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HAVE QUICK (also HAVEQUICK, short HQ) is a ECM resistant / frequency-hopping system used to protect military Aeronautical mobile (OR) radio traffic. Since the end of World War II, U.S. and Allied military aircraft have used AM radios in the NATO harmonised 225–400 MHz UHF band (part of NATO B band) for short range air-to-air and ground-to-air communications. During development and the procurement of UHF radios, military planners did not require features to secure communications for aircraft and helicopters from jamming until the post-Vietnam War era. Progress in electronics in the 1970s reached a point where anyone with an inexpensive radio frequency scanner or receiver set could intercept military communications. Once the target frequencies were identified, radio frequency jamming could easily be employed to degrade or completely disable communications.

Text content auditing method and system based on sensitive word

The invention discloses a text content auditing method based on a sensitive word. The text content auditing method comprises the following steps of: receiving a text to be audited, carrying out parsing and word segmentation on the text to be audited, and obtaining all keywords in the text to be audited; according to all keywords, inquiring a preset sensitive word database, and obtaining the sensitive word in the text to be audited, wherein the sensitive word database comprises sensitive words and the synonyms or the homoionyms of the sensitive words; obtaining the co-occurrence keyword of the sensitive word in a preset text length, calculating the violation weight of the sensitive word and the co-occurrence keyword of the sensitive word, and judging whether the violation weight is greater than a preset violation threshold value or not; and if the violation weight is greater than the preset violation threshold value, proving that the text to be audited is a violation text, and otherwise, proving that the text to be audited is a normal text. By use of the text content auditing method, a misjudgment probability is effectively lowered, auditing accuracy is improved, and the text content auditing method has quick reaction capacity for anagrams and net neologisms.

Appearance inspection machine for printed circuit board

The invention provides a testing machine used for testing the appearance of a printing circuit board, comprising a frame which is provided with a transmission mechanism; the front end of the transmission mechanism is provided with an upper plate mechanism; the transmission mechanism is internally provided with two scanning mechanisms; a panel turnover mechanism is arranged between the two scanning mechanisms; the tail part of the transmission mechanism is butt-jointed with a sorting mechanism; and all mechanisms are controlled by control host machines cooperatively. The testing machine adopts a whole-line digital camera photographing technique to detect the defects on the printing circuit such as foreign matter, exposed copper, supplemented oil, scraping, poor gold-plating, character error, non-uniform green oil, non-uniform welding disc, non-uniform depth of channel, residual copper, omitted printing, developing and the like, automatically feeds and sorts the nondefective and waster, improves the simpleness and reliability of the operation, can observe the defects of the board in real-time by adopting a powerful image processing and analysis software system to provide a plurality of image processing and analysis systems, has quick detection speed, high detection efficiency, safe and reliable equipment, simple operation, is convenient and easy to be learned and meets the man-machine interaction.

Sub-module fault diagnosis method of modular multilevel converter

The invention discloses a sub-module fault diagnosis method of a modular multilevel converter in the technical field of power transmission and distribution. According to the technical scheme, the method includes: firstly, performing fault feature analysis aiming at typical faults of sub-modules; secondly, configuring an SFDU (sub-module fault diagnosis unit) in an SMC (sub-module controller), and combining provided sub-module fault diagnosis indexes by the aid of capacitor voltage, bridge arm current and trigger signals at the moment so as to achieve diagnosis of faults of sub-module IGBT (insulated gate bipolar translator) short circuit, IGBT open circuit, FWD (freewheel diode) short circuit, capacitor failure and the like; and finally, adopting an exclusive method in a VBC (valve base controller) to achieve diagnosis of faults of sub-module FWD open circuit, capacitor open circuit failure, connection line open circuit and the like. The method has the advantages that diagnosis of sub-module faults is achieved on the base of software, additional measuring points are not added to an original control protection system, and the method is easy to implement, has quick and efficient sub-module fault diagnosis capability, and has coordination with other protection settings.

Test method of automobile transmission system efficiency

The invention relates to a test method of automobile transmission system efficiency, which comprises the following steps: a variable frequency and variable speed motor is connected with an automobile transmission system through a revolution speed and torque sensor; two eddy current dynamometers are respectively connected with two half shafts of the automobile transmission system through the revolution speed and torque sensor; a speed variator of the automobile transmission system is positioned at a certain shift; the target rotation speed of the two half shafts under the rotation speed of a certain variable frequency and variable speed motor is determined according to the transmission ratio; the variable frequency and variable speed motor is started, the eddy current dynamometers load the two half shafts respectively so that the two half shafts can reach the target rotation speed, and then the product of the sum of the torque of the two half shafts and the rotation speed of the half shafts is the output power of the automobile transmission system; and the output power and the product of the torque and the rotation speed of the variable frequency and variable speed motor are compared to obtain the transmission efficiency of the automobile transmission system. The test method is simple, and has quick dynamic response and high testing precision.

Method, device and terminal for information interaction between terminals

The invention is suitable for the technical field of communication, and provides a method, a device and a terminal for information interaction between terminals. The method comprises the following steps of: establishing communication connection between a transmitting terminal and a receiving terminal; displaying a first icon terminal triggering shared document retrieval and a second icon marking the receiving terminal subjected to the communication connection with the transmitting terminal on a display screen of the transmitting terminal after the communication connection is established between the transmitting terminal and the receiving terminal; receiving the instruction of selecting the first icon of the terminal by the transmitting terminal, triggering the shared document retrieval, and displaying a third icon marking the shared document on the display screen of the transmitting display; receiving an instruction of dragging the third icon to the second icon by the transmitting terminal, and triggering the transmitting terminal to transmit the shared document to the receiving terminal subjected to the communication connection with the transmitting terminal. The invention has quick operation and hommization and can save valuable time.

Stage method for improving uniform expansion effect of granular fruits and vegetables during microwave spouted drying

The invention discloses a stage method for improving the uniform expansion effect of granular fruits and vegetables during microwave spouted drying, which belongs to the technical field of the processing of fruit and vegetable foods. The method mainly comprises the steps of: performing selection, washing, dicing, enzyme killing by blanching, and color protection treatment on fruit and vegetable raw materials; placing the pretreated fruit and vegetable cubes into a microwave spouted drying bed; setting the microwave power and the air inlet heating temperature; then performing the combined drying of stage hot air drying and microwave drying; and controlling different spouted air intakes at different drying stages, wherein the uniform expansion effect of products is improved during the quick microwave drying. The method has the advantages that the method ensures that the granular fruits and vegetables are evenly heated in a microwave field through a hot air and microwave spouted drying stage method, has quick moisture evaporation, ensures that the fruits and vegetables have porous structures after the drying, effectively improves the expansion degree of the products, also improves the expansion effect of the products and ensures the uniform expansion of the products while the granular fruits and vegetables are quickly dried, and has the characteristics of good preservation of nutrient content and good qualities of color luster, sense and the like.

Variable nozzle turbocharging control method and system

The invention provides a control method and a system for nozzle changeable turbocharger, which relates to an electric control system of a nozzle changeable turbocharger with an electrohydraulic servo ratio electromagnetic valve as an executor. The invention is characterized in that based on the acquired rotate speed of an engine and the acquired position signal of an accelerator pedal, a target boost pressure value and a target position driving signal value are worked out; and a control algorithm of the PWM signal value used to drive the electrohydraulic servo valve adopts an open loop feedforward control with the optimum position of the electromagnetic valve as the a control target, and a closed loop digital PI feedback control with a boost pressure in an air inlet pipe as a control target. In order to improve the control precision and the response speed of the control system, the control parameters of the closed loop PI control is obtained by checking up a two-dimensional MAP graph according to the rotate speed signal of the engine and the position signal of the accelerator pedal. Compared with the prior pneumatic control system, the electric control system has quick control response speed; and, compared with the control system in which a step motor is used as the executor, the executor of the invention has the advantages of big output torque and high precision.

On-line automatic ingot stripper for glue gloves

InactiveCN101314248AGuaranteed synchronous operationContinuous power sourceProduction lineIngot
The invention relates to a rubber glove online automatic demoulding machine, comprising a synchronous force grasping mechanism, a guide rail control mechanism, glove demoulding mechanisms, a glove blowing-aside mechanism and a glove blowing-down mechanism, wherein, a drive sprocket of the synchronous force grasping mechanism is engaged with a main drive chain for transmitting hand molds on a glove production line so as to transmit the power to the guide rail control mechanism; the glove demoulding mechanisms corresponding to the hand molds one by one are arranged on the guide rail control mechanism and can carry out circular movements of lengthwise synchronous moving, transverse separate moving and mechanical claw opening and closing, so as to complete the whole set of operations for glove demoulding; the glove blowing-aside mechanism and the glove blowing-down mechanism are respectively corresponding to the positions of initially grasping the hand mold and finally demoulding a glove by the mechanical claw, so that the glove can be blown to sleeve on the mechanical claw or blown down from the mechanical claw, thereby realizing full automation of glove demoulding. The rubber glove online automatic demoulding machine has quick demoulding speed, less operators, low cost, good product quality and high yield, and can completely replace manual operation.

Unmanned aerial vehicle and search and rescue positioning method for unmanned aerial vehicle

The invention relates to the technical field of wireless communication, in particular to an unmanned aerial vehicle and a search and rescue positioning method for the unmanned aerial vehicle. The unmanned aerial vehicle comprises a wireless signal detection module, a main control processing module and a plurality of directional antennas, wherein the wireless signal detection module can be used for building connection with a ground terminal and receiving signals sent by the ground terminal through the multiple directional antennas in the different directions, and accordingly the intensity of the signals is determined; the main control processing module determines the motion vector corresponding to the unmanned aerial vehicle according to the signal intensity vector corresponding to the multiple directional antennas, accordingly, the motion direction is determined, and the unmanned aerial vehicle is controlled to move in the motion direction. The unmanned aerial vehicle can detect a signal of a ground terminal carried on a searched and rescued person, automatically determine the moving direction and fly through the self-contained wireless signal detection module and the self-contained directional antennas, thus, the unmanned aerial vehicle can automatically adjust the flight path and quickly determine the position of the searched and rescued person without being controlled to fly manually, and the unmanned aerial vehicle has quick search capacity and higher rescue efficiency.
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