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Disk drive including resilient securing system providing relative movement between side rails and head disk assembly to accommodate side rails engaging guide channels in a chassis

A disk drive is usable in a chassis having first and second guide channels mounted on side surfaces of the chassis. The disk drive includes a head disk assembly that includes first and second side walls. The disk drive further includes first and second side rails and a securing system for securing the side rails to the side walls. The first and second side rails engage the first and second guide channels, respectively, for supporting the disk drive within the chassis. The securing system includes an engagement mechanism and a double-sided adhesive resilient mechanism. The engagement mechanism projects between the first and second side rails and the first and second side walls, respectively, of the head disk assembly. The double-sided adhesive resilient mechanism is adhesively attached between the first side rail and the first side wall and between the second side rail and the second side wall for mounting the first and second side rails to the first and second side walls, respectively, of the head disk assembly. The securing system provides for relative movement between the side rails and the side walls to accommodate the side rails engaging the guide channels in the chassis. In one embodiment, the relative movement is a damped relative movement.

Garment-concealable jewelry case having parallel-running compartments and integrated jewelry trays for storing and organizing jewelry

A garment-concealable jewelry case having a front opening with a front cover panel portion that can be either moved or configured to reveal a plurality of parallel-running isolated storage compartments each having an interior storage space which is accessible through a front opening revealed when the front cover panel is removed or reconfigured. Through the front opening of each storage compartment, one or more necklaces, pendants, bracelets or other strands of jewelry can be securely hung on a pair of jewelry support posts adapted for spatial separation on the back wall portion of the storage compartment in order to accommodate the length of jewelry strands being supported. The bottom portion of each parallel-running isolated compartment has a stationary front panel portion which, cooperating with the other wall portions of the storage compartment, provides a five sided stationary storage tray accessible through the opening of the respective storage compartment and within which articles of jewelry such as rings, watches, earrings and/or tie tacks can be placed for organization and storage. The front cover panel has a tray cover panel integrated therewith, which closes off each jewelry storage compartment when the front cover panel is positioned over the access opening formed in the case housing. When the front cover panel is closed, the jewelry support posts contact the rear surface of the front cover panel to prevent supported articles of jewelry from falling off and tossing about within the storage compartment during usage, including travel.
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