an acer paimatum aseptic seedling can be rapidly propagated from the stalk section of the explant of the acer paimatum, so that the propagation time is remarkably shortened; the novel method is convenient to operate, can increase the propagation base number for a short time, and provides technique support for industrial seedling-raising.

Pickling processing method for flavored breakfast egg

The invention discloses a pickling processing method for a flavored breakfast egg and belongs to the technical field of deep processing of livestock products. The pickling processing method comprises the following steps of firstly, collecting star anise, fennel, rhizoma kaempferiae and cinnamon to form spice, and adding the spice in boiled water for boiling to obtain concentrated brine; sequentially adding sodium hydroxide and edible salts in the concentrated brine and stirring the mixture for dissolving to obtain a pickling liquid; soaking the egg into the pickling liquid for pickling and then heating and boiling to obtain the flavored breakfast egg disclosed by the invention. The flavored breakfast egg is a creative distinctive egg product which absorbs the advantages of salted eggs and preserved eggs, and makes up the defects that as traditional preserved eggs are higher in alkalinity, the mouth feel is influenced and the intestines and stomach are stimulated, and as the salinity of the salted eggs is over high, the health is unfavorably protected. The processed finished product has full aroma and is light yellow; egg white of the pickled egg is similar to that of the preserved egg and is tough and chewy in mouth feel; yolk of the prickled egg is similar to that of the salted egg and is crisp and aromatic glutinous; the flavored breakfast egg is unique in taste, has the taste and mouthfeel like the preserved egg and the salted egg, and accords with the modern food health green consumption concept of mainstream consumer groups.
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