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Method for preparing herbal biological fiber and biological paper pulp

The invention discloses a method for preparing a herbal biological fiber and biological paper pulp, and the used microbial composite agent and a preparation method thereof. The biological fiber is prepared through pretreatment of a herbal raw material, biological degumming fermentation, and subsequent mechanical treatment of a fermentation product. The composite agent comprises degumming bacteria, nutrition bacteria and decolorizing bacteria, and various strains are synergistic without antagonistic reaction. In the method for preparing the biological fiber and the biological paper pulp, a chemical additive is not needed at all, but the high-cellulose and hemicellulose biological fiber and the biological paper pulp can be industrially produced; decolorization is complete, and the produced biological fiber and biological paper pulp have white color; a bleaching process is avoided, so investment in decolorizing production equipment is saved, and fiber extracting and pulping investment cost can be effectively reduced; in addition, waste gas and waste water are not generated in the fiber extracting and pulping process, inorganic pollutants are not generated, waste water and waste residues produced in each process step can be produced and converted into a biological fertilizer, and water is recycled.

Organic material based uniprill fertilizer

An organic-based uniprill fertilizer is provided. To produce the fertilizer, organic matter is sequentially pre-treated by first mixing it in a first grinder with a lime admixture, then adding a slurry of reagents and binders, followed by a mixture of acids. The acids can include sulfuric and phosphoric acids, in addition to nitric acid and various organic acids such as citric and fulvic acid, depending on the end requirements of the fertilizer product. Following the mixing of the pre-product with the mixture of acids and reagents, the resultant raw product is preferably processed through a second grinder. This grinding further dries, mixes and granulates the raw product. The particle size of the completed fertilizer is reduced into a flowable, user safe uniprill product that can be further ground to reduce its moisture. Further drying may be necessary for bag or bulk product, or it can be liquified by high speed blending or micro-fluidized for sprinkler or drip applications. The uniprill fertilizer comprises small, preferably microscopic particles that are homogenous in nature, in that any single particle is substantially identical in composition to all other particles of the fertilizer. Additionally, each uniprill particle contains substantially all sixteen nutriments and minerals required for the growth of healthy plants.

Sewage treatment unit with good practicality

The invention discloses a sewage treatment unit with good practicality. The sewage treatment unit comprises a settling box, a purifying box and a disinfection box, wherein the top end of one side of the settling box is provided with a chemical reagent tank; the top of the settling box is provided with a stirring motor; a sludge discharge outlet is formed in the bottom end of the settling box; the interior of the purifying box is provided with, from top to bottom, a magnet adsorption screen, a biomembrane filter screen and an active carbon filter screen; the sidewall of the disinfection box is provided with an ozone generator; and gas-distributing pipes are arranged in the disinfection box. The sewage treatment unit provided by the invention can effectively eliminate heavy metals, microbes, organic harmful substances, particulate matters and other impurities in water, is capable of removing pigments and peculiar smell in water, and has improved sewage treatment effect; and since the ozone generator is mounted on the sidewall of the disinfection box, ozone generated by the ozone generator can be used for sterilization and disinfection of purified clear water after purification of sewage, so sewage is allowed to reach discharge standard.

Process for treating sludge and manufacturing bioorganically-augmented high nitrogen-containing inorganic fertilizer

The invention describes a new method for treating sludge, which can result in the production of high nitrogen organically-augmented inorganic fertilizer that incorporates municipal sludges or biosolids or organic sludges that can compete with traditional fertilizers such as ammonium phosphate, ammonium sulfate and urea on the commodity fertilizer marketplace. The method takes advantage of the thixotropic property of dewatered biosolids or organic sludge to create a pumpable paste-like material from the biosolids or organic sludge that is then treated with an oxidizer to reduce odorant effects and an acid. This mix is then interacted with concentrated sulfuric and or phosphoric acids and an ammonia source or alternatively a hot or molten melt or salt of ammonium sulfate/phosphate to form a fertilizer mix. The present invention controls the heat, atmospheric pressure and retention time of the fertilizer mix in the reaction vessel. When a fertilizer melt is formed ammoniation is subsequently completed by the specific use of vaporized ammonia. The invention can also be an add-on to commercial production of ammonium salts. The fertilizer produced by the present invention contains more than 8 wt. % nitrogen and preferably 15 wt. % nitrogen. The invention is oriented to be tailored to the biosolids production for individual municipal waste treatment plants in order to keep the fertilizer manufacturing plants of the present invention small with a minimization of logistics and liability.

Green bioactive organic fertilizer

The invention relates to a green bioactive organic fertilizer, which effectively solves the problems of soil hardening, environmental pollution, and harm from residual chemical substances of grains, vegetables and fruits to human bodies. The solved technical scheme is that the green bioactive organic fertilizer is prepared by taking sludge, waste powder, poultry and animal feces, straw powder, residues, feather powder, amino acid original powder, phosphoesterases complex, a first group of complex bacteria, and a second group of complex bacteria as raw materials; uniformly mixing the sludge, the waste powder, the poultry and animal feces, the straw powder, the phosphoesterases complex and the first group of complex bacteria; stacking and covering the mixture with a sack for performing a biogenic reaction, and keeping a reaction product at the temperature of 50 to 55 DEG C for 2 days; adding the residues, the feather powder, the amino acid original powder into the reaction product, uniformly mixing the mixture for performing a secondary reaction, and keeping a reaction product at the temperature of 50 to 55 DEG C for 7 to 10 days; and adding the second complex bacteria into the latest reaction product, uniformly mixing, palletizing, checking and packaging the mixture. The green bioactive organic fertilizer has the advantages of scientific formulation, simple preparation method, good effect, no pollution and no harm to human bodies.

Organic matter decomposing inoculant, and preparation method and application thereof

The invention discloses an organic matter decomposing inoculant, and a preparation method and application thereof. The organic matter decomposing inoculant comprises the following ingredients in part by weight: 10 to 20 parts of aspergillus niger microbial inoculum, 10 to 20 parts of lactobacillus plantarum microbial inoculum, 20 to 30 parts of saccharomyces cerevisiae microbial inoculum and 40 to 60 parts of bacillus subtilis microbial inoculum. The organic matter decomposing inoculant mainly comprises various microbial floras with mutual promotion and mutual synergy effects. The organic matter decomposing inoculant can decompose various organic matters quickly, can effectively kill germs, ova and weed seeds in the decomposed raw materials, can reduce diseases, weed and insect pests, andcan remove water and odor. The organic matter decomposing inoculant can stimulate growth and development of crops, can improve disease resistance, drought resistance and cold resistance, can increasesoil nutrients, can improve the soil structure, and can increase the utilization ratio of chemical fertilizer. The organic matter decomposing inoculant can be used directly and can also be used for producing commercial organic fertilizer, biological organic fertilizer, organic and inorganic complex fertilizer, biological organic and inorganic complex fertilizer and the like.

Circulating sludge biological fermentation tank, processing system and processing method

The invention discloses a circulating sludge biological fermentation tower which comprises a tower body, an openable tower cover, a storage tank and a plurality of rotatable fermentation devices, wherein the openable tower cover is arranged on the top of the tower body; the storage tank is arranged at the bottom of the tower body; the rotatable fermentation devices are arranged in the tower body in parallel; the fermentation devices divide an inner cavity of the tower body into a plurality of layers of fermentation bins along the axial direction; the lower part of each layer of fermentation device is provided with a ventilating oxygen supply pipeline communicated with a blower; the upper part of each layer of fermentation device is provided with an air outlet pipeline communicated with aninduced draft fan and a monitoring device; the monitoring device is controlled by a control room; and a mechanism for driving the fermentation devices and the tower cover to move, the blower and the induced draft fan are all controlled by the control room. The invention also discloses a circulating sludge biological processing system and a processing method. By the circulating sludge biological fermentation tower, the circulating sludge biological processing system and the processing method, industrial biological fermentation desiccation treatment can be continuously and stably carried out onsludge under the conditions of high efficiency and low energy consumption.

Sludge or organic garbage high-low temperature coupling themolysis method

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The invention provides a sludge or organic garbage high-low temperature coupling themolysis method which is characterized in that: the method comprises the following steps: step I: the sludge or organic garbage is fed in a low temperature drying depolymerizing furnace; material with partial carbonization is used as raw material of soil organic fertilizer; step II: the material with partial carbonization, generated in pyrolysis, is fed into a middle temperature carbonizing furnace for carrying out carbonization; the obtained bio-organic carbon is used as raw material of soil organic fertilizer or soil conditioner; step III: the material with partial carbonization, bio-organic carbon and one or more than two mixtures of the sludge, straws or organic garbage are fed in a high-temperature pyrolysis furnace for gasification; step IV: fixed carbon remained in a high-temperature depolymerizing furnace after aerogenesis is fed in a high-temperature sub-fusion activated device, and then oxygen-enriched air enters in, and then liquid in a regulating solution storage tank is prayed in for regulation, and then, compound charcoal is obtained after being cooled. The method has high efficiency, simple steps and diversified products.
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