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Method for enhancing electrostatic spinning nanofiber membrane

The invention discloses a method for enhancing an electrostatic spinning nanofiber membrane. The blending electrostatic spinning-hot rolling bonding net fixing technology which can effectively improve the strength of the electrostatic spinning nanofiber membrane is provided. The method for enhancing the electrostatic spinning nanofiber membrane is characterized in that interphase blending electrostatic spinning is conducted through multiple types of thermoplastic high polymers with the fusion point at least 20 DEG C lower than that of other components or low-fusion-point thermoplastic high polymers and non-thermoplastic high polymers, electrostatic spinning jet flows of the components are distributed frontwards and backwards in the moving direction of a receiving device, and fibers are distributed randomly in a staggered mode; after hot rolling is conducted on a blending electrostatic spinning fiber membrane, the blending electrostatic spinning fiber membrane is treated, the hot pressing temperature is slightly higher than the fusion starting temperature of the low-fusion-point thermoplastic high polymers, time ranges from 1min to 10min, the pressure ranges from 1MPa to 20MPa, after hot pressing is conducted, part of the low-fusion-point thermoplastic high polymers is fused, point adhesion is generated on the nanofiber intersection portions, and a hole is not blocked. The method for enhancing the electrostatic spinning nanofiber membrane has the advantages that the strength of the prepared enhanced electrostatic spinning nanofiber membrane is far higher than that of a common electrostatic spinning membrane and original good performance of the electrostatic spinning nanofiber membrane can be kept.

Drug delivery compositions and methods using nanofiber webs

Polymeric nanofibers have been developed which are useful in a variety of medical and other applications, such as filtration devices, medical prostheses, scaffolds for tissue engineering, wound dressings, controlled drug delivery systems, cosmetic skin masks, and protective clothing. These can be formed of any of a variety of different polymers, both non-biodegradable or biodegradable, and derived from synthetic or natural sources.
The present invention discloses 1) the composition of fibrous articles and 2) methods for using these articles in medical applications.
The biodegradable fibrous articles, which are preferably formed by electrospinning polymer solution of biodegradable fiberizable material with or in conjunction with medicinal agents and bioactive materials, comprise a composite (or asymmetric composite) of nanofibers with actives.
Nanofibrous articles having specific medical uses include controlled drug delivery devices, glaucoma implants, tissue engineering, wound dressings, reinforcement grafts, corneal shields, and orbital blowout or sinus reconstructive materials.
The methods include controlled drug delivery of a medicinal agent and providing treatment for inflammation, infection, trauma, glaucoma, and degenerative diseases.
The drug delivery compositions and methods of this invention are directed towards improving the delivery of drugs to a target area of the body. These drug delivery compositions are nanofiber webs, mats, or whiskers which incorporate an active ingredient for delivery into a bodily fluid. The active ingredient is delivered in a controlled manner by placing the nanofiber web into the bodily fluid which allows the drug embedded in the nanofiber to be released in a controlled and longer lasting manner.

Efficient and low-resistance electrospun nanofiber air filter material and batch preparation method

The invention relates to an efficient and low-resistance electrospun nanofiber air filter material and a batch preparation method. The filter material is of a sandwich structure formed by alternately arraying spun-bonded nonwovens and nanofibers; by the adoption of a pinfree type electrostatic spinning nozzle and by an electrostatic spinning and electrostatic spraying synchronous combination technology, a nanofiber/microsphere composite film is prepared; a revolving rotary drum is used as a receiving device, and the spun-bonded nonwoven is used as a receiving matrix, so that a nanofiber/nonwoven composite material is obtained; a layer of spun-bonded nonwoven covers the surface of the nanofiber/nonwoven composite material to form the sandwich structure with the spun-bonded nonwovens and the nanofibers which are alternately arrayed; the sandwich structure is bonded to obtain the efficient and low-resistance electrospun nanofiber air filter material. The preparation process is simple, and high in controllability and repetitiveness, and the prepared air filter material has the characteristics of high efficiency and low resistance, and is uniform in thickness and stable in filter performance; batch production of the nanofiber filter material can be realized; the efficient and low-resistance electrospun nanofiber air filter material has very good application prospect in the field of air filtering.
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