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Method for evaluating information system risk base on multi-element fusion

The invention discloses an information system risk assessment method based on multi-factor fusion. The method comprises the following steps: the first step: establishing an information system risk assessment system which comprises a risk assessment result library module (12) and further comprises a risk assessment module (2), a security detection data acquisition module (13), an assets investigation module (8), a questionnaire survey module (9), an assessment library module (11) and an assessment template module (7), wherein the assessment template module (7) is connected with the risk assessment module (2); the second step: determining risk assessment factors; the third step: determining the fusion relationship of the risk assessment factors; the fourth step: performing the risk assessment, wherein the risk assessment refers to the asset assessment, the threat assessment, the vulnerability assessment and the risk calculation. The method achieves the effect of centralized analysis and handling of various security detection results, ensures strong applicability of the system and comprehensive factors for risk assessment, establishes the asset-security threat-security frangibility fusion relation, and ensures remarkable causal relationship of the assessment factors.

Industrial Internet edge calculating device and realizing method thereof

The invention discloses an industrial Internet edge calculating device which comprises a connecting layer, a sensing layer, an analyzing layer, a control layer, a predicating layer, a data lake and adata service gateway. The connecting layer is used for establishing a protocol controller, converting data pump original data to a data message and forming an equipment driver which is introduced andled out by a data pump. The sensing layer is used for defining a sensing condition and establishing a triggering action response event. The analyzing layer is connected with the data pump, analyzes real-time original data which are acquired by the connecting layer and generates an analysis result event. The control layer is used for acquiring an abnormal action response event and adjusts an operation parameter of industrial equipment which is connected with a bus. The predicating layer is connected with the connecting layer, establishes an equipment fault predicating model through a deep convolutional neural algorithm, acquires the original data and outputs a control suggestion event. The data lake stores data messages, alarm events, analysis result events and control suggestion events. The invention further discloses a realizing method of the industrial Internet edge calculating device.

Consistency verification method and system for satellite navigation simulation model

The invention provides a consistency verification method for a satellite navigation simulation model. The consistency verification method comprises the following steps: establishing a test task classification model; establishing a test task verification target system according to different attributes of the test task; determining a check object of the test task; defining task evaluation content covering comprehensively; and designing various test tasks according to models and contents involved in the evaluation contents. The invention further provides a system for verifying the consistency ofthe satellite navigation simulation model. The system comprises a satellite model, an application model, a main control station model, a measurement and control station model, a monitoring station model, an injection station model, a combined model management module, a basic module model parameter and attribute configuration module and a test task parameter configuration module. According to the scheme, a top-down simulation verification method can be provided for a satellite navigation simulation model, comprehensiveness of test tasks is guaranteed to the maximum extent, and a verification result can be directly used for optimization and upgrading of a Beidou engineering system.

K distribution and texture feature-based SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) image segmentation method

The invention discloses a K distribution and texture feature-based SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) image segmentation method, which belongs to the technical field of image processing. The segmentation method comprises the following steps: intercepting category C training samples on an SAR image to be segmented; intercepting 100 training samples of 9*9 at a feature region; extracting feature parameters of the training samples by using a K distribution statistical model and a gray scale co-occurrence matrix; arranging each category of feature coefficients into a matrix, i.e., a dictionary of cth category targets; calculating the dictionary of each category of targets and arranging the dictionaries to form a global big dictionary in sequence according to the method; inputting the SAR image to be segmented, substituting each pixel point by 9*9 pixel points of a neighbor of the pixel point, and solving a feature coefficient inverse solution matrix operation of the pixel point to obtain weight a; making delta i (a), i=1, ellipsis, wherein C is a vector which only remains the coefficient corresponding to the cth category in a and enable zero setting of the rest coefficients; and calculating a residual error function and repeating the steps to obtain a segmentation result of each pixel point of the SAR image to be processed according to the fact that the minimum error function is a category label of the feature coefficients.

Method for preparing rose extracting solution, rose water taking rose extracting solution as active ingredient, and preparation method of rose water

The invention discloses a method for preparing a rose extracting solution, rose water taking the rose extracting solution as an active ingredient, and a preparation method of the rose water. The rose extracting solution is prepared by the following steps: taking rose as a raw material, performing water leaching distillation, collecting a gas phase part, condensing, concentrating and sterilizing. The method for preparing the rose extracting solution comprises the following steps: treating the raw materials, performing water leaching distillation and sterilizing. The rose water which takes the rose extracting solution as the active ingredient comprises 2-5 weight percent of rose extracting solution, 0.01-0.03 weight percent of flavoring agent and the balance of purified water; and the method for preparing the rose water which takes the rose extracting solution as the active ingredient comprises the steps of adding the rose extracting solution into water to be prepared according to a formula weight ratio, uniformly mixing, and sterilizing to obtain target rose water. By the adoption of the water leaching distillation, comprehensiveness of contained substances is guaranteed, and components of aroma volatile oil are kept; and moreover, the rose water is clean in aroma and elegant in taste, contributes to relieving the emotion, improving the internal secretion and relieving the feeling of fatigue without adding any coloring matter and preservative, is safe to drink, and is safe and reliable.

Inlaid digital imaging system of gynecological endoscope

The invention relates to a medical instrument, discloses an inlaid digital imaging system of a gynecological endoscope and belongs to the technical field of manufacture of accessories used for electronic digital endoscope medical image workstations of vagina and intrauterine integrated diagnosis and therapy of the gynecological departments. The inlaid digital imaging system of gynecological endoscope comprises an endoscope telescope body, an LED light source and a CCD (charge coupled device) miniature digital camera, the front end of the endoscope telescope body is connected with a transparent cover, the LED light source and the CCD miniature digital camera are respectively arranged in the transparent cover, a power module and a digital signal processing module are arranged in the endoscope telescope body, the power module is respectively connected with the LED light source and the CCD digital camera, the digital signal processing module is connected with the CCD miniature digital camera, a signal output port is arranged at the rear end of the endoscope telescope pipe body, and the signal output port is connected with the digital signal processing module. The inlaid digital imaging system of the gynecological endoscope can be used for examining vagina wall, cervix uteri or even intrauterine and is wide in observation vision field.

Interest point information processing system

The invention provides an interest point information processing system, which comprises an original record library, a pre-treatment system, a record library to be called, a telephone investigation platform, a coordinate calculation subsystem, a quality inspection subsystem, a finished product record library, an operation record library and an operation system error-indication mechanism. Useless information of the interest point information in the original record library is removed by the pre-treatment system, the interest point information after being removed with the useless information is stored in the record library to be called, the telephone investigation platform confirms the authenticity of each information and collects relevant information of the interest point entity including the door address, a coordinate of the interest point is obtained through the coordinate calculation subsystem, the interest point information is quality checked by the quality inspection subsystem to enter the finished product record library and then to enter the operation record library to be operated on line, and the operation system error-indication mechanism compensates the missed information and feeds back the compensated information to the original record library. The interest point information processing system solves the contradiction between the comprehensiveness and the accuracy for collecting the traditional public service information and provides a crucial link to the formation of the entire public information service industrial chain.
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Tire hydroplaning performance dynamic test experiment table and experiment method

The invention provides a tire hydroplaning performance dynamic test experiment table and experiment method, and belongs to the field of tire mechanical property test. The experiment table comprises a base table which is provided with a combined framework, a tire contact disc, a camera and data and image acquisition equipment. The combined framework is provided with a motor and a pressurization water container. The pressurization water container is provided with a water film ejector. The tire contact disc is arranged below a tested tire. The camera is arranged exactly below the contact position of the tested tire and the tire contact disc. The data and image acquisition equipment and the camera are connected via a data line. The experiment method comprises performance tests of the tested tire under the normal state and the side inclination and side deflection states and the state of combination of side inclination and side deflection. Various working conditions of the tire in high-speed operation on dry and wet pavements under the vertical or side inclination state can be simulated, and the tire hydroplaning performance dynamic test experiment table and experiment method are used for testing the mechanical property of the tire so that improved experiment data can be provided for research and development and performance analysis of the tire.

Wechat official account data collection method and device based on virtual machine

The invention relates to the information collection field, specifically relates to a wechat official account data collection method and device based on a virtual machine. According to the method and the device, when the virtual machine interacts data with the internet, the virtual machine and the Quick Macro simulates operations of monitoring and downloading the wechat official account interaction data packet; the wechat official account interaction data packet is the wechat official account interaction data packet interacted by the virtual machine with the internet; after the virtual machine simulates logining the wechat, the effect is the same to login the wechat through a mobile phone; after the virtual logins the wechat, a login state is kept without losing connection; if connection is lost under a special condition, automatic login can be realized when the normal network access is recovered, the login of the wechat is stable; the collection objects are increased intelligently; the wechat official accounts can be attended automatically; the artificial attention complexity is removed; the problem of slow growth of artificial attention quantity is solved; the access is not restricted; in the login state, simulating clicking to obtain the wechat official account data is not restricted; the data obtaining completeness is ensured; the timeliness is good; the operations are simulated; and the newest data can be obtained actively and timely.
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