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Article of clothing with embedded magnet

A golf ball marker or other small article that is attracted by the force of magnetism is carried in open display on a fabric article of clothing or other fabric accessory. The ferrous article remains in position on the clothing due to the force of magnetism. To produce this effect, a permanent magnet is secured in position on the fabric article, often in contact with a concealed side of a layer of fabric of which the fabric article is formed. A golf ball marker, golf divot repair tool, golf pencil with a ferrous band, or other article that is constructed of or which includes a ferrous material is placed into contact with an exposed layer of the fabric to which the permanent magnet is secured. The ball marker or other article is held by the force of magnetic attraction that typically acts through the fabric layer of material from the concealed side thereof to create a magnetic field on the visually exposed side of the fabric material. The ball marker or other material remains in position until purposefully dislodged by a force that opposes and overcomes the magnetic field created by the permanent magnetic. The permanent magnet may be incorporated into the crown, bill, or band of a hat or cap, a golf sun visor, or into the closure flap of a golfing glove, a golf towel, or the structure of a golf bag. The magnetic retention system may be sold as a unit for attachment to a layer of fabric. Such an embodiment may take the form of a tray formed of flexible plastic that defines a cavity that receives the magnet.

Accessories for a collapsible rolling caddy

Improvements to a prior art collapsible wheeled caddy are disclosed to enable the caddy to be used for specialized purposes. A hinged lid is attached to the edge of the front panel to close the caddy top while lying proximate the front panel when open. The front panel can be recessed to receive the lid and preferably, arcs in the lid are dimensioned to accommodate the handles. The recess can accommodate one or more storage members, including a storage panel that have been dimensioned to be affixed within the recess. Hangers are configured to interact with the sides of the caddy to accommodate hanging items such as file folders. A back panel can be used containing retaining members to removably affix items to the panel. A stacking caddy is disclosed that has a handle recess and retaining member dimensioned to receive the wheeled handles. Caddy receiving channels are placed in the bottom of the stacking caddy to receive the edges of the wheeled caddy. A spacer unit can be used to stack two wheeled, or a wheeled and stacking, caddys incorporating wheel wells, alignment prongs and locks to prevent separation and lateral movement. A cover can be provided for one or more of the caddys to protect the contents A container case can also be affixed to the front or back panels of the caddy.
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