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Nattō (なっとう or 納豆) is a traditional Japanese food made from soybeans fermented with Bacillus subtilis var. natto. Some eat it as a breakfast food. It is served with soy sauce, karashi mustard and Japanese bunching onion. Nattō may be an acquired taste because of its powerful smell, strong flavor, and slimy texture.

Microbial ecological traditional Chinese medicine preparation for livestock and poultry from fermentation production of multiple bacterials and fermentation method thereof

The invention relates to micro-ecological Chinese medicine preparation for livestock and poultry by adoption of multi-strain fermentation production and a fermentation method. The compositions of traditional Chinese medicines in a culture medium of the fermentation preparation include: radix astragali, radix codonopsitis, Atractylodes macrocephala, Poria cocos, liquorice, medicated leaven, hawkthorn, angelica, Chinese rhubarb, Scutellaria baicalensis, radix isatidis, cordate houttuynia, sicklesenna seeds, Schisandra chinensis, Gynostemma pentaphylla, phellodendron, dried orange peel, radix bupleuri, curcuma, honeysuckle, Chinese gall, purslane and Quisqualis indica. The fermentation method is as follows: a multi-strain solid state fermentation strain is adopted for fermentation; bacillus subtilis, bacillus natto, bacillus licheniformis, beer yeast, Candida wtilis, Aspergillus niger, lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacteria are purified and subjected to anaerobic fermentation under the conditions of a rotating speed of 180 revolutions per minute at a temperature is 32 DEG C for 48 to 72 hours till the pH value reaches 4.0. The micro-ecological Chinese medicine preparation has the advantages that the micro-ecological Chinese medicine preparation uses probiotics to ferment different Chinese medicine compositions, and is micro-ecological Chinese medicine preparation which completely replaces antibiotics and has the advantages of no residual medicine, disease prevention, growth promotion and low cost.

Compound probiotics fermented Chinese herbal medicine active health care liquid and preparation method thereof

The invention provides compound probiotics fermented Chinese herbal medicine active health care liquid and a preparation method thereof. The health care liquid is prepared by the following raw materials: folium ginkgo, gingko pollen, fructus lycii, tea leaves, bacillus natto, saccharomyces cerevisiae, lactobacilli, acetobacter xylinum, bifidobactirium, white granulated sugar, brown sugar, defatted soy flour, honey, oligosaccharide, sodium chloride, deionized water and the like. The compound probiotics fermented Chinese herbal medicine active health care liquid integrates disease treatment and health care functions of several single products, contains Chinese herbal medicine active ingredients with the functions of preventing and treating hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia and hypertension, preventing tumors and cancers, enhancing memory, protecting livers, improving immunity, preventing and treating coronary heart diseases, and also contains probiotics groups and metabolic products of the probiotics groups which can regulate balance in the stomach and intestines, resist aging, prolong the life, facilitate digestion, expel toxin for beauty, and prevent and treat thrombi, constipation and diarrhea. The health care liquid integrates health care and treatment, is very wide in market prospect, and conforms to the existing medical viewpoint of people that the prevention, health care, treatment and recovery are combined.

Additive agent for feeding microorganism viable bacteria and production method

The invention relates to a feeding addition agent for microorganism viable bacteria and a preparing method thereof. The addition agent consists of 1.5-2.5 parts of bacillus coagulans viable bacteria powder, 0.5-2.0 parts of lactobacillus acidophilus viable bacteria powder, 1.0-2.5 parts of lactobacillus plantarum viable bacteria powder, 0.5-2.5 parts of bacillus natto viable bacteria powder, 0.5-1.5 parts of candida utili viable bacteria powder and 2-4.5 parts of aspergillus niger viable bacteria powder. Each gram of the content of viable bacteria is as follows: bacillus coagulans is not less than 1.0*10cfu/g; lactobacillus acidophilus is not less than 1.0*10cfu/g; lactobacillus plantarum is not less than 1.0-10cfu/g; bacillus natto is not less than 1.0*10cfu/g; aspergillus niger is not less than 1.0*10cfu/g; and candida utili is not less than 1.0*10cfu/g. The invention has the advantages that the composition is reasonable, the preparation method is scientific, the usage scale is wide, the operation is simple and easy to master, and the cost is low. In addition, the invention can be used as the feeding stuff agent for various poultries, thus increasing the use ratio of the feeding stuff addition agent and strengthening the anti-disease ability of the poultries.
Owner:北京阔利达生物技术开发有限公司 +1

Method for preparing freeze-dried powder containing bacillus natto and nattokinase

The present invention relates to freeze-dried powder containing bacillus natto and nattokinase and a preparation method thereof, the process of which comprises that: firstly, culture medium is confected and sterilized, wherein, the culture medium components with the weight percentage are 8 percent to 15 percent of soybean flour, 1 percent to 5 percent of sucrose, 0.4 percent to 0.6 percent of NaCl and the water with the rest quantity, the pH value of which is 6.8 to 7.2; secondly, the bacillus natto is inoculated, and the inoculation quantity is 2 percent to 8 percent; thirdly, the bacillus natto after the inoculation is cultured and fermented for 20 to 28 hours under the temperature of 36 DEG C to 38 DEG C; fourthly, fermentation liquid is frozen and dried in vacuum, the glycerin with 1 percent to 7 percent of the weight of the fermentation liquid is used protecting agent to be added into the fermentation liquid, which is frozen under the temperature of subzero 18 DEG C in advance to be frozen and dried in vacuum for 12 to 20 hours and then is resolved under the temperature lower than 30 DEG C. The method has low cost and is in favor of the industrial production. Under the precondition of maintaining the nattokinase activity, the freeze-dried process also holds other nutrient component in the bacillus natto and the fermentation liquid, which reduces the nattokinase purification cost.

Method for preparing low molecular weight fish peptide through Bacillus natto fermentation method

A method for preparing a low molecular weight fish peptide through a Bacillus natto fermentation method comprises the following steps: taking fish to mince, adding water, adding maltose, glucose, lactose or sucrose to obtain a mixture; adjusting the pH value of the mixture, sterilizing at high temperature; cooling, inoculating Bacillus natto seed liquor to ferment; and centrifuging fermentation liquor, filtering, concentrating, drying and grinding to obtain a low molecular weight fish peptide product. The method uses fish as the raw material and utilizes the Bacillus natto fermentation technology to obtain the low molecular weight fish peptide. The product in the invention is very soluble in water, is digested and absorbed easily by human body and has various functions of reducing cholesterol in the blood, promoting lipid metabolism, preventing and curing hypertension and the like. The technology in the invention is also suitable for other low value aquatic product and high-grade aquatic product machine leftover pieces, thus fish resources can be fully utilized; and the technology is simple and easy, the investment is less, the cost is low, the effect can be realized fast, the added value is high and the method is suitable for large-scale industrial production.

Fully-mixed granular feed for calves and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses fully-mixed granular feed for calves and a preparation method thereof. The preparation method comprises the following steps of: weighing alfalfa meal, corn meal, puffing corn meal, puffing soybean, bean pulp, calf complex vitamin trace elements, natto bacillus, yeast cell wall polysaccharide, calcium hydrophosphate, magnesium oxide, sodium bicarbonate, table salt and mountain flour according to a formula, and mixing in a high-efficiency mixing machine for 5 to 10 minutes; and granulating, and packaging in bags, wherein in the requirement on the mixing uniformity of themixing machine is that the coefficient of variation of the uniformity is less than or equal to 5 percent and the granulation requirement of a granulator is that granules are uniform in colors and luster and free from mildew and peculiar smell, contain less than or equal to 4 percent of flour and pulverized by less than or equal to 10 percent. In a feed formula, the alfalfa meal with a certain granularity is added, and is mixed and granulated according to a ratio to ensure the feed intake of coarse feed for the calves and fulfill the aim of stimulating rumen development. The fully-mixed granular feed is comprehensive in nutrition, high in digestibility, convenient to use and good in palatability, and the average daily gain of the calves can reach 1,100 grams/day.

Functional lactobacillus plantarum and preparation method of compound bacterial powder of functional lactobacillus plantarum

The invention relates to a functional lactobacillus plantarum plant subspecies having a holesterol lowering function and a preparation method of a compound bacterial powder of the plant subspecies, and belongs to the application fields of functional food and microecologics. According to the preparation method, the lactobacillus plantarum plant subspecies Zhang-LL CGMCC No. 6936 is used for preparing Zhang-LL strain freeze-dried powder by virtue of culture activation, fermentation, bacterial sludge collection and freeze-drying, and the viable count of the freeze-dried powder is 3.50*10<11> CFU/g. Bacillus natto BNZ3 CGMCC No. 9146 is used for preparing bacillus natto power by virtue of culture activation, enlarged cultivation, fermentation and drying, and the activity of nattokinase in the bacillus natto power is 2000IU/g; monacus purpureus Zhang-MP CGMCC No. 9221 is used for preparing monacus purpureus powder by virtue of culture activation, enlarged cultivation, solid-state fermentation, drying and grinding; as being tested, the content of the active substance Monacolin K in the monacus purpureus powder is 4.98mg/g. The prepared lactobacillus plantarum plant subspecies powder is thoroughly mixed with the bacillus natto power and the monacus purpureus powder in the ratio of 1:1:1(w/w), thereby obtaining compound bacterial powder having the serum cholesterol lowering effect.

Antioxidation active peptides and method for preparing same

InactiveCN101284872AGood scavenging effectInhibit peroxidation reactionMicroorganism based processesPeptide preparation methodsBacillus nattoIon exchange
The invention discloses antioxidation bioactive peptide and a method for making the same. The product is made through the following steps that: microbial bacillus natto and corn protein powder are respectively used as strain and a raw material, which undergo liquid culture; and fermentation broth is separated through ion exchange chromatography, gel chromatography, reversed phase chromatogram and electrophoresis. The molecular weight of the product is between 20,100 and 31,000 and the five amino acid sequences at an N terminal are K-V-T-Y-H with the antioxidation activity reaching to 236.68U/mL. Moreover, the product has higher antioxidation activity, and pure product can meet the requirements of structural and physical property measurements of antioxidation bioactive peptide, activity and toxicological experiments as well as large-scale application such as therapy and cultivation; because antioxidation active material has strong cleaning action on superoxide anion free radical and hydroxyl free radical and can remarkably inhibit the overoxidation reaction between red blood cell and the lipid of liver, heart and brain tissue, the product has functions such as disease prevention and aging resistance and can be further developed into additives of products such as medicine and cosmetic.

Electric cooker with post-fermentation function and making method of fermented foods

Disclosed are an electric cooker with a post-fermentation function and a making method of fermented foods. The electric cooker includes an electric rice cooker, an electric soup pot, an electric hot pot, an electric stewpot, an electric steamer, a normal-pressure electric wok including an electric frying wok, a high-pressure electric pot, an electric kettle, a bread maker and a steamed bun maker. A control device of the electric cooker is provided with a fermented food making control program. The making method of the fermented foods includes a pre-treatment phase A, a cooking phase B, a cooling phase B1 and a fermenting phase C. The electric cooker and the making method of the fermented foods have the advantages that the soaking, steaming, bacteria mixing and fermenting steps required by the making of homemade natto are combined in a whole, and the whole course of soaking, cooking, cooling and fermenting can be automatically completed just after a user put food materials, water and edible fermentation bacteria into an inner pot or inner bucket of the electric cooker at one time and presses a button to start the electric cooker, the process is very simple and easy, complexity in making of the homemade natto is greatly reduced, and accordingly, full-automatic making of the natto is achieved and the development trend of the modern society is met.

Method for producing bacillus natto comprehensive enzyme low-molecular beverage

ActiveCN101803774AStrong environmental toleranceAchieve probiotic effectFood preparationAdditive ingredientThrombus
The invention discloses a method for producing bacillus natto comprehensive enzyme low-molecular beverage, which comprises the following steps: 1, pulping plant raw materials to form fermentation liquor; 2, inoculating bacillus natto into the fermentation liquor, and fermenting the mixture for 2 to 3 months at the temperature of between 30 and 37 DEG C; and 3, after-ripening the fermentation liquor for 4 to 5 months at the temperature of between 10 and 15 DEG C to form low-molecular enzyme liquor, wherein the plant raw materials comprise grains, fruits or vegetables. The method has the advantages that: the bacillus natto has strong environment tolerance and can restrain pathogenic bacteria; the fermentation of the bacillus natto does not produce acid, and the beverage does not need to adda sweetener, so the beverage is beneficial to health; natto kinase produced by the bacillus natto can dissolve thrombus, restrain the generation of angiotensin and reduce blood pressure; effective substances of the beverage are not living bacteria but stable low-molecular active components produced by the living bacteria such as low-molecular peptide, oligosaccharide, saponins, isoflavone and other active factors, so the beverage does not need low-temperature preservation and has preservation time; and the beverage adds amino acid and vitamin necessary for the human body, so the beverage is more nutrient and healthy.

Method for improving flavor of bacillus natto fermented whole-soybean milk

InactiveCN105145852AAdd flavorGuaranteed functional factorMilk substitutesFood scienceLactobacillusSoybean product
The invention discloses a method for improving the flavor of bacillus natto fermented whole-soybean milk, and belongs to the technical field of fermented soybean product processing. With soybeans being raw materials, whole-soybean milk is prepared through the technology of selecting, soaking, hot water heating, coarse smashing, ultrafine smashing and high-pressure homogenizing, bacillus natto and lactic acid bacteria are separately inoculated into the sterilized and cooled whole-soybean milk to be fermented, then bacillus natto fermented soybean milk and lactic acid bacterium fermented soybean milk are mixed and blended according to a proportion, and then the whole-soybean milk is obtained. While the taste is guaranteed, the soybeans are fully utilized, in this way, pollution to the environment is avoided, and the capacity, for generating acid and aroma in the soybean milk, of lactic acid bacteria is utilized for effectively improving the flavor of the fermented soybean milk. Meanwhile, the liquid fermentation technology that bacillus natto and lactic acid bacteria are separately fermented and then blended is adopted, pipeline transportation can be achieved, control over fermentation conditions and a fermentation end point is easier, the range is easy to enlarge, the components are easy to control, and follow-up processing is simple.
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