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Restoration method for damaged ecosystem in steep-slope area in water-level-fluctuating zone of reservoir

The invention relates to a restoration method for a damaged ecosystem in a steep-slope area in a water-level-fluctuating zone of a reservoir. The method comprises the following steps:when the impounded water level is at the lowest point, cleaning the upstream slope in the water-level-fluctuating zone, and manually tamping; digging planting holes at the top of the slope, and planting Chinese red pines and the like to form a multifunctional protective forest belt; digging planting grooves and planting holes within the range of the water-level-fluctuating zone, laying jute geotextile, planting vetiver within the range with the water-level-fluctuating depth of 2m to form a hedgerow; and mixedly planting vetiver and wire grass within the range with the water-level-fluctuating depth of 2-10m to form a combined vegetation slope restoration belt. The protective forest belt, the hedgerow and the combined vegetation slope restoration belt form a three-dimensional restoration space together, thereby ensuring that plants can take roots and restore in the steep-slope area in the water-level-fluctuating zone. By restoring the vegetation in large area, the invention effectively reduces the overland flow and the soil erosion, and improves the fertility and the properties of the soil, thereby restoring the damaged ecosystem. The invention has the advantages of convenient construction and less investment, can not be easily damaged by water, and is applicable to the water-level-fluctuating zone of a reservoir with large water-level-fluctuating range and precipitous topography.

Heavy metal resistance plant growth-promoting bacteria preparation and applying method thereof

The invention relates to heavy metal resistance plant growth-promoting bacteria and a preparation applying method thereof, which belongs to the bioremediation field of heavy metal polluted environment. A bacteria strain D54 with a preservation number of CGMCC No. 3223 belongs to the Burkholderia sp. and has higher resistance to a plurality of heavy metals, wherein the resistances to Pb <2+>, Cd <2+>, Cu <2+>, Zn <2+> respectively reach 800 mg/L, 1500 mg/L, 150 mg/L and 2500 mg/L. In addition, the bacteria strain D54 has the plant growth-promoting functions of producing plant growth hormone (IAA), producing 1-amino-1-carboxyl cyclopropane (ACC) deaminase, secreting siderophore, dissolving inorganic phosphate, fixing nitrogen and the like, has the biological prevention functions of antagonizing plant pathogenic bacteria inbreak and the like, and can obviously improve the biomass of the plants applied the invention and improve the resistance to diseases and stresses. The number of the effective viable bacteria in liquid preparation reaches 1-2 billion/ml and the number of the effective viable bacteria in solid preparation reaches 1 billion/g. Soaking seeds for 1-2 hours in the liquidpreparation which is diluted 100 times and irrigating the diluted liquid preparation 1-2 times (10ml/kg) after 2-3 weeks of the sprouting of the seeds can effectively improve plant viable bacteria infection probability.

Chicken manure fermentation organic fertilizer

The invention discloses a chicken manure fermentation organic fertilizer, which is prepared from the following raw materials: chicken manure, straw powders, konjak flour, corn flour, cellulose, zeolite, humic acid, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, urea, peat soil, a leavening agent, a soil improvement agent, a film coating agent, potassium sulfate, borax and calcium superphosphate. The above raw materials are subjected to the integrated treatment of anaerobic fermentation and aerobic fermentation, so that the organic fertilizer is prepared through the fermentation of the chicken manure. The chicken manure fermentation organic fertilizer is complete in fermentation effect, and is capable of killing plant pathogenic bacteria, eggs, weed seeds and other harmful microorganisms in the chicken manure, and generating a large amount of nutrients beneficial to the plant growth and the plant absorption. The process is simple and easy to implement. The raw materials of the prepared organic fertilizer are rich in nutrition. Meanwhile, the prepared organic fertilizer is high in fertilizer efficiency and rich in nutrition, and can coordinate the soil nutrient balance, improve the soil nutrient, promote the plant growth, increase the plant yield and improve the plant quality.

Movable LED lighting circulation plant water-culture device

The invention discloses a movable LED illumination circulation plant water-culture device. The movable LED illumination circulation plant water-culture device mainly comprises a multilayer support, a planting device, a lighting system, a temperature control system and a water, fertilizer and air integrated circular supplement system. The movable LED illumination circulation plant water-culture device can be moved to a proper place to perform water culture according to natural lighting conditions and space sizes, fixed in a room for use, and moved out of the room or moved to a corridor for use. The movable LED illumination circulation plant water-culture device is simple in structure and convenient to operate, so that the movable LED illumination circulation plant water-culture device is applicable to homes and laboratories for researches. Furthermore, the movable LED illumination circulation plant water-culture device is suitable for planting of nursery stocks of multiple plants, branch planting and seed sowing. By controlling lighting time and the temperature of water culture liquor and supplementing water, fertilizers and air (oxygen) in a circular mode, growth and development of the plants are promoted, and therefore, plant water culture which is low in power consumption, easy to operate, rapid in growth and high in efficiency is achieved. The movable LED illumination circulation plant water-culture device has high practical value and wide market prospects.

Chinese herbal medicine feed additive for laying hen and preparation method thereof

The invention belongs to the technical field of poultry feed and especially relates to a Chinese herbal medicine feed additive for laying hen and a preparation method thereof. The preparation method of the Chinese herbal medicine feed additive for laying hen comprises the following steps of respectively carrying out reflux extraction of motherwort, prepared rehmannia root, cape jasmine fruit, malaytea scurfpea fruit and dried orange peel orderly by 60 to 90% of ethanol and drinking water, merging extract, mixing the merged extract and water extract solutions of radix astragali, barbary wolfberry fruit, root of pilose asiabell, Chinese angelica, cape jasmine fruit, rhizoma atractylodis macrocephalae, cortex eucommiae, haw, isatis root, raspberry, ligusticum chuanxiong hort and white peony root, concentrating the mixed solution, drying , carrying out processing to obtain dry powder, uniformly mixing the dry powder, crushed pine needle powder and crushed hot pepper powder, and carrying out packaging. The preparation method provided by the invention adopts the scientific and reasonable raw materials and has strong operationality in preparation. The Chinese herbal medicine feed additive for laying hen allows a trace dose, has high efficiency and good palatability, is safe and nontoxic, and improves laying performances of laying hen, egg quality and nutritive values, and economic benefits of a laying hen culture.

Production method of high-salt diluted and low-temperature fragrant soy sauce

The invention discloses a production method of a high-salt diluted and low-temperature fragrant soy sauce, which comprises the following steps of: (1) curing raw materials including wheat and defatted soybeans, and then uniformly mixing the wheat and the defatted soybeans; (2) inoculating aspergillus oryzae strains to the obtained raw material mixture so as to obtain a yeast; (3) cultivating the yeast for 44-48 hours at a temperature of 25-30 DEG C so as to obtain a mature yeast; (4) adding 2.0-2.5 weight times of saline water into the mature yeast so as to obtain a raw soy sauce mash; (5) moving the raw soy sauce mash to the inside of an airtight fermentation tank for fermenting: firstly fermenting for 23-27 days at a temperature of 13-17 DEG C, then continuing to ferment at a temperature of 28-32 DEG C, and on the 28-32nd days, adding mixed fermentation strains into the fermentation tank and continuing to ferment; in the process of fermentation, stirring by using a compressed air flow; and fermenting for more than six months so as to obtain a mature soy sauce mash; and (6) squeezing and filtering the mature soy sauce mash so as to obtain the low-temperature fragrant soy sauce. According to the invention, the conversion rate of proteins in raw materials is high, and the contents of ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen, soybean peptides and soybean oligosaccharides in the prepared soy sauce are high.

Method for efficiently and quickly producing bletilla striata seedling

The invention aims at providing a method for efficiently and quickly producing a bletilla striata seedling. The method comprises (1) a liquid culture stage and (2) a solid medium culture stage, wherein (1) the liquid culture stage comprises the particular steps that a bletilla striata capsule is disinfected via sodium hypochlorite; the capsule is cut; a seed is sown in a liquid medium for culture; the seed is developed into a protocorm; (2) the solid medium culture stage comprises the particular steps that the protocorm is induced to be differentiated into a root-free seedling, and then transferred to a rooting culture medium for rooting culture, and a cultivation substrate transplanted into a greenhouse is domesticated before field transplanting. The method realizes efficient and quick production of the bletilla striata seedling; compared with whole-course solid culture, the method overcomes the defect that the seed germination rate is low when an early seed is cultured on a solid medium; the seed germination rate is increased significantly and reaches 99%; the fresh weight and the dry weight of the protocorm are increased greatly; and the whole production cycle is shortened significantly, and can be shortened to about 110 days.
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