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Planar capacitor memory cell and its applications

InactiveUS7209384B1Less complicated to fabricateImprove performanceTransistorSolid-state devicesHemt circuitsEngineering
A capacitor memory is realized, wherein a capacitor stores data and a diode controls to store data “1” or “0”. Diode has four terminals wherein first terminal serves as word line, second terminal serves as storage node, third terminal is floating, and fourth terminal serves as bit line, wherein back channel effect is suppressed adding additional ions in the bottom side of third terminal or applying negative voltage in the well or substrate. A capacitor plate couples to second terminal, which plate has no coupling region to first, third and fourth terminal. With no coupling, the inversion layer of plate in the storage node is isolated from the adjacent nodes. In doing so, the plate can swing ground level to positive supply level to write. As a result, no negative generator is required for controlling plate. Word line and bit line keep ground level during standby, and rise to supply level for read or write operation. In this manner, no holding current is required during standby, and operating current is dramatically reduced with no negative generator. Write has a sequence to clear the state of cell before writing to store data regardless of previous state. Refresh cycle is periodically asserted to sustain data. The present invention can be applied for destructive read, or for nondestructive read adding pull-down device to bit line. The height of cell is almost same as control circuit on the bulk or SOI wafer.

Dynamic dual density heel bag

InactiveUS6115944AHigh densityLow-density materialSolesHeelsCushioningHigh density
A dynamic dual density heel bag for use in shoe construction and typically employed in athletic and walking type shoes. The dynamic dual density heel bag includes a construction including a lower flexible sealed enclosure containing a high density material where the lower enclosure has a V-shaped top surface. Also included is an upper flexible sealed enclosure containing a low density material. The upper enclosure has a V-shaped bottom surface for being vertically cradled by and affixed to the V-shaped top surface of the lower enclosure for forming a heel bag. The heel bag is then affixed within an outsole of a shoe typically with an adhesive. The high density material of the lower enclosure is isolated from the low density material of the upper enclosure. Thus, the low density material of the upper enclosure provides cushioning and shock absorption and the high density material of the lower enclosure provides support, security and stability to a foot. The lower enclosure and the upper enclosure of the dynamic dual density heel bag can contain high density silicon and low density silicon, respectively, and each can be comprised of plastic. Further, the upper enclosure can be affixed to the lower enclosure as by heat sealing or adhesives. In an alternative embodiment, the dynamic dual density heel bag can be modified to support the entire sole of the shoe in addition to the heel area.
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