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Energy efficient wireless sensor network routing method

The invention discloses a routing method for the wireless sensor network with efficient energy, which is suitable for the layered sensor network structure. The routing method is composed of initialization, cluster building, adjacent clusters routing and routing maintenance, wherein, an initialization process of the protocol makes a Sink node obtain a topology and network average energy of the sensor network, and each node obtains hop counts from the node to the Sink node; in the stage of the cluster building, a repeated division method is used to divide sensor network clusters, the divided clusters are even, and a leader cluster node is undertaken by nodes with higher residual energy; the adjacent clusters routing uses an ant colony algorithm to determine the probability of using a link to send information according to the link pheromone concentration, and the link pheromone concentration is increased with the information transmission on the link and is reduced with the time going; and the routing maintenance stage is responsible for updating link pheromone concentration, and makes the nodes inside the cluster with higher residual energy undertake the leader cluster in turn. The routing method can reduce the consumption of the network total energy, can balance the consumption of the node energy and can prolong the network life cycle.

High-efficiency intelligent aerobic fermentation reaction system and method

The invention discloses an aerobic fermentation reaction system and method. The high-efficiency intelligent aerobic fermentation reaction system comprises an aerobic fermentation reactor, a circular water system, a gas intake and exhaust system, a detection system and a control system, wherein a water jacket is arranged outside a horizontal roller of the aerobic fermentation reactor; a material feeding and discharging hole and a gas intake and exhaust hole are respectively formed in sealing covers at two sides of the horizontal roller; the circular water system is connected and communicated with the water jacket on the horizontal roller; the gas intake and exhaust system is connected and communicated with the gas intake and exhaust hole in the sealing cover of the horizontal roller; a sensor of the detection system is arranged in the aerobic fermentation reactor and on a water passing pipe of the aerobic fermentation reactor; a signal output by the sensor is respectively connected with the control system; and the control system is used for controlling the circular water system, the gas intake and exhaust system, the aerobic fermentation reactor and external feeding and discharging conveying equipment. According to the high-efficiency intelligent aerobic fermentation reaction system and method disclosed by the invention, the occupied area is smaller and the fermentation efficiency is higher; no secondary pollution occurs; and the reduction, harmlessness and resourceful treatment of organic wastes can be quickly realized.

Automobile alarming device and method

The invention provides an automobile alarming device and method. Firstly, whether a person is in an automobile or not is judged through a camera, under the situation that the person is in the automobile, when any of environment parameters of the temperature, the concentration of carbon monoxide, the concentration of carbon dioxide and the concentration of oxygen in the automobile exceeds the corresponding first preset value, a controller is used for controlling a communication module to send a video in the automobile and the environment parameters in the automobile to a preset contact number to inform a preset contact to handle the situation in time, and it is avoided that the body of the person left in the automobile is uncomfortable due to the high temperature or the low oxygen content or the high concentration of poisonous gas of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. When the controller judges that any of the environment parameters in the automobile exceeds a corresponding second preset value, the communication module is controlled to send the video in the automobile, the environment parameters in the automobile and automobile information to a preset help calling number to call a preset institute for help, and it is avoided that the person left in the automobile dies due to the excessively-high temperature or the excessively-low oxygen content or the excessively-high concentration of poisonous gas.

Orchid soilless culture substrate and manufacture method thereof

The invention relates to an orchid soilless culture substrate and a manufacture method thereof. The orchid soilless culture substrate comprises the following raw materials in parts by weight: ten parts of shavings, five parts of turf, three parts of pearlstone and two parts of water. After being mixed uniformly, the raw materials are mixed uniformly with seaweed fertilizer in a weight ratio of 2000 to 1. The invention has the following benefits: the shavings of high air permeability are adopted, so as to avoid the phenomenon that due to unduly airtight substrate materials, harmful bacteria breed at the roots of orchids and kill the orchids; the turf and the pearlstone have strong moisture preservation performances and are excellently combined with the roots, and can permanently preserve the moisture required by the orchids; the constituent ratio of the trace elements of the seaweed fertilizer meets the growth requirements of the orchids, and the supply of nutrients required by the orchids can be maintained for a long time without frequent application of fertilizer, so that cultivation of orchids in families and offices can be facilitated; and orchid soilless culture substrate has the characteristics of air permeability and moisture preservation, can be grown in any flower pot, regardless of artistic design, and reduces environmental influence to the orchids, thereby effectively improving survival rate and rate of emergence and enabling the cultivation of orchids in families and offices to be simple and easy.
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Teak low-chipper sprout-promotion rapid-propagation seed-growing method

The invention discloses a teak low-chipper sprout-promotion rapid-propagation seed-growing method. Seeds are soaked by lime water and gibberellin and then sowed, then seedlings are transplanted into a first nutrition substance container to cultivate mother seedlings to a stage when leaves are mutually overlapped, then the seedlings are graded and arranged according to certain planting space, when ground diameter of the mother seedlings is 0.4-0.8cm, the mother seedlings are planted into a plastic pot with a bottom support to be bred, wherein the mother seedlings are not separated from container cups, and second nutrition substance is arranged in the plastic pot. After 10-15 days, the mother seedlings are cut at a position where base parts of the mother seedling are close to the ground to promote sprouting, collecting cuttings and arranging the cuttings in a container cup provided with third nutrition substances in cottage mode, growing seedlings on an elevated seedling bed in a plastic greenhouse, controlling air temperature and relative humidity of a cottage bed by utilizing a greenhouse temperature and moisture adjuster, and thus obtaining teak container cottage seedlings. By means of the teak low-chipper sprout-promotion rapid-propagation seed-growing method, cottage branches are short, interval time of cutting collection is shortened, breeding efficiency is improved, field condition requirements of nursery gardens are not strict, management is convenient, cutting quality is easy to control, cottage survive rate is high, and economic benefit is good.

Method for improving tree seedling survival rate

The invention discloses a method for improving tree seedling survival rate, which comprises the steps of: 1) excavating planting holes: excavating the planting holes according to the size of tree seedling soil balls, laying pebbles at the bottoms of the planting holes, laying geotextiles, laying coarse sand and filling yellow soil in the planting holes; 2) planting tree seedlings; 3) supporting and binding the tree seedlings; 4) irrigating the tree seedlings: spray freshwater to the branches and the trunks of the tree seedlings before a.m. 10 o'clock of every day, spraying mixed solution of urea, potassium dihydrogen phosphate and water to the branches and the trunks of the tree seedlings after p.m. 5 o'clock of every day, continuously irrigating for 1-2 months and finally conducting normal irrigation to the tree seedlings. The method for improving tree seedling survival rate has the advantages that the resuming growth time of the tree seedlings can be shortened, not only can the situations that roots cannot grow because water cannot seep into the tree seedlings and the tree seedlings are dead because the supply and the demand are unbalanced be avoided, but also the water and the temperature at the roots of the tree seedlings can be preserved, the tree seedlings can root rapidly, the supply and the demand are balanced, the survival rate of the tree seedlings is improved, the death rate of the tree seedlings is reduced, the cost is decreased and a feasible method is provided for the planting of garden tree seedlings.

Tissue-culture seedling raising method of rhodiola crenulata

The invention provides a tissue-culture seedling raising method of rhodiola crenulata, which comprises the following steps of: (1) taking the leaves of the rhodiola crenulata as an explant and carrying out budding culture to form adventitious buds; (2) carrying out propagation culture on the adventitious buds to form single seedlings; (3) carrying out rootage culture on the single seedlings obtained after stretching cluster buds to form rootage seedlings; and (4) transplanting the rootage seedlings, wherein a culture medium for the budding culture is an MS culture medium added with 10 to 20mumol/L of 6-benzylaminopurine and 1 to 5mumol/L of gibberellin. The invention reinforces the high-efficiency seedling raising method of the rhodiola crenulata by primary culture dark processing and the combined processing of the addition of active carbon in the rootage process and solves the problem of low propagation coefficient of the rootage seedlings of the rhodiola crenulata, the multiplication coefficient of 20 days of the cluster buds is 2 to 3 times, the rootage rate reaches more than 95 percent, and the transplanting survival rate is as high as more than 90 percent. The method provided by the invention has high differentiation frequency and short growth cycle and is easy for the large-scale production of the rhodiola crenulata.

Method for efficiently breeding blue crabs

The invention relates to a method for efficiently breeding blue crabs. The method comprises the following steps: performing intermediate breeding on II-stage baby blue crabs in an outdoor cement pit greenhouse; disinfecting the water for breeding through an ultraviolet lamp and mounting an oxygenating device in a breeding pond; feeding big disinfected brine shrimps at regular time; exchanging 15% water per day; after the II-stage baby blue crabs grow and become V-stage baby blue crabs, putting juvenile crabs into the breeding pond at a sex ratio of female to male being 3:1; after ending mating, fishing out the male crabs; continuously breeding the female crabs; and when the water temperature is lower than 10 DEG C, putting the female crabs into the outdoor cement pit greenhouse for temporarily breeding and putting into the market before and after the Spring Festival, thereby greatly increasing the breeding yield and economic benefit. According to the method provided by the invention, the juvenile crabs are prevented from being killed by enemies and severe environment; the use ratio of baits is increased and the happening of diseases is reduced; the breeding yield of the blue crabs is increased by 26.99% and the breeding benefit is increased by 2.39 times, by adopting the method provided by the invention; the method can be widely applied to the breeding for the blue crabs; the energy conservation and the environment protection are realized; and the economic benefit and the social benefit are obvious.

Bubble curtain generating device for protecting aquatic animals and method thereof

The invention relates to a bubble curtain generating device for protecting aquatic animals and a method thereof. The bubble curtain generating device comprises an air supply system formed by an air compressor and an air tank, and exhaust pipes which are connected with the air tank and are arranged in a water area at the outer side of an intake, wherein one end of each exhaust pipe close to the air tank is provided with a control system, and exhaust holes are arranged in the exhaust pipes at intervals. Two rows or more rows of exhaust pipes can be arranged, a protecting frame is arranged outside each exhaust pipe, and a lower water box is arranged at the tail end of each exhaust pipe. The control system has continuous / pulsed / intermittent air supply methods. The design method comprises the following steps of determining a layout range and the overall shape of a water bottom, designing the control system, selecting the air compressor and the air tank and the like. The device provided by the invention has the advantages of simple structure, easiness in installation, convenience in use and obvious effects. The compressed air generated by the air compressor is stored into an air storage tank, the air supply pressure and the air supply amount are adjusted by the control system, and the air is exhausted by the exhaust pipes arranged at the water bottom of the water area at the outer side of the intake to generate a bubble curtain in water to prevent fish from swimming forwards, thereby effectively preventing the fish from being sucked into the intake to cause deaths.
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