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Printed, soft, bulky single-ply absorbent paper having a serpentine configuration and low sidedness and methods for its manufacture

The present invention relates to a soft, thick, single-ply, printed, absorbent paper product having a Yankee side and an air side wherein the absorbent paper is printed on before or after embossing on the Yankee side, air side, or both sides, said absorbent paper exhibiting a serpentine configuration. This inventions also relates to a process for the manufacture of such absorbent paper product having a basis weight of at least about 12.5 lbs. per 3000 square foot ream and having low sidedness, said tissue exhibiting:a specific total tensile strength of between 40 and 200 grams per 3 inches per pound per 3000 square foot ream, a cross direction specific wet tensile strength of between 2.75 and 20.0 grams per 3 inches per pound per 3000 square foot ream, the ratio of MD tensile to CD tensile of between 1.25 and 2.75, a specific geometric mean tensile stiffness of between 0.5 and 3.2 grams per inch per percent strain per pound per 3000 square foot ream, a friction deviation of less than 0.250, and a sidedness parameter of less than 0.30. These single-ply, printed, absorbent paper products in the form of unembossed or embossed single-ply bathroom tissue, facial tissue, or napkin are useful articles of commerce. The single-ply absorbent paper products exhibit a printed sidedness value of DELTAE of less than 2.

Battery and capacitor diaphragm filter material formed by wet nonwoven fabrics and preparation method of filter material

The invention discloses a battery and capacitor diaphragm filter material formed by wet nonwoven fabrics and a preparation method of the filter material. The fiber materials are as follows in percentage by weight: 0.1%-2.5% of plant fibers and 80%-99.9% of synthetic fibers, inorganic powder being 45%-1000% of the weight of the fiber, organic powder being 0-50% of the weight of the fibers, and strengthening binder being 0.5%-15% of the weight of the fibers. The preparation method of the filter material comprises the following steps of: pulping the plant fiber and the synthetic fibers, respectively; homogenizing and mixing the inorganic powder with the organic powder under high pressure, and forming the mixture into a single layer or a plurality of layers by a mixer; coating, thermally rolling and modifying the mixture, so that various physical and chemical indexes of the diagram are improved, the pore diameter size can be effectively controlled and the uniformity of the pore diameter is improved; moreover, treelike crystals can be prevented from being generated by maze type bent holes; the filtering precision and the efficiency are high; the inner resistance of the diagram is high; the liquid retaining rate and the high temperature resistance of the diagram are improved; the over-temperature closed-cell protection is improved; the dimension deformation is small; the service life is long; and the economic benefits and the social benefits are better.
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