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Hybrid automatic repeat request transmission method based on polarization code

ActiveCN103281166AIncrease the probability of correct decodingLow decoding complexityError prevention/detection by using return channelCode conversionHybrid automatic repeat requestComputer engineering
The invention discloses a hybrid automatic repeat request transmission method based on a polarization code. The hybrid automatic repeat request transmission method based on the polarization code comprises the following steps: after a coding bit sequence obtained after polarization coding is carried out to a sent information bit sequence is punched via a sending end, sending into a channel to be transmitted; decoding a received signal by a receiving end for CRC (cyclic redundancy check); if the received signal passes the check, feeding back an ACK (acknowledgement character) signal to the sending end, and otherwise, sending a NACK (negative acknowledgement) signal; if the sending end receives the NACK signal, sending one part of uncoded information bits to a receiving end again; according to the coding bit received for the first time and a newly-received information bit, decoding again by the receiving end; if a decoding result still does not pass the CRC, sending the other part of uncoded information bits to the receiving end again by the sending end; according to the coding bit received for the first time, the information bit received in the previous time and the newly-received information bit, decoding again by the receiving end; continuously executing the process; and finishing one whole transmission process until the sending end receives the ACK signal or the number of sending times reaches a preset maximum value.

Preparation method for high strength macro graphene conductive fiber

The invention discloses a preparation method for high strength macro graphene conductive fiber. According to the method, graphite is oxidized to obtain a graphene oxide; the graphene oxide is dispersed in water or a polar organic solvent to prepare a spinning liquid sol with the mass concentration of 1-20%; the spinning liquid sol is transferred to a spinning device; the spinning liquid is continuously extruded from a spinning head capillary at a uniform speed; the extruded spinning liquid enters a solidification liquid; the solidified primary fiber is collected by using a polytetrafluoroethylene roller; a drying treatment is performed to obtain the graphene oxide fiber; the graphene oxide fiber is subjected to chemical reduction to obtain the graphene fiber. According to the present invention, the spinning process is simple; the operation is performed at the room temperature; no strong corrosive reagent is used; the process has the characteristics of green environmental protection; the prepared graphene fiber has characteristics of good conductivity, excellent mechanical property and good toughness, can be woven into the pure graphene fiber cloth, can further be woven into various fabrics with other fibers, and can further be added to the polymer as the conduction enhancing additive and the like; the prepared graphene fiber can replace the carbon fiber to use in a plurality of fields.

Full-automatic biological chips detection system

The invention discloses a full automatic biochip detection system belonging to the clinical detection field of multi-marker biochips. The system adopts modular structure and comprises an automatic sample processing module, a reaction washing module, a detection module, a Tip head storage module, a reagent storage module, a biochip storage module, a sample storage module, a system base, an electric control box and a computer, the electric control box and all the modules are operated under the control of software, so as to realize the automatic sampling, the sample adding, the reaction, the washing, the detection and other processes. All the modules can work independently and can also be combined together and matched for work. The full automatic biochip detection system can overcome the shortcomings of the existing biochip detector and reduce the errors caused by human operation, and has stable and reliable detection result and good flexibility, so that the full automatic biochip detection system can not only greatly improve the detection efficiency, but also can be conductive to the accuracy of the detection result; the system has simple operation, therefore, the system is not only applicable to the scientific research and the applications of laboratories and hospitals, but also can be used for large-scale sample screening of large-scale hospitals and blood stations.

Granular filtering material for adsorbing and removing heavy metals in water and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a granular filtering material for adsorbing and removing heavy metals in water and a preparation method thereof. The granular material consists of the following components in part by mass: 80-120 parts of an adsorbent, 7-14 pats of an additive and 0.5-3 parts of a binding agent, wherein the adsorbent consists of the following components in part by mass: 50-70 parts of coal ash and 30-50 parts of zeolite powder or sea-foam stone powder; the additive consists of the following components in part by mass: 5-7 parts of Mg-Al hydrotalcite, 2-6 parts of biochar and 0.5-1 part of magnesium Lignosulfonate; the binding agent is bentonite. The granular filtering material is prepared through the steps of adsorbent acid modification, biochar preparation, granulation and heat treatment process. According to the invention, the prepared granular filtering material is 3-6 mm in granule size, is large in adsorption capacity and excellent in adsorption effect and can effectively remove heavy metals in water, and no secondary pollutants are dissolved out, so that the granular filtering material can be applied to the treatment on heavy metal micro-polluted water and industrial waste water containing heavy metals, and has good economic and social benefits.

Method for producing fluorescent microballoons immune chromatography test paper stripe and quantitative determination method

The invention discloses a method for preparing fluorescent microspheres immunochromatographic test paper strip and quantitative detection method. The invention takes the luminous nano-particles of dual-structure silicon dioxide compound organic dye as a marker, uses the immunochromatographic technology for preparing fluorescent microspheres immunochromatographic test paper strip, and then prepares a detection card which consists of a sample pad, a glass fiber membrane, a nitrocellulose membrane and absorbent paper, wherein the nitrocellulose membrane is fixedly provided with a detection line and a quality control line. In the detection process, the best excitation light souce of fluorescent microspheres is used for excitation; after the emitted fluorescence passes through a filter, a CCD scanning technology or fiber-optic technology is used for collecting, accumulating or multiplicating the emitted spectra which is then converted into a numerical signal; then the measured fluorescence intensity of the detection line is multiplied by a correction coefficient, and later the corrected fluorescence intensity is substituted in a standard curve which is preset in a fluorescence analyzer; and finally, the concentration of an object to be measured in the sample can be automatically calculated and obtained by the fluorescence analyzer. The invention has high sensitivity, accurate quantization and easy operation.

Method for exchanging tool of shield machine for tunnel construction

The invention discloses a method for exchanging a tool of a shield machine for tunnel construction, which comprises the steps of: (1) soil cabin replacement filling: performing the process of soil cabin replacement filling by using a spiral excavating machine and a slip casting system synchronously working with the spiral excavating machine; (2) advanced slip casting inside the machine: beating a plurality of slip casting pipes into the soil on the upper part of the shield machine from inner to outer inside the shield machine by respectively passing through a plurality of advanced geologic holes and then synchronously injecting cement paste into the soil on the upper part of the shield machine through the slip casting pipes by using a slip casting device till the cement paste cannot be injected any more; (3) cleaning cabin and exchanging tool synchronously: manually cleaning the cement plaster solidified inside the soil cabin and synchronously exchanging the tool mounted on the shield machine; and (4) getting rid of the difficult position of the shield machine and recovering the process. The method provided by the invention has the advantages of reasonable design, convenience for operation, low cost, high safety factor, good use effect and capable of solving the problem that the tool cannot be exchanged in the traditional tool exchanging mode under severe tool exchanging conditions.

Joint test specimen method using 3D (three-dimensional) printing for making structure surface containing specific geometrical characteristics

ActiveCN104807685AThe sample preparation process is simple and fastOperational securityPreparing sample for investigationEngineeringModel test
The invention provides a joint test specimen method using 3D (three-dimensional) printing for making a structure surface containing specific geometrical characteristics, and belongs to a specimen making method of model test specimens similar to joint rock bodies. According to the method, the structure surface is independently designed according to study requirements, or the actual rock body structure surface appearance is obtained through a surface outline scanning technology; the designed structure surface penetrates through a complete cylinder model in 3D graphics software, two parts of complementary test block models obtained through separation are obtained through Boolean operation, and a 3D printer is used for respectively printing and forming the two parts of test block models; printing molds are respectively put into two specimen making boxes and are assembled, similar materials are cast into the specimen making boxes, and the mold dismounting maintenance is carried out after the materials are solidified and formed; the two parts of test blocks are correctly combined to obtain the standard test specimens containing the designed structure surface. The method has the advantages that (1) the operation of the method is safe, simple and convenient; (2) the complicated and variable structure surface is embedded in the standard test specimens, the actual rock body structural surface can be reproduced through being matched with the surface outline scanning technology, and the reasonable test result is obtained.

Installing structure of liquid tank of large liquefied gas carrier and installation locating method of liquid tank

The invention provides an installing structure of a liquid tank of a large liquefied gas carrier and an installation locating method of the liquid tank. According to the installing structure of the liquid tank of the large liquefied gas carrier, a liquid tank cabin of the large liquefied gas carrier is mainly provided with a bottom perpendicular supporting base, a bottom transverse-shake preventing support, a top transverse-shake preventing support and a bottom longitudinal-shake preventing support, wherein the bottom perpendicular supporting base is used for supporting a whole liquid tank, the bottom transverse-shake preventing support and the top transverse-shake preventing support are used for preventing the liquid tank from transversely shaking relative to a hull, and the bottom longitudinal-shake preventing support is used for preventing the liquid tank from longitudinally shaking relative to the hull. In the actual working process of installing the liquid tank in the liquid tank cabin, according to the installation locating method of the liquid tank, the data collection step, the three-dimensional simulation step, the epoxy resin thickness calculation step, the locating datum line assignment step, the supporting positioning step and the like are carried out in sequence, and finally the liquid tank is installed in the liquid tank cabin. By the adoption of the installation locating method of the liquid tank, installation locating work of the liquid tank can be rapidly and accurately accomplished, the utilization rate of tools is high, the using time of a crane is short, and the construction cost of an enterprise is greatly reduced.

Mine mining fracture evolution and distribution monitoring device and method

ActiveCN102298154AMonitor evolution in real timeReal-time monitoring distributionNon-electrical signal transmission systemsSeismic signal transmissionData acquisitionAnalysis center
The invention discloses a device and method for monitoring the evolution and distribution of a mining-induced fracture. Generation, evolution and distribution of the mining-induced fracture are monitored through a method of monitoring acoustic wave or vibration generated in fracture of coal or rock. The device mainly comprises an anti-explosion acoustic wave monitor, an anti-explosion power source and a ground monitoring analysis center, wherein the anti-explosion acoustic wave monitor consists of a sonic sensor and a signal conversion and data acquisition instrument; the sonic sensor is arranged on a roadway base plate, an anchor rod tail end or a drill hole; and an acoustic wave or vibration signal monitored by the sonic sensor is collected and processed by the signal conversion and data collection instrument, and is transmitted to the ground monitoring analysis center through an optical fiber port to be subjected to processing, positioning and quantitative analyzing and be labeled on a plane, a cross section or a space diagram according to the position and size, so as to show the position and size of the fracture. The device and method provided by the invention has the beneficial effects of large monitoring range, a large amount of comprehensive monitoring information, high automation degree, strong instantaneity and capability of being applied to monitoring and forecastingthe coal rock dynamic disasters, such as rock burst, and outburst and water burst of coal and gas and the like.

Automatic test system for digital integrated circuit

The invention discloses an automatic test system for a digital integrated circuit. The automatic test system is composed of a tested chip, a test interface board, an integration module, a test module, a control module, a display module and an upper computer. The control module is connected with the upper computer. The test module is connected with the control module. A base pin of the tested chip is connected with the test interface board which is connected with the test module. The integration module is connected with the test module and the upper computer. The display module is connected with the control module and displays a waveform after final comparison by the aid of upper computer software, so that the automatic test for functions and performance of the chip is completed. The automatic test system is low in cost, easy to implement under laboratory conditions, easy and convenient to operate, high in development rate and capable of meeting the test requirements of small-batch products. According to the system, through an automatic test, the problem that operation is complex due to the fact that the number of test items is large in a manual test is solved, the test efficiency is enhanced, a misjudgment caused by artificial factors in the manual test is avoided, and therefore test quality is improved.

Method for automatically monitoring roadway deformation in real time

ActiveCN101975571AExpand the scope of monitoringLarge amount of monitoring informationUsing reradiationOptical axisMeasure observations
The invention relates to a method for automatically monitoring roadway deformation in real time. The method comprises the following steps of: distributing cross section marks on a selected cross section of a tested roadway section and distributing a plurality of observation mark points on the cross section; erecting a mining camera probe towards a monitored roadway in a mode that a main optical axis is vertical to the tested cross section; observing the initial true distance between previously-measured observation points, wherein the initial true distance is displayed as a display distance on a computer image; and acquiring a video image of the tested roadway section, monitoring the change of the image on monitoring center software of a computer in real time, processing the video image and automatically recognizing the cross section marks and the observation mark points so as to obtain a relative deformation value and an absolute deformation value in different statistics time scales or calculate the size and the change of the roadway cross section. The method has the advantages of automatic, real-time, continuous and non-contact monitoring, safety and high efficiency. A monitoring result can provide bases for the design of a roadway support, roadway maintenance and the prevention of rock burst and a roof disaster.

Dynamic and static combined loading rock test machine and test method used for multiphase coupling

The invention discloses a dynamic and static combined loading rock test machine and test method used for multiphase coupling. The machine comprises a visual confining pressure loading chamber module, air pressure control modules, a dynamic loading module and constant volume modules; and the loading chamber of the visual confining pressure loading chamber module is a steel cylinder structure with a square outside and a circular inside, three surfaces of the loading chamber has windows, high borosilicate glass is embedded in every window to realize the visualization of the test process, an opening in one surface of the loading chamber is provided with a rear door which is convenient to replace and take a test piece, and various monitoring devices are arranged in the loading chamber and are led out through sensor lead wires of a baseboard to realize real-time monitoring of all physical-mechanical parameters of the test piece in the test process. The machine has the advantages of small size, simple structure, convenience in dismounting, and realization of accurate, quantitative and visual monitoring of the adsorption-desorption characteristic of a coal rock standard test piece in different load forms and coupling form and the permeability and the damage dilatancy process of gas-containing coal body in different loading stages.

Apparatus and method for measuring middle and low-temperature smelt surface tension, density and wettability

Disclosed is an apparatus for measuring surface tension, density and wettability of a medium-low temperature fused mass, which relates to the technique field of fused mass property measurement. The apparatus comprises: a heating device (1), a transparent quartz furnace tube, a light source (8), a digital camera (11) and a computer (12); and the transparent quartz furnace tube is horizontally positioned in the heating device (1), and both ends of the transparent quartz furnace tube stretch out of the heating device by 10 to 15cm. The light source (8), the digital camera (11) and the transparent quartz furnace tube are positioned at the same horizontal line; and software installed on the computer (12) can realize the on-line connection with the digital camera (11), dynamic changes of melt drip contour can be displayed dynamically on a computer display directly, and photo taking and animation shooting can be controlled by the computer. The apparatus has the advantages of adjusting the level of base plate conveniently and accurately, improving the measuring precision and repeatability; good sealing, available selection of a plurality of atmospheres such as vacuum, air and high purity argon gas; realizable on-line measurement of thermal property such as surface tension; and low cost of manufacture and simple operation.
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