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Communication method and device of internet and internet of scenes, and interaction system

The embodiment of the invention provides an interaction system applied to an internet of scenes. The system comprises first terminal equipment, a streaming media server, an internet of scenes server and second terminal equipment; the second terminal equipment comprises an internet of scenes terminal, the first terminal equipment is an internet terminal, a specified application is installed in thefirst terminal equipment, and the specified application program provides an input interface for user information input; the first terminal equipment communicates with the streaming media server through an internet protocol; the streaming media server is used for converting the internet protocol into the internet of scenes protocol and communicating with the internet of scenes server through the internet of scenes protocol; the internet of scenes server is communicated with the second terminal equipment through the internet of scenes protocol. Through the interaction system provided by the embodiment of the invention, the convenience of communicating the internet and the internet of scenes can be improved, and the transmission speed of the video and other multimedia data is accelerated.

Three-dimensional circuit manufacturing process and composite components of laser plastic material and manufacturing method

The invention relates to a three-dimensional circuit manufacturing process, in particular to a packaged technology which utilizes laser scanning to selectively deposit an accurate and tight conductive circuit pattern and directly welds electronic components on a plastic surface. The method comprises the following steps: 1, synthesizing the laser plastic material containing an organic metal compound; 2, carrying out injection molding on the laser plastic material to obtain plastic pieces; 3, selectively scanning the plastic pieces by laser to form a pattern reducing metal particles; 4, carrying out rapid ultrasonic electroless plating to thicken the metal layer on the pattern and form a continuous conductive pattern; and 5, carrying out plasma chemical polishing. The invention also fuses a laser layering sintering (SLS) rapid forming technology and contains a laser direct structuring (LDS), provides process and equipment innovation, and becomes an environmental-friendly and flexible intelligent manufacturing core technology for a new generation of electronic, electrical and electromechanical integrated products; and the invention can be applied to electronic industries, aerospace, transportation, industrial control and other fields.

Microcirculation resistance index calculation method based on radiography image and hydrodynamics model

The invention discloses a microcirculation resistance index calculation method based on a radiography image and a hydrodynamics model. The method comprises steps of selecting coronary artery images oftwo positions to carry out segmentation so as to obtain a coronary artery center line and a diameter; generating a coronary artery three-dimensional mode; acquiring blood conduction time Tmn and thespeed; establishing a blood vessel three-dimensional network; based on the coronary artery center line and the diameter of the X-ray reconstruction, generating an axially symmetrical two-dimensional plane mode; then, establishing two-dimensional axially symmetrical grids; measuring aorta mean blood pressure Pa; based on the obtained blood flow speed and the generated blood vessel three-dimensionalnetwork, solving fundamental formula of incompressible flows, and calculating the pressure drop deltaPi of each point from the entrance to the downstream along with the blood vessel center line, wherein the coronary artery far-end artery pressure Pd=Pa-deltaPi; and calculating the microcirculation resistance index IMR=Pd*Tmn. According to the invention, there is no need to carry out measurement through pressure guide wires, so operation is simple; operation difficulty and risk are greatly reduced; and the method can be clinically promoted and applied in large scale.

Method and device for cutting transparent material by using ultra-short pulse laser

The invention provides a method for cutting a transparent material by using ultra-short pulse laser. The ultra-short pulse laser output by an ultra-short pulse laser generating device is condensed by a condensation device so as to form a bunching laser beam; the bunching laser beam enters from the surface of the transparent material to be machined, so that the center refractive index at a laser application point is increased to form a waveguide structure along a laser emitting direction; the laser is transmitted to the inside of the transparent material along the waveguide structure, and continuously generates a waveguide structure along the laser emitting direction in a transmission process until the entire waveguide structure and the laser penetrate through the transparent material; and therefore, the laser moves in a direction which is vertical to the surface of the transparent material at uniform speed, so that a waveguide plane is formed in the transparent material. The invention further provides a device for cutting the transparent material by using the ultra-short pulse laser. The method and the device for cutting the transparent material by using the ultra-short pulse laser provided by the invention have the advantages of fast cutting speed, small cutting seam, no material consumption and no powder pollution. When the machined material bears a suitable external force, the material is cracked only along a stress fault surface; the broken surface nearly has no conical degree; and the roughness is good.

Shooting module and automatic focusing method thereof

The invention provides a shooting module and an automatic focusing method thereof. The shooting module comprises a motor and a camera embedded in the motor, and further comprises a ranging module, a control module and a drive module. The ranging module comprises a transmitting unit, a receiving unit and a processing unit, the transmitting unit is used for transmitting a ray to an object to be shot, the receiving unit is used for receiving the ray reflected by the object to be shot, and the processing unit is used for calculating the object distance between the shooting module and the object to be shot according to the time when the ray is transmitted and received and sending the measured object distance to the drive module. The control module is used for receiving the measured object distance, determining a corresponding drive instruction according to the corresponding relation between the object distance and a motor drive instruction, and sending the corresponding control instruction to the drive module. The drive module is used for outputting the drive instruction to the motor after receiving the control instruction, the motor drives the camera to the corresponding focusing position. According to the camera module and the focusing method, the focusing time is short, and the focusing speed is high.

Human-machine interface interactive system and method

The invention provides a human-machine interface (HMI) interactive system which comprises an input device, a storage bank, a search module, a display device, a call module, wherein, the input device is used for inputting keyword strings and transmitting the keyword strings to the display device, and the input device is further used for inputting select instructions and transmitting the select instructions to the call module after the target information object is searched by the search module; the storage bank is used for storing information objects; the search module is used for searching the information objects stored by the storage bank for the matching information object output module according to the inputted keyword strings, and the obtained information objects after search are transmitted to the display device; the display device is used for forming an input region on the displayed movable terminal desktop to display the keyword strings inputted by the input device and information object list outputted by the output device; the call module is used for selecting the target information object from the displayed information object list according to the select instructions inputted by the input device and calling the target information object; The invention further provides an HMI interactive method. The invention can search for the matching information object and directly call the properties of the information object by directly inputting keywords on the desktop of the mobile terminal, so that the information object can be searched and called more rapidly and conveniently.

Edge structure information based block compression perception reconstruction method

The invention discloses an edge structure information based block compression perception reconfiguration method which mainly overcomes the defects of low speed and obvious block effect of a reconstructed image in the prior art. The method comprises the following steps of: (1) dividing an image into 32*32 blocks; (2) carrying out wavelet transform on the image blocks, reserving low-frequency signals of the image blocks, and compressing and sampling high-frequency signals; (3) zeroing all high-frequency image block parts, carrying out reverse wavelet transform on the reserved low-frequency information and the zeroed parts to obtain a blurred image and carrying out edge detection on the image; (4) reconstructing image blocks without edges by adopting an orthogonal matching pursuit method, reconstructing image blocks with edges by adopting an MP (Monolithic Processor) method guided by edge structure information, and reconstructing non-edge parts by adopting a generalized inverse method; and (5) splicing reconstructed image blocks to obtain a reconstructed image of an original image. Compared with the prior art, the method has the advantages of high speed and good reconstruction effect and is suitable for reconstructing natural images and SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) images.

Method for planning dynamic lines of urban public transport

The invention relates to a method for planning dynamic lines of urban public transport, in particular to a method for processing vehicle dispatching data by utilizing GPS data uploaded by a vehicle-mounted terminal through an urban public transport control center. The method solves the problems that the acquisition of road congestion information and dynamic line planning decision-making are severely lagged behind. The method comprises the following processes of: inputting information of all vehicles, sites, lines and road sections to be monitored into a database and establishing relevant corresponding relation tables; uploading and storing real-time GPS data into the database through mobile communication by the vehicles of all the lines; according to the real-time GPS data of the vehicles of all the lines, evaluating and recording the congestion degree of all road sections to be monitored by the database; formulating planning line options by utilizing GIS maps and sorting planning line options for preferable adoption according to the congestion degree of all road sections to be monitored by the control center; and storing the selected planning line options into the database as new lines and issuing the new lines to the vehicles of the lines through mobile communication by the control center.
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