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Soybean oil is a vegetable oil extracted from the seeds of the soybean (Glycine max). It is one of the most widely consumed cooking oils.

Nutrition bar

A nutrition bar comprising about 10% wt or more of soy and/or rice protein, at least one transition metal or transition metal compound, and about 2% wt or more of a humectant, and wherein the at least one transition metal or transition metal compound is in a substantially water insoluble form at 20° C. or the nutrition bar has an Aw of 0.45 or less or about 1% wt or more of the soy and/or rice protein is in the form of nuggets and the humectant is selected from polyols. The bars have elevated levels of soy and/or rice protein, yet do not suffer unacceptable from a deterioration in taste or other organoleptic properties over time. In other aspects, a nutrition bar or other food which incorporates pro-oxidants and/or polyunsaturated fatty acids or their sources in encapsulated form, especially as microcapsules. The pro-oxidants may be metal salts such as copper, manganese, iron and/or zinc salts. Sources of omega-3 fatty acids include fish oil. Processes for preparing the polyunsaturated fatty acid capsules are also disclosed. The polyunsaturated fatty acid capsules/microcapsules are prepared by forming an emulsion of the unsaturated fatty acid with a carrier, spray drying the emulsion to form a powder and encapsulating powder, especially with a fluid bed. The invention is especially useful for encapsulating polyunsaturated fatty acids, or oil sources thereof, most preferably omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, such as arachidonic acid, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), lineoleic acid, linolenic acid (alpha linolenic acid), and gamma-linolenic acids, fish oil, and oil sources of C18:2 and C18:3 fatty acids such as canola oil, soybean oil or blends thereof.

Compound feed for 0-21-days-old broiler chicken and preparation method of compound feed

The invention discloses a compound feed for 0-21-days-old broiler chicken and a preparation method of the compound feed. The compound feed is prepared from various raw materials of corn, flour, soybean meal, 60% of corn protein powder, soybean oil, limestone, calcium hydrophosphate, salt, antimicrobial peptide for the poultry, choline chloride, methionine, threonine, lysine, compound enzyme of corn and soybean meal, premixed vitamin compound, premix compound of trace elements and traditional Chinese medicine addictives. The preparation method for the compound feed comprises the following steps of: weighing all raw materials; putting the raw materials into a pulverizer to be pulverized; putting the pulverized raw materials into a mixer to be uniformly mixed; and granulating the mixed raw materials in a granulator after mixing. The compound feed has the beneficial effects that the compound feed disclosed by the invention is added with the traditional Chinese medicine addictives, so thatthe compound feed can meet the all nature requirements of the green food, diseases can be prevented, the immunity of the organism is enhanced, and the production performance of the broiler chicken can be improved so as to create favorable social value and economic benefits.

Compound feed for teaching piglets to eat foods other than breast milk

InactiveCN102178115AHealthy micro-ecological balance environmentAvoid damageFood processingAnimal feeding stuffDiseaseSucrose
The invention provides compound feed for teaching piglets to eat foods other than breast milk, which is used for weaning piglets and teaching the piglets to eat foods other than breast milk, and comprises the following components in part by weight: 212.4 parts of corn starch, 154.0 parts of bulked corn, 100.0 parts of 46 percent of bulked bean pulp, 40 parts of fish meal, 100 parts of wheat flour, 5 parts of calcium powder, 21 parts of calcium hydrophosphate, 2 parts of table salt, 20 parts of soybean oil, 5 parts of lysine, 2 parts of threonine, 1.5 parts of choline chloride, 10 parts of premix, 0.2 part of complex enzyme, 0.3 part of pig Duowei, 0.2 part of sweetener, 0.3 part of flavouring agent, 3 parts of baking soda, 20 parts of cane sugar, 30 parts of glucose, 50 parts of egg powder, 70 parts of soy protein concentrate, 50 parts of fermented bean pulp, 6 parts of acidizer, 100 parts of whey powder, 0.5 part of mould removing agent, 0.3 part of antioxidant and 0.3 part of mildewpreventive. In the invention, the problems of incomplete immune functions, low disease resistance, inadequate digestive ferment, incomplete upper gastrointestinal development, low digestion and absorption ability, susceptibility to diarrhea and the like of piglets.

Pure natural plant perfumed soap and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to pure natural plant perfumed soap. The pure natural plant perfumed soap is prepared from the following raw materials in parts by mass: 9-11 parts of purified water, 4.5-5.5 parts of baking soda, 30-36 parts of natural olive oil, 9-11 parts of tea seed oil, 9-11 parts of corn oil, 9-11 parts of soybean oil, 3 parts of Jojo natural olive essential oil, 9-11 parts of Jojoba oil, 9-11 parts of glycerin extracted from natural plants, 0.9-1.1 parts of lemon essential oil, 3-4 parts of aloe juice, 2-3 parts of ginseng juice, 1.5-2.5 parts of pure milk and 4.5-5.5 parts of pure honey. The pure natural plant perfumed soap provided by the invention has the beneficial effects that the pure natural plant perfumed soap has certain bacteriostatic action, and can significantly improve whelk and dermatitis; multiple natural nutriments in camellia oil and Jojoba oil can provide sufficient nutrients and water for skin, thus skin is moisturized and has luster and good elasticity;and after bath, perfume is maintained on skin, skin metabolism can be accelerated, the formation of wrinkle and cell premature aging can be effectively prevented and stoped, and youth and luster can be restored, thereby achieving the effects of nourishing and whitening skin.
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