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Cast form water borne coating and technique for preparing the same

The invention relates to an auxiliary material for casting a mould, in particular to a casting mould water-based coating formulation for a sand mould or an expendable pattern casting (EPC), and a process for preparing the same. The casting mould water-based coating formulation consists of refractory powder, a suspending agent, a bonding agent, a surfactant, a defoaming agent, a corrosion remover and water. The process comprises the following steps: adding the suspending agent to the water directly, and mixing and dispersing the mixture in a high speed dispersion machine; adding auxiliary agents including the defoaming agent, the surfactant, the corrosion remover, and the like to the water, and mixing the auxiliary agents; adding the refractory powder to the mixture to be mixed; and adding the bonding agent to the mixture to be mixed, and then adding water to adjust the coating until the coating has the thickness in a using state to obtain the finished product. The coating prepared by the process has the effects that the coating ensures that a high-density low-viscosity coating has excellent suspension property and storage stability, a coating layer is not easy to crack after drying, the coating is advantageous to improve the capacity of the coating to resist high temperature metal corrosion, and the like.

High effectiveness cooled turbine vane or blade

A robust multiple-walled, multi-pass, high cooling effectiveness cooled turbine vane or blade designed for ease of manufacturability, minimizes cooling flows on highly loaded turbine rotors. The vane or blade design allows the turbine inlet temperature to increase over current technology levels while simultaneously reducing turbine cooling to low levels. A multi-wall cooling system is described, which meets the inherent conflict to maximize the flow area of the cooling passages while retaining the required section thickness to meet the structural requirements. Independent cooling circuits for the vane or blade's pressure and suction surfaces allow the cooling of the airfoil surfaces to be tailored to specific heat load distributions (that is, the pressure surface circuit is an independent forward flowing serpentine while the suction surface is an independent rearward flowing serpentine). The cooling air for the independent circuits is supplied through separate passages at the base of the vane or blade. The cooling air follows intricate passages to feed the serpentine thin outer wall passages, which incorporate pin fins, turbulators, etc. These passages, while satisfying the aero/thermal/stress requirements, are of a manufacturing configuration that may be cast with single crystal materials using conventional casting techniques.

Wax injection mold for investment casting of hollow turbine blades and method for rapidly manufacturing wax injection mold

The invention discloses a wax injection mold for investment casting of hollow turbine blades and a method for rapidly and accurately manufacturing the wax injection mold. The mold consists of a cavity mold, a mold core and an accessory structure, wherein the cavity mold comprises an upper mold and a lower mold of a combined structure; each mold block forming the cavity mold consists of an external aluminum mold frame, an internal cast zinc alloy inlay and a conformal cooling copper pipe embedded into the inlay; a mold core positioning piece which can be decomposed at a high temperature is arranged on a longitudinal rib of the mold core; and water-soluble core blocks used for forming exhaust openings in the rear edges of the turbine blades are arranged on rear edge ribs of the mold core. The matching precision of the mold core positioning piece and the cavity mold is guaranteed by adopting a cavity mold interior running-in method, and the matching precision of the water-soluble core blocks and the cavity mold is guaranteed by adopting a cavity mold interior adhesion method. The wax injection mold disclosed by the invention is low in manufacturing cost and short in period, and the high wax pattern precision and core positioning precision can be obtained.

Production method for sand-lined metal mold casting cylinder body

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The invention relates to a production method for a sand-lined metal mold casting cylinder body. In the method, the inner cavity of a metal mold is formed in a mold-following mode according to the shape of the cylinder body, the thickness of a mold-following sand-lined layer is 10 to 30mm, and a closed pouring gate is used; vent wires are arranged in a jet hole on the highest part and a core head part of an upper half mold, and gas exhaust slots are formed on a mold separating plane of the metal mold; heating devices are arranged in the middles of the lower mold base plate and the upper mold base plate of an outer mold, and sand is jetted after the temperature meets a requirement; and a sand core is made and loaded, a box is closed, pouring is performed, and the box is opened. By the method, yield is increased from 69 percent in the conventional sand mold casting to over 83.75 percent in metal mold casting, the defects of subsurface pinholes, a loose structure and the like are substantially overcome, the problem that the cylinder body leaks when working under pressure is solved, the overall mechanical performance is improved, sand treatment equipment, fields and a sand using quantity are reduced, and the severe environment of casting is improved. The production method is easy to control, the process flow is simple, and the production cost of the production method is 30 to 50 percent lower than that of a sand mold casting method.
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