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Insulated bag

Insulated bags having at least three unitary layers of durable material are provided. In one embodiment, a first set of unitary layers of durable material forms a front wall, a bottom wall, and a rear wall. Two additional sets of unitary layers of durable material form side-walls. Edges of the two additional sets are joined to side and bottom edges of the first set by adding webbing and stitching together the joined edges and webbing. Disposed within the two inner most layers of the first set and the two additional sets is at least one layer of insulation. The first set and the second set are sealed at their top edge to secure the insulation. Horizontal webbing is attached to the bag via stitching through the horizontal webbing, each of the layers of the first set and the second set, and the at least one layer of insulation. Vertical straps are integrated into the bag between the horizontal webbing and the outer most layer of durable material of the first set. On the top of the bag is a mini-flap. Hook/loop fasteners are strategically positioned on the bag to secure access points on the bag. Optional features can be incorporated into the bag (e.g., side handles, a top handle, a durable bottom, a grommet, and a liner). Other embodiments of insulated bags are described herein (e.g., a bag that has the outer layer of the first set and the second set sandwiched between two layers of horizontal webbing).

Automated hair isolation and processing system

A device comprised of hair-flow-channel guides continuously moved over the surface of the scalp. A track cap of parallel tracks is placed on the head to guide device's movement over the scalp along non-overlapping rows. At the front of the device is a hair-tensioning straightener that pulls hairs perpendicular to the scalp before and during processing. A bend-under assembly, formed by two pinching conveyer belts, facilitates hair exit from the channels by bending scalp-attached hairs beneath the walls of each hair channel. Intermittent intersection of each channel by an obstructing member isolates one or a few leading hairs for processing and forces trailing hairs to wait their turn for cosmetic processing behind it. Isolated scalp hairs may be cosmetically processed in ways including coloration; cross-section reshaping, hair-extension attachment and removal, and cutting to length according to position along track. Hair extensions removed at one position along a track cap are conveyed to corresponding holding clips and loaded in an order so as to permit their reattachment to the same scalp area. Hair extensions so held can be channeled and isolated for attachment, as are scalp hairs. A bend-under assembly can be used to draw one or a group of isolated hairs longitudinally through the chamber in which they are isolated facilitating cross-sectional reshaping of hairs or cutting to a preprogrammed length. Intersecting member and cosmetic processing actuation synchronized by computer.
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