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A handshake is a globally widespread, brief greeting or parting tradition in which two people grasp one of each other's like hands, in most cases accompanied by a brief up-and-down movement of the grasped hands. Handshakes are sometimes used to signify romantic relationships.

Dynamic, seamless switching of a network session from one connection route to another

A system for providing continuous connection between a client and a network during a session. The system comprises of a connection utility, which monitors a network session for an occurrence of a pre-defined event and/or condition. The system is particularly advantageous in scenarios where a session's connection is lost and the session has to be reconnected to the network. The system also finds applicability with several other types of events/conditions, including a connection break, a slow or congested connection or a change in the type of data being transmitted. When any one of the pre-defined events/conditions occur, the session is automatically routed from the present connection route to another connection route, and is completed on the other connection route. In order to complete the re-routing of the sessions, session information is cached on the client and the server. The session data is tagged with the original session ID. On the server, a special Client Key is stored for later retrieval, and on the client a special Server Key is stored. During the reconnect, the server uses its previously stored session data associated with the client key and previous session ID to regain a new session connection. The client uses its previously stored session data to regain its side of the connection and to pass the proper request over the wire to the server. This special "handshake" occurs at session reconnect time and allows the special session re-connection to occur. The re-routing of the session is completed with no noticeable loss in connection or session information. Thus, a substantially seamless switching of the session from the first connection route to the second connection route is implemented.

Multi-hazard alarm system using selectable power-level transmission and localization

A personal alarm system includes a monitoring base station and one or more remote sensing units in two-way radio communication. An electronic handshake between the base station and each remote unit is used to assure system reliability. The remote units transmit at selectable power levels. In the absence of an emergency, a remote unit transmits at a power-conserving low power level. Received field strength is measured to determine whether a remote unit has moved beyond a predetermined distance from the base station. If the distance is exceeded, the remote unit transmits at a higher power level. The remote unit includes sensors for common hazards including water emersion, smoke, excessive heat, excessive carbon monoxide concentration, and electrical shock. The base station periodically polls the remote units and displays the status of the environmental sensors. The system is useful in child monitoring, for use with invalids, and with employees involved in activities which expose them to environmental risk. Alternative embodiments include a panic button on the remote unit for summoning help, and an audible beacon on the remote unit which can be activated from the base station and useful for locating strayed children. In another embodiment, the remote unit includes a Global Positioning System receiver providing location information for display by the base station.

Internet of Vehicles safety communication method, vehicle-mounted terminal, server and system

The application provides an Internet of Vehicles safety communication method, a vehicle-mounted terminal, a server and a system. The Internet of Vehicles safety communication method is characterized by comprising the following steps: the vehicle-mounted terminal sends a handshake authentication request to a server after determining that the transmission control protocol connection with the server has been finished, wherein the handshake authentication request comprises an identifier of the vehicle-mounted terminal and a first Hash value encrypted by use of a symmetrical encryption algorithm same as that adopted by the server; the vehicle-mounted terminal receives an authentication response message returned by the server, wherein the authentication response message is returned by the server after determining that the vehicle-mounted terminal is legal; and the vehicle-mounted terminal establishes a safety authentication transmission protocol connection with the server according to the authentication response message. A lightweight safety authentication transmission protocol is established between the vehicle-mounted terminal and the server by use of less resource, and the security of the data transmission between the vehicle-mounted terminal and the server is improved.

Reliable data transmission method and device thereof

The invention provides a reliable data transmission method and a device thereof. The method comprises the following steps: a data transmitting end divides a file to be transmitted into a data packets with serial numbers; according to a preset buffer data packet format, the data packets are packaged into data packets to be transmitted, and then are added to a transmission buffer area: the data packets to be transmitted in the transmission buffer area are transmitted in sequence; the data packets confirmed at a data receiving end in the transmission buffer area are deleted; whether the stoppingtime of the data packets in the transmission buffer area is over a preset time threshold or not is judged, and if so, the data packets are reset to be the data packets to be transmitted; and the transmission process is repeated. In the scheme of the invention, as only the data format and the transmission process at the transmitting end and the receiving of the data packets are controlled, no special data packets are needed to be transmitted between the transmitting end and the receiving end to carry out handshake connection operation, and under the condition that the system expense is less and the data transmission efficiency is high, the problem that the existing UDP (User Datagram Protocol) can not reliably transmit the data can be solved.

Method of data reliable transmission with user datagram protocol (UDP) in communication network

The invention provides a method of data reliable transmission with a user datagram protocol (UDP) in a communication network. The method comprises that firstly, connecting handshake is carried out between a data packet sending end and a data packet receiving end, a communication layer of the data packet sending end informs an application layer that a reliable transmission channel is built; in a data packet transmission process, the communication layer of the data packet sending end detects a channel state of the transmission channel through a heartbeat mechanism, and if the channel state changes, the application layer is informed. The method has strong adaptability and can be used for the communication network which is large in transmission delay difference. A mutual-informing mode is used between the application layer and the communication layer of the sending end, the application layer and the communication layer are in mutual independence and also a unified whole, data reliable transmission is achieved, and meanwhile the problem that when the transmission channel is in fault, the uninformed application layer sends data to the communication layer continuously and resources are consumed is avoided. According to the method, the communication layer of the receiving end transmits a data packet to the application layer directly according to protocol header information to activate task scheduling, and the method has more advantages than a polling scheduling strategy and a callback scheduling strategy.
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