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Process for treating sludge and manufacturing bioorganically-augmented high nitrogen-containing inorganic fertilizer

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The invention describes a new method for treating sludge, which can result in the production of high nitrogen organically-augmented inorganic fertilizer that incorporates municipal sludges or biosolids or organic sludges that can compete with traditional fertilizers such as ammonium phosphate, ammonium sulfate and urea on the commodity fertilizer marketplace. The method takes advantage of the thixotropic property of dewatered biosolids or organic sludge to create a pumpable paste-like material from the biosolids or organic sludge that is then treated with an oxidizer to reduce odorant effects and an acid. This mix is then interacted with concentrated sulfuric and or phosphoric acids and an ammonia source or alternatively a hot or molten melt or salt of ammonium sulfate/phosphate to form a fertilizer mix. The present invention controls the heat, atmospheric pressure and retention time of the fertilizer mix in the reaction vessel. When a fertilizer melt is formed ammoniation is subsequently completed by the specific use of vaporized ammonia. The invention can also be an add-on to commercial production of ammonium salts. The fertilizer produced by the present invention contains more than 8 wt. % nitrogen and preferably 15 wt. % nitrogen. The invention is oriented to be tailored to the biosolids production for individual municipal waste treatment plants in order to keep the fertilizer manufacturing plants of the present invention small with a minimization of logistics and liability.

Liquid silicon fertilizer and technique for producing the same

The invention relates to a liquid silicon fertilizer and a production technique thereof, and belongs to the technical field of fertilizer. The liquid silicon fertilizer is characterized in that raw materials comprise soluble silicon, urea, trace elements, chelate and fulvic acid, which are prepared into the balanced compound fertilizer. The production technique comprises the following steps: 1, dissolving solid potassium metasilicate; 2, dissolving sulfate of the trace elements in water, and adding EDTA into the mixture to obtain the chelate of the EDTA trace elements; and adding boric acid, ammonium molybdate, the urea and the fulvic acid into the mixture after cooling and filtration; and 3, blending the chelate into the mixture to obtain the liquid silicon fertilizer. The production technique is characterized in that (1) the production technique uses water glass and the fulvic acid chelate, has better buffer action for alkali, and can effectively improve stability of SiO3; and (2) the trace elements are chelated twice by using the EDTA and the fulvic acid to form chelated metal ions, so as to prevent silicic acid radicals and the metal ions reacting to form silicate difficult to be dissolved in water, and influence utilization rate of silicon element. The production technique uses the liquid potassium metasilicate and large amount of elements, trace elements and organic substances to establish a balanced compound system, and can effectively improve utilization rate of the silicon element and various nutrient elements for the crops.

Acetic ester coated controlled-release urea fertilizer and preparation technique

The invention relates to a coated urea fertilizer, substantially an acetate starch-coated controlled-release urea fertilizer which is prepared by utilizing high-substitute degree acetate starch and a preparation process. The urea is implemented on coating by the coating material which is made by utilizing high-substitute degree acetate starch and other ingredients, so that the acetate starch-coated controlled-release urea fertilizer is generated; the coated urea can be ordinary bulky grain urea or the bulky grain urea with biochemical inhibitor on the surface; the biochemical inhibitor is urease inhibitor or/and nitrification inhibitor, thereby the acetate starch-coated controlled-release urea fertilizer is made. The most notable characteristic of the acetate starch-coated controlled-release urea fertilizer is that: the coating is implemented by utilizing the coating material high-substitute degree acetate starch which can be biodegraded fully, the soil environmental will not be polluted after being fertilized on by the coated urea fertilizer, thereby the coated urea fertilizer is a real green environment-friendly coated fertilizer. And the source of coated material is board and is easy to be obtained, and the price is lower, so the production cost of the coated urea fertilizer can be reduced greatly.

Microbial organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer, and preparation methods thereof

The invention relates to microbial organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer, and preparation methods thereof, belonging to the field of fertilizer production. Firstly, chicken manure, grass peat, brown sugar, carbamide, powdered rock phosphate, rice bran or wheat bran and zymocyte are proportionally mixed and then are fermented, and the microbial organic fertilizer can be prepared by adding functional bacteria to the mixture after the fermentation; and inorganic fertilizer, medium trace elements, humic acid, biologic protein and functional bacteria are proportionally added to the prepared microbial organic fertilizer, the obtained mixture is thoroughly stirred and then is processed by granulation, polishing, drying and screening, thereby obtaining the compound fertilizer. The functional bacteria include photosynthetic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, microzyme, Gram positive actinomycetes, phosphate-solubilizing bacteria, potassium-solubilizing bacteria and nitrogen-fixing bacteria. The fertilizer prepared by the invention can effectively improve the ecology environment for the growth of crop, increase the quality of the crop, inhibit plant diseases and insect pests and kill pathogenic bacteria, and the medium trace elements contained are of many types, are sufficient in quantities and present high fertilizer efficiency; and during application, the fertilizer just needs to be applied for once, thereby saving labor power and causing no environmental pollution.

Preparation method and application method of grape special fertilizer

The invention relates to preparation method and application method of a grape special fertilizer, wherein the preparation method comprises the following steps: preparing an I-type fertilizer by taking the following ingredients in parts by weight: 30-40 parts of urea, 20-30 parts ammonium phosphate, 15-30 parts of potassium sulphate, 1-3 parts of humic acid, 1-3 parts of excrement, 1-5 parts of synergist, 0.1-1.0 part of ferrous sulphate, 0.1-0.8 part of zinc sulfate, 0.1-0.6 part of manganese sulphate, 0.1-0.6 part of borax, 0.1-0.4 part of copper sulfate, 3-7 parts of plaster and 3-13 parts of bentonite; preparing an II-type fertilizer by taking the following ingredients in parts by weight: 7-15 parts of urea, 25-35 parts ammonium phosphate, 35-45 parts of potassium sulphate, 1-3 parts of humic acid, 1-5 parts of excrement, 2-5 parts of synergist, 0.1-1.0 part of ferrous sulphate, 0.1-0.8 part of zinc sulfate, 0.1-0.6 part of manganese sulphate, 0.1-0.6 part of borax, 0.1-0.4 part of copper sulfate, 3-7 parts of plaster and 3-13 parts of bentonite; and blending, spraying, pelleting and drying at lower temperature to obtain the product. The application method of the fertilizer comprises the following steps: taking an organic fertilizer and the II-type fertilizer as a base fertilizer; applying the I-type fertilizer before blossom, applying the II-type fertilizer in the young fruit development period, and meanwhile, respectively spraying monopotassium phosphate and rare earth mixed liquid once on the leaf surfaces; and spraying calcium nitrate or calcium acetate to enhance the storage resistance property before picking.

Technique for extracting active component of Enteromorpha prolifera and method for preparing Enteromorpha prolifera seaweed fertilizer

The invention provides effective technology for extracting active ingredients of Entermorpha and a method for preparing an Entermorpha alga fertilizer. The method is characterized by comprising: taking the Entermorpha as a raw material, effectively extracting the active ingredients of the Entermorpha through technical processes such as pretreatment of raw materials, leaching, neutralization, concentration and combination, taking an extracting solution as a base fluid, combining the extracting solution with at least one composition of humic acid, urea, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, potassiumsulfate, monoammonium phosphate and microelement, and preparing the high-activity Entermorpha alga fertilizer. The Entermorpha alga fertilizer is rich in active substances of algae, not only can strengthen photosynthesis of crops, increase the yield of the crops and improve the product quality but also can strengthen the cold resistance, the drought resistance, the stress resistance and the disease resistance of the crops, promote earliness of the crops and increase the fertile flower percentage and the fertile fruit percentage, has lower production cost, good solubility and safe use, is friendly and harmless to human beings, domestic animals and the natural environment, and is a novel environment-friendly fertilizer suitable for modern agriculture.

Drought-resistant energy plant seed pelleting agent, preparation method and using method thereof

The invention discloses a drought-resistant energy crop seed pelleting agent, a preparation method and a using method thereof. The seed pelleting agent comprises the following components: straw powder or overrotten organic matter, a plant growth regulating substance, a water absorbent resin, a filler, an adhesive, an insecticide, a bactericide, urea and monopotassium phosphate. The method for seed pelleting comprises the following steps of: 1) spraying an adhesive water solution on the surfaces of drought-resistant energy seeds evenly; 2) mixing the drought-resistant energy seeds of which the surfaces are the adhesive water solution and a pelleting agent for coating; and 3) repeating the step 1) and the step 2) until the diameters of the seeds meet the requirement. The invention breaks the traditional idea that the pelleting agent absorbs water in soil of a plough layer, establishes a theory of absorbing water before the sowing and sowing after the germination acceleration, and realizes the aim that the pelleting agent can absorb the water before the sowing after the coating, does not disperse after the water absorption, has good expansibility, ensures that the seeds germinate in the palleting agent and can adopt mechanized sowing by adding crop straw powder or the overrotten organic matter which is rich in water absorption expansibility into the components of the pelleting agent.
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