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A clothes hanger, coat hanger, or coathanger, is a device in the shape of...

Radio frequency identification (RFID) intelligent clothes hanger entrance and exit control method for intelligent clothing production hanging equipment control system

The invention relates to a radio frequency identification (RFID) intelligent clothes hanger entrance and exit control method for an intelligent clothing production hanging equipment control system. Intelligent control over the whole clothing production process is realized by adopting an RFID data acquisition technology in fit with other software and hardware control technologies. Specifically, inthe method, RFID chips are arranged on clothes hangers, each RFID chip has a unique ID number, information about the chips on the clothes hangers is read by card readers distributed on equipment, andexecution mechanisms are controlled by a control center program to realize the identification, control and real-time tracking of machining objects to make the clothes hangers run on main rails and branch rails according to requirements. By the control method, production management can be effectively simplified, and the production efficiency can be greatly improved; and the system adopts advanced technologies, and is scientifically conceived, rationally structured and applied to the alteration of conventional hanging equipment and the adoption of novel hanging equipment.

Clothes hanger with blowing function

The invention discloses a clothes hanger with a blowing function. The clothes hanger comprises a clothes hanger body of which the inside is provided with a cavity, and is characterized by further comprising a fan for supplying airflow, wherein the lower side of the clothes hanger body is provided with a plurality of air outlet holes along the axial direction; the air outlet cavity of the fan is communicated with the cavity of the clothes hanger body; every three air outlet holes constitute a group; one group of air outlet holes comprises a middle air outlet hole and two side air outlet holes; and the can fan comprise a normal temperature fan and a hot air fan. In the invention, the airflow generated by the fan is used for blowing clothes hung on the clothes hanger body, so that evaporation of moisture in the clothes is accelerated, and the clothes can be dried in a short period of time even on continuous rainy days. Every three air outlet holes constitute a group, so that the airflow exhausted from the three air outlet holes can be used for blowing the inner surface and two side surfaces of the clothes respectively, and rapid drying of the clothes is facilitated. The clothes hanger has the advantages of simple structure, convenience for using, capability of airing a large quantity of clothes and low cost, and is convenient to popularize and apply.

Fully-automatic clothes folding machine

The invention provides a fully-automatic clothes folding machine and belongs to the technical field of electric appliances. The fully-automatic clothes folding machine comprises a case with an inner cavity, a plurality of clothes hangers, a conveying mechanism, a receiving and folding mechanism, two mechanical hands, a transverse clothes folding mechanism, a control system and a turndown mechanism, wherein the conveying mechanism is used for conveying the clothes hangers to the case, the receiving and folding mechanism is positioned in the case and is used for receiving and folding the clothes hangers, an inlet allowing clothes and the clothes hangers to enter is formed in one side of the case, the inner cavity is partitioned into an upper inner cavity body and a lower inner cavity body by a partition board, the mechanical hands are positioned in the upper inner cavity body of the case and arranged on two sides of the conveying mechanism respectively, and the turndown mechanism is capable of enabling the partition board to turn down. Each mechanical hand comprises a hand portion and a moving mechanism, wherein the moving mechanism is capable of enabling the hand portion to move up and down, clamp shoulder portions of the clothes to rotate and move back and forth relative to the clothes conveying direction under control of the control system. The fully-automatic clothes folding machine solves the problem that an existing clothes folding process mostly needs to be completed manually, and is automatic and high in automation degree, so that labor load of people can be relieved greatly.

Material intelligent allocation system and material intelligent allocation method based on integrated circuit (IC) card in clothing industry

The invention discloses a material intelligent allocation system and a material intelligent allocation method based on an integrated circuit (IC) card in the clothing industry. The material intelligent allocation system comprises an annular main rail frame, a transmission driving device arranged on the main rail frame, at least one pushing rod with IC intelligent chips, a clothes frame with an IC intelligent chip, a work station, a terminal, a station controller and an upper computer, wherein the pushing rods are distributed in the transmission driving device on the main rail frame at intervals and are driven by the transmission driving device. According to the material intelligent allocation system and the material intelligent allocation method based on the IC card in the clothing industry, the read-write IC card with a large storage capacity is used as an identification card for material allocation, the larger-storage capacity and the read-write function of the IC card are utilized, the intelligent allocation system effectively gets rid of excessive dependence on the upper computer, so that the onstage function is effectively strengthened, the whole intelligent allocation system operates more smoothly, effectively and in a time-saving and labor-saving mode, the accuracy and reliability of the intelligent allocation system are largely improved, and cost is saved.
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