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Feed Processing. Processing is the conversion of diverse feed ingredients into a single, homogenized form of feed, such as mash, pellet, and crumbles, among others.

Remote development method and system under coordination environment

The invention discloses a remote development method and system under a coordination environment. The remote development system comprises a remote development server, a client end display generation system and a file control system, wherein the remote development server is used for interacting with a client end document editing terminal, receiving data of the document editing terminal and sending feedback information to the document editing terminal; the client end display generation system is used for sending a specific grammar library and a display configuration content to a client end through the remote development server according to a request concerning a display change and development command of the document editing terminal or transmitting a development command to a compiler unit for processing and feeding processing result back to the document editing terminal; and the file control system is used for operating a file command on a file copy which is in the course of being edited and carrying out edition control on a development project so as to be convenient for coordination of multiple users. According to the invention, the demand of the client end to the configuration is greatly reduced, the time of building a working platform by the client end is decreased, and the waste to resources is avoided, thus the coordination development efficiency and convenience are greatly improved.

Extruding granulation device for feed processing

InactiveCN107397052AImprove the efficiency of processing and granulationMix and stirWorking-up animal fodderDrive shaftTransmission belt
The invention discloses an extrusion granulation device for feed processing, which comprises a granulation box, a drive motor is arranged on the top of the granulation box, a transmission shaft is connected to the output shaft of the drive motor, and a coaxial fixed installation is installed on the transmission shaft. The driving pulley and the turntable, the connecting rod is hinged at the side edge of the turntable; the driven pulley is rotated on the granulation box, and the driving belt is wound between the driven pulley and the driving pulley, and the driven pulley is the same The shaft is fixedly installed with a driving bevel gear; the surface of the rotating shaft is provided with a helical blade; the extrusion die is installed horizontally in the granulation box, the horizontal limit sleeve is horizontally installed on the inner wall of the right side of the granulation box, and the left end of the slider is connected with a Several cutting blades are arranged parallel to each other, and the baffle is in contact with the disc cam; the slider drives the cutting blades to cut the feed extruded from the extrusion die, making the feed more refined and uniform, and effectively avoiding feed blockage The extrusion die head greatly improves the efficiency of feed processing and granulation.

Shrimp feed and preparation method thereof

ActiveCN102450485AGood for growing and breedingImprove submergenceAnimal feeding stuffAnimal scienceAdhesive
The invention discloses a shrimp feed and a preparation method thereof. The feed comprises the following raw materials in percentage: 2.5% of silkworm dropping, 10% of rice bran, 10% of wheat bran, 48% of fish meal, 10% of soybean cake, 2% of beer yeast, 1% of traditional Chinese medicine composition additive, 0.5% of vitamin complex premix, 1% of mineral premix and 15% of feed adhesive. The invention in which Chinese herbal medicines are used for preventing and treating fish and shrimp diseases completely meets the disease control criteria of developing nuisance free aquaculture and producing green marine products, and especially meets the requirements of intensive and large-scale production in the current aquiculture; the Chinese herbal medicines in a certain proportion are prepared into a compound preparation to better play the synergistic effect of the medicines; starch in the feed adhesive is conglutinated at different temperatures by a steaming process, thus increasing the degree of expansion and greatly improving the degree of gelatinization of the starch; and the feed adhesive can completely replace a chemical adhesive on effect in feed processing, improves the sinking property and adhesiveness of the feed, and benefits the shrimp growth and culture, thus creating good economic benefit and social benefit.
Owner:海阳新希望六和饲料有限公司 +1

Production method for adding brewer grain fattening pannage

The invention belongs to a production method for adding brewer grain fattening pannage, which belongs to the technical field of the feed processing. The production method comprises the following steps that: the brewer grain is undertaken the steam explosion pretreatment and is added with mixed bacteria and/or complex enzyme to be undertaken the solid anaerobic fermentation so as to degrade the fiber content in the brewer grain and to improve the soluble nitrogen content of the brewer grain, so the quality is better, and the nutrition is more balanced; then the fermented brewer grain, waste yeast powder, corn meal, soybean meal and pre-mixed material are uniformly mixed to obtain the fattening pannage being added with brewer grain. The source of the brewer grain and the waste yeast is abundant, the nutrition for matching the brewer grain and the waste yeast is balanced, and the cost of the feed can be reduced; and the brewer grain is processed with the steam explosion pre-treatment technology, the enzymolysis technology and the biological fermentation technology, so the fiber content is reduced, the protein quality is improved, and the type of the aminoacid is more abundant; and the production method can reduce the grain ratio, improves the daily gain, reduces the feed compositions, and is free from influencing the feed intake and the growth of the fatty pigs.

Vertical particle material handling device for agricultural feed processing

The invention discloses a vertical particle material handling device for agricultural feed processing. The vertical particle material handling device comprises a processing shell. Supporting guiding side pillars are fixedly arranged on the left side and the right side of the outer wall of the processing shell. A lifting rack is upwards integrally fixed at the middle position of the top side wall of a rack body of a motor mounting rack. A main stirring motor is arranged on a bottom plate in the inner cavity of the rack body of the motor mounting rack. Crushing cutting blades are arranged on the outer side wall at the bottom end of a shaft body of a rotary crushing rotating shaft. An elastic filter screen is horizontally arranged on the left side wall and the right side wall at the lower part of an inner cavity of the processing shell. The edges of cams cling to the lower surfaces of a left screen body and a right screen body of the elastic filter screen. A transparent observation window is arranged in an observation opening. By means of the vertical particle material handling device, the omnidirectional cutting effect is achieved, the cams on two sides can finely adjusted up and down when the elastic filter screen is used for screening, the screening effects of the mesh bodies is enhanced, and a master worker can more clearly grasp operation of the device.

Lamb fattening complete pellet feed

The invention provides lamb fattening complete pellet feed, which belongs to the field of feed processing in animal husbandry and applies to the intensive complete-barn-feeding production of mutton sheep. According to the nutritional need of lambs in different fattening periods, three types of complete pellet feed are prepared and processed through three formulations in order to satisfy the balanced nutrition supply for weight increase and other aspects except water drinking in a 10 to 15 kg stage, a 15 to 20 kg stage and a 20 to 25 kg stage in a fattening period respectively, so that the factory production of fattening sheep without depending on the conditions of forage grass resources is realized. Due to abundant raw material sources, simple processing technique and low production cost, the pellet feed is beneficial to large-scale commercial production. After application, the pellet feed can ensures that the production of fattening sheep is not restricted to the conditions of natural feed and forage grass resources, and production scale can be adjusted in time according to market demand. Meanwhile, as only one type of pellet geed is used in one fattening stage, more simplified and scientific production process, reliable fattening effect, high production efficiency and low comprehensive cost are ensured.

Integrated crushing and drying device for processing pig feed

InactiveCN107319605AHigh efficiency of crushing and dryingDry in timeFeeding-stuffDrying gas arrangementsDrive shaftAgricultural engineering
The invention discloses a crushing and drying integrated equipment for pig feed processing, which comprises a support seat, a support frame is connected to both sides of the upper end of the support seat, a crushing barrel is connected to the upper end of the support frame, and an organic cover is connected to the middle part of the upper end of the crushing barrel. A drive motor is installed on the side, the drive shaft is connected to the lower end of the drive motor, the first pulley is connected to the lower end of the drive shaft, the transmission belt is connected to the right end of the first pulley, the second pulley is connected to the right end of the drive belt, and the middle part of the second pulley is connected to the There is a hollow shaft, the lower end of the hollow shaft is connected with a rotating disc, the middle part of the lower end of the rotating disc is connected with a crushing shaft, the upper middle part of the machine cover is equipped with a condensation box, the lower part of the crushing barrel is connected with a cutting plate, and the middle part of the cutting plate is provided with a fixed sleeve to fix The middle part of the cover is connected with a distribution shaft, and the left end of the left support frame is fixed with a cold air box. The invention realizes the timely drying of the feed after the feed is pulverized, increases the processing efficiency, and satisfies the needs of large-scale feed processing.

Exogenous composite enzyme preparation special for feed industry and preparation method and application thereof

The invention relates to an exogenous composite enzyme preparation special for feed industry and a preparation method and application thereof. The composite enzyme preparation comprises five kinds of water-soluble non-starch polysaccharide enzyme and phytase, namely xylanase, dextranase, mannose, cellulase and pectase. The activity mixture ratio of the contained water-soluble non-starch polysaccharide enzyme to the contained phytase is designed according to the kinds and the contents of the non-starch polysaccharide and the phytase in raw materials of a common feed, the synergistic effect between two kinds of the enzymes can be fully achieved, and the most scientific and economic mixture ratio is provided. The exogenous composite enzyme preparation can improve the degradation efficiency of non-starch polysaccharide anti-nutritional factors and phytic acid in the feed, remove the anti-nutritional effect thereof, improve the absorption and conversion rate of the feed and the utilization rate of phosphorus in the feed, substantially reduce the dosage of inorganic phosphorus and the production cost, bring considerable economic benefit to feed processing enterprises and farmers, greatly reduce the contents of nitrogen and phosphorus in animal excrement so as to reduce environmental pollution, and has remarkable social benefit.

Edible mushroom residue feed preparation process

The invention discloses edible mushroom residue feed and a preparation method thereof. The edible mushroom residue feed preparation method comprises the following steps: degrading active ingredients of mushroom residue through a complex enzyme and fermenting a mushroom residue enzymolysis product through food-grade microorganisms, further degrading the active ingredients of the mushroom residue and releasing a functional secondary metabolite, and drying or spray-drying a fermentation product to obtain the edible mushroom residue feed which is intense in edible mushroom-featured flavor and easy in nutrient absorption, and has an antioxidant activity and an antibacterial activity. According to the preparation process disclosed by the invention, active ingredients in the mushroom residue raw material are degraded into polysaccharide, oligosaccharide, protein peptide and the like stronger in specific functional characteristics by the complex enzyme through a green biotechnology, and microorganism mixed fermentation is carried out to further generate beneficial secondary metabolite so as to improve antioxidant activity and antibacterial activity of the fermented product, thus improving the additional value of the product. The preparation process disclosed by the invention, breaking through a conventional mushroom residue feed processing technology, overcomes the shortcomings of the mushroom residue feed processing technology (direct material mixing or conventional simple fermentation), such as low mushroom residue utilization rate, low utilization rate of nutritive value and poor functionality, by organically combining biological enzymolysis and biological fermentation, and the economic value of the edible mushroom residue in the field of animal feed is obviously improved.

Feed extruding and granulating device for livestock feed processing

The invention discloses a feed extruding and granulating device for livestock feed processing. The feed extruding and granulating device is characterized in that a support rack is vertically fixedly mounted on a bottom plate, a limit extruding cylinder is fixedly mounted on the support rack, a slider is horizontally slidably arranged in the limit extruding cylinder, a slide plate is horizontally fixedly mounted at the left top end of the slider, the upper surface of the slide plate is abutted against the inner side of the limit extruding cylinder, and a feeding channel is vertically formed inthe slide plate; an air heater is fixedly mounted at the bottom of the bottom plate, and a collecting tank located at the right bottom of a conveying belt is fixedly mounted on the bottom plate. The feed extruding and granulating device has the advantages that feed intermittently enters the limit extruding cylinder is extruded into strip-shaped feed through extruding holes by the leftward and rightward reciprocating movement of the slider, and a good extruding effect and high work efficiency are achieved; the strip-shaped feed is repeated cut by a cutting blade which moves leftwards and rightwards in a reciprocating manner to achieve feed granulation, the feed is fast dried through hot air rightwards discharged by an exhaust mesh cover, feed adhesion is avoided, and the quality of feed granules is increased greatly.

Feed material mixer for livestock feed processing

The invention discloses a feed material mixer for livestock feed processing. A driving motor is fixedly mounted upside down on the top of an operating box through a support, a stretchable spring movably sheathes a piston rod, the left end of the stretchable spring is fixed on the sidewall of a compression cylinder, and the right end of the stretchable spring is fixed on the left sidewall of an abutting plate; a water inlet pipe and a water outlet pipe are mounted on the compression cylinder in a communicating manner, and a check valve I and a check valve II are respectively mounted on the water inlet pipe and the water outlet pipe. According to the invention, a rotating disk rotates to drive vertical rods to revolve, so that feeds in a mixing tank are sufficiently mixed, meanwhile, a driven shaft alternately rotates clockwise and counterclockwise, so that the mixing tank drives the feeds in the mixing tank to rotate, and thereby the efficiency of mixing the feeds is greatly increased;a piston head reciprocates to the left and the right in the compression cylinder, so that water is intermittently added into the mixing tank, consequently, while the feeds are mixed, water is added for mixing, the working efficiency is greatly increased, and the labor intensity of manpower is decreased.
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