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Method for producing wear-resisting steel plate

ActiveCN102363859AGood plasticity and toughnessHigh impact energySteel platesChemical Ingredients
The invention relates to a method for producing a wear-resisting steel plate. Steel comprises the following chemical ingredients in percentage by mass: 0.15 to 0.20 percent of C, 0.4 to 0.7 percent of Si, 0.7 to 1.50 percent of Mn, less than or equal to 0.020 percent of P, less than or equal to 0.010 percent of S, 0.020 to 0.10 percent of Ti, 0.0005 to 0.0020 percent of B, 0.010 to 0.020 percent of Nb and the balance of Fe and inevitable impurities. A production process for the steel comprises the following steps of: desulfurizing by molten iron, smelting by a converter, refining, casting continuously, rolling and performing quenching-carbon partition (Q-P) treatment. In the ingredients of the wear-resisting steel, a C-Si-Mn-Nb-Ti ingredient system and the Nb and Ti micro alloy treatment are adopted, the hardenability of the steel is improved by adding B, an appropriate heat treatment process is adopted to ensure that the steel plate has high plasticity and toughness, and the impact energy of the steel plate is improved by over one time; and the heat treatment is performed by a Q-P process, lath martensite and lath retained austenite (between 5 and 10 percent) are formed and 50 to100 nanometers of carbide complex tissue is precipitated, so that the tissue is fine and uniform, and the tenacity of the steel plate is high.

Periodic longitudinal variable-thickness strip and longitudinal variable-thickness plate and preparation method thereof

The invention belongs to the rolling technical field. The thickness of a periodic longitudinal variable-thickness strip changes periodically, the periodic longitudinal variable-thickness strip has more than two kinds of thicknesses regions and transition regions within a change period, and is formed by rolling. The control procedure of the periodic longitudinal variable-thickness strip comprises the following steps: inputting original data; displaying and storing real-time data and a history curve; computing the rolling procedure; generating a change curve; tracking the position of a rolling piece; and controlling the thickness, the speed and the tension. A device comprises a rolling mill, a reeling machine and a thickness measurer which are arranged at two sides of the rolling mill, and a length measuring roll arranged between the reeling machine and the rolling mill, wherein a reel diameter measurer is arranged on the reeling machine; a rolling force sensor and a hydraulic cylinder are arranged on the rolling machine; a pulse coder and a tension meter are respectively arranged on and below the length measuring roll; and the thickness measurer and the like are connected with a computer control system. A longitudinal variable-thickness plate has two or more kinds of different thickness regions, transition regions are arranged among the thickness regions, and the plate is formed by the strip through the steps of annealing, unreeling by an unreeler, leveling by a leveler, and cutting by a cutting machine.

Continuous casting technique for aluminum alloy thin belt blank

InactiveCN101269406AImprove organizationComprehensive mechanical properties of high thin stripIngotMaterials science
The invention discloses a continuous casting process of an aluminum thin billet, which is characterized in that the following steps are included: aluminum alloy ingots are preheated and are melted in a melting furnace in the role of a flux; before casting, a side closure system is preheated to 400-450 DEG C, when the temperature of a melting body ranges from 650 DEG C to 680 DEG C, the aluminum alloy ingots are arranged into a tundish for 15 to 30 minutes in the role of the flux, then through a flux distributing device, the aluminum alloy ingots flow into an equant vertical twin-roll thin strip billet continuous caster, with a left forging seam gap being 0 mm and maintaining the height of a melting pool between 90 mm and 340 mm, the casting is carried out in a sinking way; when in casting, the casting speed of the casting machine ranges from 20 to 120m / min, the thin strip blank is sent into a pinch roll after leaving a casting roller, and the forged aluminum alloy thin strip has a thickness between 1.0 mm and 3.5 mm. The continuous casting process can directly make aluminum alloy thin strip blank from the liquid aluminum alloy, the forged thin strip blank has good quality on the surface, and the internal organizational structure is uniform, thereby being conducive to succeeding rolling processes. The continuous casting process for an aluminum thin blank has short process and low cost.

Method for manufacturing pure titanium seamless tubes

The invention relates to a method for manufacturing pure titanium seamless tubes. The method is characterized by comprising the following steps of: preparing tube blank bars; machining the tube blank bars; diagonally rolling and punching holes: heating blank to 700 to 980 DEG C, punching holes once or twice by utilizing a two-roll diagonally rolling mill group, wherein molybdenum mandrels or water-cooled mandrels are utilized, the inclined angle of punching roll is 8 degrees, the number of revolutions of the roll is 40 to 90 basic speed to 195 r / min; preparing the pierced billet after punching hole, wherein the specifications of the pierced billet are that the outside diameter is phi 72 to phi 125mm,the wall thickness is 5 to 20mm, and the length is; carrying out cold rolling; and carrying out heat treatment on finished product, detecting performance and entering warehouse. The invention has the characteristics of high production efficiency, low production cost, high material yield, short production period, low device investment, better product quality, and the like. The produced pure titanium seamless tubes have good quality, the mechanical properties accord with state requirements, and the pure titanium seamless tubes can meet the need for large-scale industrial production.

Method of sheet billet continuously casting and rolling to produce thin strip steel coil

A method of using thin plate adobe continuous casting and rolling to producing thin band steel coil is provided, which belongs to rolling metal at once after continuous casting, in particular relating to thin standard band steel production method. The invention is characterized in that: a conticaster, a swing shear, a roller-hearth type heating furnace, a scale breaker, a vertical miller, 7 mill groups, laminar flow cooling device and reeling machine are connected to a CSP produce line, the produce line adopts reasonable temperature system, rolling equipment, rolling way and combining with cooling after rolling, the molten steel after continuous casting is a casting adobe of 50 to 70mm thick and 900 to 1300 wide, after cutting, heating, scale breaking, proceed continuous rolling to form a thin band of 1.2 to 1.5mm thick and 900 to 1300 wide, then after cooling to reel steel coil. The production flow is short, the equipment is few, the investment is less and the running expense is low; The technics and equipment is reasonable and high efficient, double locomotive and double flow casting, heating by two furnaces, seven rolling machines roll continuously, the production is smooth and saves energy with high production efficiency; the product performance is even and stable, the board shape is regular with high accuracy and good surface quality.

Small high-speed five-axis linkage machine tool

The invention discloses a small high-speed five-axis linkage machine tool, which comprises a foundation structure, a spindle box component and a cradle type worktable. The spindle box component is supported on the foundation structure, and a crossbeam with a frame-shaped structure is arranged on two upright columns to form a bridge-type portal structure. The torque bearing capacity of the crossbeam is improved, the small high-speed five-axis linkage machine tool has all advantages of a five-axis linkage machine tool in the prior art, and carries identical machining reacting force, the volume of a structural part is reduced, and the weight of the structural part is greatly lightened; a spindle box is positioned between two transverse rods of the frame-shaped crossbeam, overturning moment is eliminated, and the stability of the machine tool can be guaranteed; in addition, sizes of various components are greatly reduced on the premise of identical machining capacity, and the stroke of the machine tool can be large in the design; and by the aid of the structure, the machining precision is greatly improved, the machining range is greatly expanded, better dynamic characteristics and higher feeding speed and higher cutting speed can be realized, cutting and machining time is greatly shortened, better surface machining quality is obtained, and machining efficiency is enhanced.
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