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Twist closure drop fishing net

InactiveUS6065239AFishing netsEngineeringCommercial fishing
An automatically closing drop fishing net is provided for commercial fishing operations. The drop net assembly includes an upper float ring, a lower weight ring, and a net formed in a generally tubular configuration. The upper end of the net is attached to the float ring and the lower end of the net is attached to the weight ring. The drop net assembly has several torque lines that extend from locations on the float ring on the outside of the net to locations on the weight ring that are initially angularly offset at least one hundred eighty degrees relative to their points of attachment to the float ring. The torque lines are shorter than the vertical length that the net would assume in a stretched condition with the float ring buoyed upon the surface of a body of sea water and with the weight ring suspended therebeneath and held only by the structure of the net. As gravity pulls the weight ring downwardly from the float ring in the water, tension is exerted on the torque lines. This tension causes the weight ring to rotate relative to the float ring above it. The twisting of the weight ring also twists the net, thereby closing the lower portion of the net and changing its shape from a generally cylindrical configuration to a configuration of an upper inverted cone and a lower, upright cone. Fish are entrapped within the upper, inverted conical portion of the drop net assembly once it has been deployed.

Sea level LED lamp light trapping fishing pot

The invention discloses a sea surface LED lamp trapping (fishing) cage, which consists of a floating pontoon, a fishing cage, a battery box, a trapping box, and LED lamp modules, wherein the floating pontoon is arranged on the top of the fishing cage, and a battery pack is arranged on the bottom of the fishing cage. The sea surface LED light trapping (fishing) cage is characterized in that the fishing cage is formed by connecting a plurality of sections of fishing cages; the side wall of each section of fishing cage is provided with a plurality of fishing cage ports with electric gates; a support above each section of the fishing cage is evenly distributed with a plurality of the LED lamp modules along the periphery of the fishing cage; the trapping box are arranged at the center inside each section of the fishing cage, are positioned on fishing cage port supports, and correspond to the fishing cage ports at the same time; and the side wall of the fishing cage is provided with a plurality of the fishing cage ports, and the inner wall of the fishing cage at upper and lower sides of the fishing cage ports is provided with the LED lamp modules. Soft spines and the electric gates which are used for preventing fish from escaping outward are arranged at inner ports of the fishing cage ports. The sea surface LED light trapping (fishing) cage has the advantages that a fishing tackle and a fishing method of the invention greatly reduce fishing cost, reduce the labor intensity of the fishing, and improve fishing amount and fishing efficiency.

Abrasion-proof energy-saving polyethylene fishing net

The invention discloses a polythene fishing net with wear resistance and energy saving and relates to the filed of fishing gear manufacturing. The wear resistance of the fishing net needs to be improved. The invention adopts the preparation technology of the polythene fishing net and is characterized in that ultra-high molecular weight silicane and high molecular weight polyolefin are mixed with master batches of polyvinyl resin in proportion, wear resistant master batches which are blended in proportion and the polyvinyl resin are blended according to weight proportion, the weight of the wear resistant master batches is 2 percent to 5 percent of the weight of the polythene, the mixture is melt-extruded by an extruding machine, the fiber which is melt-extruded is put into a flume to be cooled and pre-drafted, and the cooled monofilament fiber is drafted. The drafting temperature is 90 to 105 DEG C, the drafting multiple is 11 to 13 times, the setting temperature of the drafted monofilament is 90 to 120 DEG C, the set monofilament fiber is coiled by the wrapping tension of 200 plus or minus 30cN and the coiling speed of 120 to 150 meters per min, and the monofilament is made into net wire of the twist number of 36 to 216 twists per meter and is woven into the wear resistant fishing net with the mesh size of 10mm to 1200mm.
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