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Preparation method of antioxidant walnut polypeptide health product

The invention discloses a preparation method of an antioxidant walnut polypeptide health product. The preparation method comprises the following steps: pre-treating walnut pulp; homogenizing the walnut pulp; extracting walnut proteins; carrying out pre-treatment for enzymolysis; carrying out enzymolysis; separating; desalting; and concentrating and drying to obtain a walnut polypeptide product. Four enzymes: alkaline protease, papain, neutral protease and bromelain are sequentially added in different times in the enzymolysis link. The strength, function and synergy and the like of the effects of the four enzymes which are used for decomposing proteins into polypeptides and amino acids are comprehensively considered and the four enzymes are used for enzymolysis under the optimal enzymolysis conditions, respectively. The reducing capacity of the prepared walnut polypeptide manifests that the absorbancy floats up and down at 0.4, the hydroxyl free radical scavenging rate can reach 95%, the superoxide anion free radical scavenging rate can reach 39.5%, the protein extraction ratio can reach 98.71% and the degree of hydrolysis of the walnut polypeptide can reach 26.37%. Compared with the prior art, those items are greatly enhanced and improved relatively.

Edible fungus compost, production method thereof and edible fungus culture process

The invention relates to an edible fungus compost, a production method thereof and an edible fungus culture process. The edible fungus compost disclosed by the invention consists of 40 to 90 parts of residual waste (spent mushroom substrate) left over after the harvest of edible fungi, 5 to 40 parts of cottonseed hulls, 3 to 20 parts of bran, 2 to 8 parts of corn meal, 1 to 2 parts of gypsum powder, 0 to 5 parts of quicklime, 0 to 2 parts of superphosphate and 0.05 to 0.8 parts of fungus-strengthening substance, and the pH value is 6 to 9. The invention adopts the residual waste (spent mushroom substrate) left over after the harvest of edible fungi as main material ingredient to produce the edible fungus compost. By implementing the invention, the residual waste of edible fungi cannot pollute the environment any more, and is made profitable, and the resource can be recycled; an edible fungus material resource is added, the economic burden caused by the shortage and higher prices of edible fungus materials is decreased for edible fungus farmers, the production cost of the method is reduced by more than 50 percent in comparison with the production cost of the conventional method, the yield is increased by 10 to 15 percent, the bioconversion rate reaches 80 to 120 percent, and economic income and social benefit are increased. The method is applicable to a variety of edible fungi.

Edible insect full-powder and the production process and application thereof

The present invention relates to a method to fabricate a full edible insect powder, with the main raw material as the edible insects with the represent of the flour weevil, the cicada, the cryptympana atrata, the locust and the silkworm pupa. The exploited products in both domestic and international markets at present include the specific animal feeds and the dishes of edible insects, as well as the animal feed made from a certain amount of raw materials of insects. The present invention aims to exploit a full edible insect powder as well as the fabrication method and application thereof to accomplish the industrialized production with a large scale. The technical proposal is that the insects which undergoes both elimination of foreign bodies, toxins and cleaning up in the latter phase of cultivation are killed, dehydrated, roasted, (or dried through refrigeration) dried and refrigerated in vacuum, and then smashed and filtrateed to be the final product. The effect of the present invention is that the full insect powder contains all nutritious elements thereof, including proteins, lipids, vitamins and various trace elements. The present invention has unique characteristic, safety without toxins, wide application fields, feasibility to be the nutrition of serious snacks, and feasibility to be the stuffing of food of various cakes and candies.
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