Fragrant duck feed and feeding method

A feeding method and technology for fragrant ducks, which are applied in animal feed, animal feed, application and other directions, can solve the problems of long slaughtering time, low production performance and high feeding cost, and achieve the effect of short slaughtering time, stable quality and good taste.

Inactive Publication Date: 2013-04-24
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[0008] Aiming at the shortcomings and deficiencies of the prior art, the present invention makes full use of the rough feeding resistance of fragrant ducks, and provides a low-cost fragrant duck feed on the basis of maintaining the original meat flavor of fragrant ducks, as well as high production capacit...
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The invention discloses fragrant duck feed and a feeding method. The feed comprises artificial grass and a fine material, wherein the artificial grass is half-bred elephant grass or ryegrass; the fine material is a mixture of rice, corn, bean pulp, broken rice and wheat bran; the breeding method comprises the steps of: using the fine material for feeding at the early feeding stage; adding the artificial grass which is cut into short segments and rubbed into the fine material for feeding during the middle feeding stage, wherein the artificial grass accounts for 10-20%; and adding the artificial grass which is cut into segments and rubbed into the fine material for feeding in the later feeding stage, wherein the artificial grass accounts for 30-40%. The fragrant duck has low cost; the obtained fragrant duck is good in meat quality; and the feeding method has the characteristics of high capacity and short slaughtering time, and has no pollution to the environment.

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Animal feeding stuff

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Broken riceLarge capacity +8


  • Fragrant duck feed and feeding method


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Example Embodiment

[0014] Examples:
[0015] Early feeding period: select pure fragrant duck breeds, raise them in a beneficial ecological environment without any pesticide residues and environmental pollution for about 20 days, and all use concentrated feed.
[0016] Mid-feeding period: After 20 days of feeding, the fragrant ducks are reared with a combination of feed and stocking. 10-20% of artificial grass is added to the feed and fed for about 40 days.
[0017] Late feeding period: After 40 days, add 30-40% of artificial forage to the feed, and it can be released after 80 days of feeding.
[0018] The following is a comparison table of the fragrant ducks reared with the feed and feeding method of the present invention and other methods:
[0020] It can be seen from the above table that the use of the feed and the feeding method of the invention to feed the sweet duck can maintain the original meat flavor of the sweet duck, increase the lean meat rate, and make the meat of the sweet duck more tender, delicious and good in taste.


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