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Heat-proof polylactic acid-starch alloy system full-biodegradation material and preparation thereof

The invention discloses temperature resistance type polylactic acid-starch alloy system whole biodegradable material and the preparation method. The temperature resistance performance of the polylactic acid can be raised above 85 DEG C by adopting the temperature resistance type polylactic acid-starch alloy system whole biodegradable material, simultaneously, fully plastic material is presented when the temperature is above 120 DEG C, the temperature resistance type polylactic acid-starch alloy system whole biodegradable material has the processing property and the practical performance of common plastics, and the applicable range of the polylactic acid is enlarged. The temperature resistance type polylactic acid-starch alloy system whole biodegradable material is made of the raw materials according to the percentage by weight: polylactic resin accounting for 50 percent to 70 percent, grafting modified starch accounting for 10 percent to 20 percent, natural hemp fiber powder accounting for 5 percent to 20 percent, superfine nucleating agent accounting for 5 percent to 20 percent, reversible cross-linking agent accounting for 1 percent to 5 percent, aliphatic chain-extending agent accounting for 1 percent to 5 percent, coupling agent accounting for 1 percent to 5 percent, plasticizer accounting for 1 percent to 5 percent, carboxy compatilizer accounting for 1 percent to 5 percent and creep resistant inorganic powder accounting for 5 percent to 20 percent.

High-whiteness coated paper coated by using raw paper with medium whiteness, coating method and coating

The invention relates to high-whiteness coated paper coated by using raw paper with medium whiteness, a coating method and a coating. The coating method is mainly characterized by greatly reducing the whiteness of the raw paper for producing conventional high-grade coated paper such as copper plate paper and coated white cardboards. The coating mode is a common single-side or double-side two-layer (double-coating) or multi-layer coating mode in a papermaking plant. By using the mechanical property of the raw paper, the printing property of coatings and the synergetic whitening effect between the coatings, yellowing of the raw paper is inhibited, and the whiteness of the coated paper is improved to over 86 percent so as to meet the requirements of national standards on the high-grade copper plate paper. The raw paper of the high-grade coated paper can be made by using various kinds of environment-friendly and resource-saving pulp of medium whiteness more widely, and is favorable for promoting the development of the low-carbon manufacturing technology of the pulping papermaking industry. The newly invented coated paper can substitute the traditional high-grade paper such as the copper plate paper, the coated white cardboards and the like in the fields of printing and packing.

Electronic assembly lead-free welding paste scaling powder and preparing method thereof

The invention discloses an electronic mounting lead-free soldering paste flux, with the components and weight contents: 45-65% of bonding-film forming agent, 0.2-15% of activator and surfactant, 1-10% of thixotropic sink-proof slipping agent, 0.5-10% of fitting additive, and the residual quantity of solvent. The preparation method of the flux is that the solvent and the bonding film-forming agent are arranged in a container which is provided with a dispersion device according to the dosage, are heated and continuously mixed till that the material is fully dissolved; after that, other materials are once added; the heating and mixing are continued till that all materials are dissolved into bright dilute viscous liquid, and then the heating and mixing are stopped; the mouth of the container is sealed, and the invention can be obtained after static arrangement. The SnAgCuBi and AnAgCu soldering paste which is made by the flux of the invention contains no halogens, requires no cleans, has good printing performance, does not stick plates, has no bypasses or topnotch and good forming of printing point, and has no edge collapse. By reflow soldering, the welding surface and the welding spot are bright and smooth without residue or solder beadings. All technical indexes of the flux and the soldering paste achieve the JIS-3197 standard.

Graphene-modified conductive silver paste and preparation method thereof

The invention provides a graphene-modified conductive silver paste and a preparation method thereof. The graphene-modified conductive silver paste mainly comprises silver nanowires, graphene materials, a binder and a solvent. The graphene materials comprise one or a combination of at least two materials selected from graphene, a graphene nanosheet, biomass graphene or graphene oxide. According to the technical scheme of the invention, the silver nanowires and the graphene materials are adopted together as an electrically conductive agent, and the silver nanowires are filled into gaps among graphene material sheet layers. Therefore, the graphene material sheet layers are connected in series through the silver nanowires, and the above two parts play a synergistic effect to realize the conductive performance. Meanwhile, the graphene materials are covered on the surfaces of the silver nanowires, so that the oxidation of the silver nanowires is avoided. The system stability and the stable exertion of the conductive performance are better ensured. Moreover, by means of the binder and other components, the adhesive force of the system is improved obviously. The printability of the conductive silver paste is improved.
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