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Method for preparing nano cellulose microfibril reinforced polymer composite material

The invention discloses a method for in situ generating a nano cellulose microfibril reinforced polymer composite material, comprising the following steps: using ionic liquid as a primary solvent, dissolving cellulose, or mixing cellulose with other polymers via solution mixing, and controlling the solubility of the cellulosic material in the solvent to maintain naturally occurring nano cellulose microfibril in the cellulosic material, so as to in situ obtain the nano cellulose microfibril reinforced polymer composite material. The nano microfibril can be observed under a transmission microscope obviously, which is different from the completely dissolved cellulose solution. In the preparing process, the dissolving temperature is controlled within 30-150 DEG C, and stirring and vacuum deaeration are used as auxiliary. By controlling the dissolving time, solution concentration and ratio of mixing, a polymer solution containing cellulose microfibril with dimension of 5-300 nanometers can be obtained. The polymer solution can be used for preparing composite material fiber, hollow fibrous membrane, diaphragm, film, gel, porous material and other known applications of enhanced material.

Preparation method of recycled polyester chip microfilaments and usage thereof

The invention relates to a preparation method of recycled polyester chip microfilaments and a usage thereof, belonging to the field of plastic modification and category of composite material/alloy promoter. The polyester chip microfilament is an ideal promoter which has excellent performance, environment-friendliness, high added value, wide application range and broad market prospect and can change the mechanical property of the composite material/alloy. Recycled blow molding polyester (RPET/RPBT) is taken as main raw material, and the following formula and process are adopted for preparing the microfilament according to parts by weight: 100 parts of recycled polyester (RPET/RPBT), 5-30 parts of wire-drawing high-density polyethylene (HDPE)/ polypropylene (PP)/ linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), 0.1-4 parts of crosslinking agent/ chain extender/anchoring agent, 0.1-0.8 part of antioxidant, 0.5-6 parts of nucleating agent, and 1-5 parts of nucleate accelerant, and other processing aids (such as lubricant and plasticizer)/functional aids (such as fire retardant and ultraviolet absorber) can be additionally and appropriately added. The microfilament is prepared through extrusion, cooling, drawing and granulating by the reaction under 90-260 DEG C under the action of mechanical shear. The recycled polyester (RPET/RPBT) microfilament prepared in the invention can endow the composite material/alloy with excellent mechanical property.
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