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eTPU-based synchronous sampling and frequency measuring device for alternating-current signals and working method thereof

The invention discloses an eTPU-based synchronous sampling and frequency measuring device for alternating-current signals, comprising a microcontroller unit, an alternating-current sine wave/square wave conversion module, an AD (Analog-to-Digital) conversion module, a low-pass filtering unit and a voltage reference unit. The working method of the device comprises the steps of: initializing the functions of an eTPU module; setting a channel 1 of the module as an input capturing mode of GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) function; setting a channel 2 of the module as a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) output mode and starting the sampling; acquiring the alternating-current voltage signals needing frequency measurement, carrying out waveform conversion on the signals and sending the converted square wave signals to the channel 1 of the eTPU module; finishing the sampling conversion by a chip in the AD conversion module; capturing the square wave signals by the channel 1 of the eTPU module and computing the frequency values of the signals; adjusting the PWM period value of the channel 2 of the eTPU module; taking an intermediate value as the current actual measurement frequency; and monitoring the frequency measurement function. The device is a system which is good in instantaneity, high in precision, small in resource consumption and convenient to be realized in embedded systems; and the working method of the device is simple and easy to operate.

On-vehicle head-up terminal and method for controlling display brightness of the same

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The invention discloses an on-vehicle head-up terminal and a method for controlling display brightness of the same. The on-vehicle head-up display terminal comprises a controller, a display device which is connected with the controller, and an eyeball tracking device. The eyeball tracking device is connected with the controller and is used for monitoring movement of eyeballs in real time and transmitting captured image information to the controller. The controller is used for determining a visual line focusing point of the eyeballs according to an eyeball tracking algorithm and controlling the operation state of the display device according to determining result. According to the technical solution of the invention, the eyeball movement of a driver is monitored in real time through adding the eyeball tracking device; furthermore whether the visual line focusing point is on the display device is determined; and the operation state of the display device is controlled according to the determining result, thereby ensuring a fact that attention of the driver is not interfered by the display content and brightness, reducing negative effect of the on-vehicle head-up display terminal in a using process and furthermore greatly reducing power consumption of equipment.

Method for metalizing beryllium oxide ceramic

The invention belongs to the technical field of electronic functional ceramic materials, and in particular relates to a method for metalizing beryllium oxide ceramic. The technical problem solved by the invention is to provide the method for metalizing the beryllium oxide ceramic. The method comprises the following steps: A, preparing a metalizing sizing material additive by adopting raw materials of Al2O3, SiO2, CaCO3 and BaCO3 and a ball milling process; B, adding tungsten powder and manganese powder into the metalizing size additive, and performing ball milling to obtain metalizing powder; C, adding an active agent Y2O3 and a binding agent, and performing vibro-milling filtration to obtain a metallization sizing material; and D, performing metallization sintering. By adopting the metallization method provided by the invention, the sizing material sintering temperature is low, a single-sintering metallization layer is thick and can be sintered for multiple times, and energy consumption is reduced; moreover, the metallization layer after nickel plating has the characteristics of being good in stripping effect, high in stripping strength, high in tensile strength and the like, not only can meet metallization requirements of 99% of the beryllium oxide ceramic but also can meet requirements of 97% of beryllium oxide ceramic and beryllium oxide based attenuation ceramics, and is wide in application range.

Modular electrically-excited doubly-salient motor

The invention discloses a modular electrically-excited doubly-salient motor which comprises a shell, stator iron cores, excitation windings, phase-A armature windings, phase-B armature windings, phase-C armature windings, a rotor iron core and a rotary shaft. The shell is made of non-magnetic-permeability materials, and the stator iron cores are fixed to the inner side of the shell; each of the 3X modular stator iron cores is provided with two protruded stator poles which are connected with each other by stator yokes, and the various stator iron cores are not in direct contact with one another; the 6X stator iron cores are peripherally uniformly distributed; 5X protruded rotor poles are uniformly distributed on the rotor iron core; the polar distance between every two corresponding stator poles on the same stator iron core is equal to the polar distance of every corresponding rotor poles; the corresponding excitation winding is wound on one of the stator poles of each stator iron core, the corresponding armature winding is wound on the other stator pole of each stator iron core, and the armature windings are divided into the phase-A armature windings, the phase-B armature windings and the phase-C armature windings according to difference of phases; the X is a positive integer. The modular electrically-excited doubly-salient motor has the advantages that magnetic circuits and circuits of three-phase windings of the modular electrically-excited doubly-salient motor are independent from one another, accordingly, faults can be constrained in one phase, influence of the faults on the other phases can be reduced, and the faults can be prevented from being propagated.

Method for rapidly calculating characteristic differences of texts and images

The invention discloses a method for rapidly calculating characteristic differences of texts and images. The method includes the steps that firstly based on diversity of geometrical shape characteristics, the texts with large differences are preliminarily screened according to four characteristics of the number of foreground pixels, the sizes of the texts, the length-width ratio and the duty ratio, then, the texts are effectively described on the whole, and the negative effects caused by image distortion are reduced at the same time; after preliminary screening is conducted, fine characteristics of remaining pairs are described, a corrected template matching method is adopted, according to the corrected template matching method, a given template slides in the images, and then targets matched with the template are acquired. Coarse characteristic screening and fine template matching are sequentially conducted on text blocks, the differences of the sizes of the text blocks are limited by the sizes of the texts in coarse characteristics, and therefore the number of comparison times in the matching process is greatly reduced. Furthermore, the invention provides a lookup table associative bit memory accelerating method, and the performance of the accelerating method is improved by building the corresponding relation between the text blocks and data in advance according to similarity measurement characteristics.

Overturn deforming type unilateral bolt fastener

The invention relates to an overturn deforming type unilateral bolt fastener which is formed by a bolt, a jacking sleeve, an overturn deforming piece, a gasket and a nut. A bolt head and a bolt rod are in circular conical surface transition, threads are arranged at the tail of the bolt rod, and the overturn deforming piece is an annular part with certain plastic deformability. The overturn deforming piece, the jacking sleeve and the gasket are arranged on the bolt rod in a sleeved mode, and the nut is screwed at the tail of the bolt rod. In the mounting process, one side of the bolt head is stretched into a mounting hole, the operation of screwing the nut at the tail of the bolt rod is started after the bolt head reaches the inner side of the mounting hole, the nut is screwed in continually to push the jacking sleeve to move forward, the overturn deforming piece overturns in the same direction and has corresponding deformation under the dual action of the jacking sleeve and the circular conical surface of the bolt head, the effect of radial expansion is achieved, in this way, the overturn deforming piece is made to directly act on the inner side surface of the mounting hole, and the unilateral connection and fastening of a structural piece are achieved. According to the overturn deforming type unilateral bolt fastener, unilateral operation can be achieved, the connection and fastening of the structural piece can be completed, and good mechanical properties can be achieved.

ONU (optical network unit) long luminescence detecting circuit, application system as well as application method of ONU long luminescence detecting circuit and application system

The invention discloses an ONU (optical network unit) long luminescence detecting circuit, which comprises a RC (resistance-capacitance) filter circuit, a current discharge circuit, a current limiting resistor and an output control circuit. The invention also discloses an ONU long luminescence application system, which comprises the ONU long luminescence detecting circuit, a CPU (central processing unit), a power supply control circuit and an optical module. The invention also discloses an application method of the ONU long luminescence detecting circuit and the application system. The ONU long luminescence detecting circuit, the application system and the application method have the following advantages or beneficial effects that 1, the problem of time control contradiction of the RC filter circuit is effectively solved; 2, the problem that the current is overhigh because the duty ratio is unstable so that the CPU takes for already catching long luminescence signals is effectively avoided; and 3, the RC filter circuit is applied so that the CPU carries out ONU deregistering only when an ONU is really in a long luminescence state, and the influence cannot be generated when the ONU normally works.

Regional energy complex virtual aggregation system and method

The invention provides a regional energy complex virtual aggregation system and method taking a charging station as a key node. The system is based on an electric power Internet of Things architecture, comprises three architecture layers including a sensing layer, a network layer and an application layer, and is divided into eight modules including a data acquisition module, an operation state management module, a distributed power generation equipment output prediction module, a charging station load prediction module, an operation plan making module, a real-time scheduling optimization module, an internal transaction platform module and an external transaction platform module. The negative influence of the charging load on the power grid is reduced, and the cost for upgrading and capacity expanding of the power distribution network is saved; and electric energy generated by distributed renewable energy power generation is fully consumed. By providing networked distributed energy storage rental service and a prediction module and a scheduling module in the system, efficient utilization of renewable energy sources is realized, and the wind and light abandoning rate is reduced; energy is managed on the information flow level, and cost control of an energy complex is facilitated; and the application scenarios are broader.

Sludge treatment method and treatment system

The invention provides a sludge treatment method and treatment system. The treatment method comprises the following steps: discharging sludge into a sludge storage pond, and adding an anti-corrosion modifier and evenly mixing for storage; exporting sludge and delivering sludge into an agitator, and adding an alkaline modifier, evenly mixing and then ageing to obtain a sludge derived cement raw material; entering a vertical bushing dispersing and grading and drying furnace for dispersing, grading and drying, sorting out small-particular materials and large-particular materials, performing further grinding to the large-particular materials, then repeatedly circulating dispersing, grading, drying and grinding processes until all sludge become small--particular materials; and delivering the small-particular materials into a cement kiln tail smoke chamber for incineration. The sludge treatment method and the treatment system effectively overcome the negative influence factor during cooperative treatment of sludge during production in a cement kiln, forcibly conduct anti-corrosion modification to the sludge, reasonably treat waste gas and moisture in sludge, effectively control various effective elements of sludge carried in the cement kiln, avoid the situations influencing the cement kiln, and realizes the harmless treatment of sludge.
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