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Breeding method for improving yield and quality of milk of cows in mountain areas of south China

The invention discloses a breeding method for improving yield and quality of milk of cows in mountain areas of south China, which comprises a green coarse fodder planting method, a green coarse and fine fodder feeding method and a Chinese herbal medicine feeding method, wherein the green fodder planting method comprises the following steps of selecting loose soil with flatter ground for reclamation and plowing, applying an organic fertilizer of 20000-30000Kg, a calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer of 750-1000Kg and lime of 750-1125Kg per hm2, selecting annual and perennial grasses to be planted, adding fine soil or decomposed manure or the calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer on seeds, and then irrigating and watering. The cost of fodder is reduced, and the cow milk yield is improved; through the scientific breeding management, in a cow growth period, the greed fodder and fine fodder are scientifically and reasonably mixed, and the Chinese herbal medicine is used for feeding, so that the physique of cows is strengthened, and the yield and quality of milk of the cows are improved, and thus the milk yield of the cows in mountain areas of south China in a lactation period is increased from 4500Kg to 6000Kg.

Preparation method for energy-saving biological straw feed

The invention discloses a preparation method for an energy-saving biological straw feed. The preparation method comprises the following steps: combining 35-45 percent of maize straw, 8-13 percent of bran, 8-12 percent of maize, 8-10 percent of wheat shorts, 10-12 percent of soybean meal and 16-18 percent of rapeseed dregs to form dry materials; mixing the dry materials with water and uniformly stirring; sterilizing the mixture at high pressure and inoculating the mixture to a microorganism according to the inoculum size which accounts for 10-40 percent of the weight of raw materials; meanwhile, adding 0.5-2 FPU (Filter Paper Unit)/g cellulase; and carrying out solid-stage fermentation at the temperature of 28-45DEG C for 36-72 hours to obtain a finished straw feed, wherein the maize straw is subjected to multistage cyclone grinding and crushing until the granularity is 200-300 meshes and the microorganism is preferably a mixture of bacillus subtilis and pediococcus pentosaceus. The preparation method disclosed by the invention is simple in process and is short in fermentation period; the maize straw prepared by the preparation method can replace maize components with high proportion in pig feed; and the prepared feed has the advantages of remarkable acid fragrance, favorable palatability, high lactic acid content, more beneficial variable counts, high activity of cellulase, high degradation rate of cellulose and hemicellulose and favorable safety.

Processing method of adult turtle floating puffed compound feed

The invention discloses a processing method of an adult turtle floating puffed compound feed which sequentially comprises the following steps of: uniformly mixing raw materials for the first time; performing superfine grinding; adding trace additives, uniformly mixing the raw materials for the second time; regulating the quantity; extruding and granulating; baking; spraying grease; and cooling. The adult turtle floating puffed compound feed processed by the method has low requirement on raw materials, has the advantages of wide raw material sources, low price, comprehensive and balanced nutrition, high digestive absorption rate, high stability in water, low waste, light water pollution, good disease prevention effect and low incidence of diseases, and the effects of convenience in management, time saving and labor saving are achieved. The adult turtle floating puffed compound feed has good compliance; compared with compound powdery feed, the adult turtle floating puffed compound feed has the same effect in terms of feed intake and growing speed, has the advantages of better uniformity in growth specification, lower feed coefficient, higher breeding survival rate, so the feed can completely replace the conventional powdery compound feed, and can be used for breeding adult turtle in an outdoor pond.

Pollution-free kilogram specially-raised chicken feed and preparation method

ActiveCN102524576AReduce feed costsRegulate the balance of body functionsAnimal feeding stuffSOYBEAN SEED OILPrunus amygdalus
The invention relates to a chicken feed and a preparation method, and belongs to the technical field of cultivation. According to the chicken feed, the proportioning of raw material components is adjusted, an egg white raw material is added, energy raw materials such as grease and the like are reduced, and green additives such as micro-ecological preparations, Chinese herbal medicinal preparations, enzymic preparations, acidulant trace elements and the like are used instead of antibiotic medicinal raw materials. The chicken feed comprises the followingraw materials: corn, bean pulp, byproducts obtained through corn processing, calcium hydrophosphate, mountain flour, soybean oil, lysine (65), methionine, table salt, choline chloride, compound vitamin, ferrous sulfate monohydrate, copper sulfate pentahydrate, manganese sulfate monohydrate, zinc sulfate monohydrate, 1 percent potassium iodide and 1 percent sodium selenite, and Chinese pulsatilla root, liquoric root, almond, isatis root and indigowoad leaf which are used as the Chinese herbal medicine additives, and phytase and complex enzyme which are used as the enzymic preparations and bacillus and lactobacillus which are used as the micro-ecological preparations. The preparation method for the feed comprises the following steps of: mixing raw materials, crushing, adding burdening and mixing, blending, curing, granulating and inspecting a finished product to obtain a qualified chicken feed product.

Total mixed ration suitable for south and capable of improving milk yield and milk quality of lactating dairy cow and preparation method of total mixed ration

InactiveCN107006698AReduce feed costsAvoid resource waste and environmental pollutionFood processingAnimal feeding stuffNutrientChemistry
The invention discloses a total mixed ration suitable for the south and capable of improving the milk yield and the milk quality of a lactating dairy cow. The total mixed ration is prepared from the following raw materials in percentages by weight: 16.22-23.75% of a concentrate feed for the dairy cow, 20-24.32% of composite silage, 22.5-27.03% of Chinese wildrye, 5.41-6.25% of alfalfa hay and 27.03-27.5% of wine dregs. The invention further provides a preparation method. The total mixed ration has the beneficial effects that the preparation method of the composite silage suitable for the south is provided and the addition amount of concentrate and forage is the optimal proportions at different production stages of the lactating dairy cow; crop by-products for preparing the composite silage are wide in source and low in cost, resource utilization of subsidiary crops and peel residues can be achieved to the maximal extent, the nutrient value and the palatability of the daily ration are improved, the milk yield and the milk quality of the lactating dairy cow at various production stages are improved to 12.57%, and the butter-fat percentage, the milk protein rate and the milk density are improved by 6.53%, 1.59% and 0.09% separately.

Mulberry-leaf-containing compound feed for black hogs and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a mulberry-leaf-containing compound feed for black hogs and a preparation method thereof, and relates to the technical filed of feed processing. The mulberry-leaf-containing compound feed for the black hogs comprises the following raw materials: mulberry branches and leaves, corn powder, middling, salt, calcium phosphate, molasses, microorganism preparations, water, stone powder, and a trace element premix. The preparation method of the mulberry-leaf-containing compound feed for the black hogs comprises the following steps: pre-treating mulberry branches and leaves, carrying out mixing, carrying out granulating, carrying out drying, and so on. The mulberry branches and leaves are fully utilized as the raw material, and the other nutrients, including the corn powder, the molasses and the like, are combined so as to prepare the compound feed for the black hogs. The addition of the mulberry branches and leaves reduces feed cost and increases food intake of the black hogs; moreover, ecological recirculating cultivation can be realized by combining planting and breeding by adopting a 'mulberry tree to black hogs to organic fertilizer' mode, so that the prepared mulberry-leaf-containing compound feed for the black hogs is high in economic benefits, as well as ecological and environmentally friendly.

Intelligent feeder capable of precisely feeding live pigs

The invention discloses an intelligent feeder capable of precisely feeding live pigs. The intelligent feeder is characterized by comprising a material barrel, a middle bin, an upper cover plate, a material conveying channel, a machine base, a feeding valve, a driving motor, a controller circuit board, a crane scale frame and a weight sensor. The intelligent feeder capable of precisely feeding the live pigs is internally provided with the sensor, a feeding mechanism and other parts, it is guaranteed that the feeding amount of the live pigs is strictly implemented according to a preset production plan, precise feeding to each pig or each group in the breeding process of the live pigs is realized, the growth capability of the live pigs is improved, and meanwhile, the waste of feed (bait) is reduced. Through wide application of the intelligent feeder capable of precisely feeding the live pigs, the feed cost is reduced, scientific feeding can be truly achieved through expert guidance, human input is greatly reduced through linkage operation of intelligent equipment, benefits are guaranteed, meanwhile, time and labor can be saved, and cost can be saved. The feeder can be in internet communication connection with an internet of things system APP, and intelligent remote control is truly achieved.
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