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Device and method based on BIM (Building Information Modeling) and operation and maintenance information interaction in intelligent building management

The invention provides a device and method based on BIM (Building Information Modeling) and operation and maintenance information interaction in intelligent building management. The device comprises asource data layer, a data storage layer, an external access layer, a platform application layer and a mobile and WeChat terminal, wherein the source data layer is used for extracting information, including the BIM, a GIS (Geographic Information System) model, an equipment standing book, equipment dynamic data and the like; the data storage layer is used for storing and matching models, information and data; the external access layer is used for extracting and accessing intelligent subsystem information; the platform application layer is used for BIM data interaction management and receiving and releasing an instruction; and the mobile and WeChat terminal is used for the mobile office of field management personnel. By use of the method, the "intensive construction, resource sharing and standard management" of the whole BIM operation and maintenance platform can be realized, on a premise of non-repetitive construction, the practical situation of a project is combined, big data, cloud computation, a BIM technology and an IOT (Internet Of Things) technology are used to comprehensively integrate each subsystem, data information and service resource on the basis of a uniform platform, and the operation and maintenance management level and the integrated service ability of a building are improved.

Planting method of Chinese trichosanthes

The invention relates to a planting method of Chinese trichosanthes, belonging to the technical field of plantation and comprising the steps of: variety breeding, seedling reproduction, transplanting, field management, disease and pest control, harvesting and processing, wherein the variety breeding step includes the sub-steps of the tests in different production places, amplification and verification tests, resistance test, field pest investigation and trichosanthes nematode control; the seedling reproduction step includes the sub-steps of seed reproduction and root reproduction; the transplanting step includes the sub-steps of land selection and preparation, ridging, reproduction and planting, planting method implementation and field management; the land selection and preparation step includes the sub-steps of detection on chemical characteristic of soil, basic fertilizer application and disinfection; the reproduction and planting step includes the sub-steps of seed bud selection, rood cutting and breeding, planting and shed putting up; the planting method implementation step includes the sub-steps of planning density control and staminiferous plant matching; the filed management step includes the sub-steps of intertillagement and weeding, top application, shed putting up, pruning and cold prevention, in particular to intertillagement and weeding, root airing, intercrop, earthing, vine supporting and racking, top application, pruning, flower and fruit protection, chemical control and foliage application; and the disease and pest control step includes the sub-steps of control of diseases and pest and control method implementation.

Organic tobacco field planting and field managing method

The invention discloses an organic tobacco field planting and field managing method, which comprises the following steps: preparing land and ridging, transplanting tobacco seedlings, applying fertilizer in fields, performing field management and pest control, and harvesting manually, wherein the section of a ridge is ladder-shaped, the ridge spacing is 100-120cm, the ridge height is 20-25cm, drainage ditches are formed according to the height of terrain, the tobacco seedlings are transplanted with the plant spacing of 45-55cm, watered with enough water, covered with soil, and covered with a mulching film, and the mulching film is broken to expose the seedlings, base fertilizer is applied before ridging and during the transplanting and topdressing is applied after the transplanting, the field management comprises seedling deficiency check and seedling supplementation, film removal, earthing up, water replenishing, topping, leaf retention and sprout removal, and the pest control comprises comprehensive control and chemical control. According to the organic tobacco plantation and management requirements, organic fertilizer is adopted, and a harmless medicament or biological agent is used for the pest control, so that the organic production of the tobacco is realized. Compared with the regular tobacco production method, lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, copper, chromium and other harmful elements as well as the residual quantities of imidacloprid, emamectin benzoate, permethrin, fenvalerate, thiamethoxam and other main pesticides can be obviously reduced.

Organic rice cultivation method

ActiveCN102845270ASuppress pests and diseasesGood regulation of flowering periodSeed and root treatmentRice cultivationFarmyard manureBiology
The invention discloses an organic rice cultivation method, which comprises the following four steps of: 1) rice seedling raising, 2) fertilizer application; 3) reasonable close planting and 4) field management. The organic rice cultivation method is characterized in that the step of fertilizer application comprises the following two sub-steps of: 1) preparing and applying composted farmyard manure: evenly spraying microbial manure into farmyard manure, covering the farmyard manure with a plastic film, processing for 21 days to obtain the composted farmyard manure and then applying the composted farmyard manure in a paddy field; and 2) applying microbial manure: applying the microbial manure in the paddy field with water depth being less than 3cm and transplanting rice seedlings 15 days later after the microbial manure is applied. The organic rice cultivation method has the advantages that the heavy-metal ions and the chemical residues thereof in soil can be eliminated; the caking and the desertification of the soil can be gradually eliminated, the content of organic matters is improved, the pH (potential of hydrogen) is regulated, the granular structure is optimized and the breeding of harmful pathogenic bacteria is inhibited; the nutrients are sufficient; and a large quantity of nitrogen elements in air and various intrinsic elements in the soil are fully utilized, and low-carbon, environmental-friendly, sustainable, circular and high-efficiency agricultural economy is formed.

Wheel track adjustable agricultural vehicle chassis

InactiveCN102514626AAdapt to the requirements of mechanized operationsRealize centralized controlUnderstructuresVehicle frameAgricultural engineering
The invention belongs to the technical field of vehicle chassis, and relates to a wheel track adjustable agricultural vehicle chassis. Two groups of agricultural vehicle wheel track adjusting devices share a longitudinal center plane of a vehicle and are arranged in a front-and-back mode on a frame according to a wheel base of wheels; and the two groups of wheel track adjusting devices are respectively fixedly connected with front and back ends of the frame through a horizontal rail of a support to form the wheel track adjustable agricultural vehicle chassis. Each group of agricultural vehicle wheel track adjusting device consists of a driving slider, driven sliders, connecting rods, supporting rods, wheel axles, wheels and a frame; distances between driving sliders and horizontal rails in the front and back agricultural vehicle wheel track adjusting devices are synchronously changed and kept equal by external driving power, and distances of wheels and the longitudinal center plane ofthe vehicle are symmetrically changed, so that the stepless adjustment of the wheel track of the agricultural vehicle chassis is realized and requirements on mechanical operation for crops in different row spacing are met. The wheel track adjustable agricultural vehicle chassis is suitable for field management mechanical operation in a growth period of crops.

Corn planting and cultivating method

ActiveCN103392467AReduce dosageOvercome plant heightHorticultureSprayerCotton bollworm
The invention discloses a corn planting and cultivating method. The corn planting and cultivating method includes the following steps of selecting a corn variety and conducting soil preparation before planting, arranging wide rows and narrow rows at intervals, sowing corn, completing sowing, pipe paving, film paving and soil covering through an air suction type precision seeder, and conducting field management in the seedling stage, the ear stage and the flower stage, wherein the width of each wide row ranges from 85cm to 95cm, the width of each narrow row ranges from 25cm to 35cm, a drip irrigation zone is paved in the middle of each narrow row. According to the corn planting and cultivating method, due to the fact that the method that the wide rows and the narrow rows are arranged at intervals is adopted, the number of drip lines which are used can be lowered. Modifiers are sprayed in the early period of the field management in the seedling stage to control the plant height and the ear position, and the defect that through a conventional planting method, the corn easily falls over due to the fact that the plant height is large and the ear position is high is overcome. Pesticide is sprayed through a self-propelled high-stalk crop boom sprayer in the middle and later period of management to control pests, the influences of natural disasters on corn growth are reduced, and the influences on productivity caused by a large number of European corn borers, cotton bollworms, aphids, leafhoppers and red spiders appearing after corn jointing are eliminated.

Single flower selfing isolation method for small chili

The invention belongs to the technical field of plant breeding, and in particular relates to a single flower selfing isolation method for small chili. The method comprises the following steps: (1) selecting an excellent single plant, namely in the flowering period, selecting the excellent single plant according to a breeding objective, and marking; (2) preparing a capsule shell, namely separating a shell cap from a shell body of a hollow hard capsule shell; (3) selecting a flower bud, namely selecting a large flower bud which is expected to bloom in the next day; (4) treating the flower bud, namely holding the flower bud to be treated by one hand, holding the capsule shell, which is matched with the flower bud in size, by the other hand, slightly sleeving the flower bud with the lower opening of the capsule shell over the widest part of the flower bud, and marking a flower stalk; (5) managing after the treatment in a method which is the same as a conventional field management method for the production of small chili. The capsule shell used in the method is low in cost and does not hurt the flower bud and the flower stalk when being used, the operation is convenient and easy, and the work efficiency is high; moreover, the capsule shell with certain elasticity and permeability does not influence the cracking of anther and pollination, and thus the selfing setting rate of the small chili is high.

Method for planting organic passion fruit trees

The invention discloses a method for planting organic passion fruit trees. The method includes the steps of variety selection, site selection, soil preparation, soil pH adjustment, establishment of a passion fruit tree foundation, field planting, reshaping and pruning, field management, blossoming, fruit yielding and the like. According to the method, organic fertilizer and a low-toxicity prevention method are adopted in fertilization and pest control, so that the pulp of produced passion fruits is full of yellow fruit juice, the content of sugar is high, the color is bright, the yield reaches up to 2 tons per mu each year, pollution is avoided, and five seasons of fruits can be harvested each year. The successful planting of the organic passion fruit trees provides a theoretical and practical basis for creating incomes of local farmers. According to the method, a leeward apricus flat ground is selected, and the place where a good source of water is obtained, the soil layer is thick, fertility of the soil is above the average and transportation is convenient is used as a planting foundation, so that it is guaranteed that the passion fruit trees can grow in a good environment, the roots of nursery-grown plants are planted in furrows and exposed to the sun, hence, the roots can better absorb sunshine, and fertilization and weeding are further facilitated.

System and method for calculating line loss rate of electric power distribution line

The invention discloses a system and a method for calculating line loss rate of an electric power distribution line. The system is designed for mainly realizing convenience, rapidness and accuracy of the calculation of the line loss rate of the electric power distribution line. The system comprises a power supply volume acquirer, an electricity sales acquiring device, a terminal acquirer, a low-voltage electricity sales acquirer and a high-voltage electricity sales acquirer, wherein the power supply volume acquirer is arranged on a public line of a power substation and used for acquiring the power supply volume of the electric power distribution line; the electricity sales acquiring device comprises a site management terminal arranged at the high-voltage side or low-voltage side of a special electric power distribution transformer; the terminal acquirer is arranged at a low-voltage user terminal of a public electric power transformer; the low-voltage electricity sales acquiring device is arranged at the low-voltage side of the public electric power transformer; and the high-voltage electricity sales acquirer is arranged on the electric power distribution line of the power substation and connected with the site management system through an optical cable. According to the invention, data of each load terminal is acquired in real time through the electricity sales acquirers without acquiring parameters of the devices in the electric power distribution line in advance, and the line loss rate can be calculated on line.

Artificial three-segment cultivating Paris Chinensis method

InactiveCN101248727AMajor risks can be mitigatedSeedlings grow fastSeed and root treatmentFertilising methodsInsect pestFarmyard manure
A method for manually-cultivating three-stage Rhizoma Paridis belonging to the technical field of agriculture includes primary seedling planting and raising, secondary seedling planting and raising, Rhizoma Paridis cultivation and field management, wherein, the primary seedling planting and raising includes the steps of presprouting of seeds and seed seedling raising, when tubers weigh 2g after 3 years, transplantation can be carried out. The secondary seedling planting and raising includes the steps that: the primary seedlings with 2g of tubers are transplanted in October and last third of November and transplantation can be carried out when the tubers are 15g after 3 years. The steps of Rhizoma Paridis cultivation and field management are that: the secondary seedlings are transplanted according to the proportion of 21,000 seedlings in per acre in October and last third of November, and mature Rhizoma Paridis can be dug after 3 years; farmyard manure is fertilized once or twice every May and last third of August with the amount of 3000kg per acre every time, or carbamide is fertilized or foliar fertilizer is sprayed for three times in the vigorous growth period; in the non-seed-collecting filed, ovaries are picked off after sepals unfold; commercial pesticide is used for preventing plant diseases and insect pests in the growth period of the Rhizoma Paridis. The method for manually-cultivating Rhizoma Paridis is characterized by less investment, early effect, good harvest, high efficient, etc., which can realize major production.

Agricultural vehicle chassis with stepless-regulated wheel track

InactiveCN102514627AAdapt to the requirements of mechanized operationsUnderstructuresSite managementVehicle frame
The invention belongs to the technical field of a vehicle chassis and relates to an agricultural vehicle chassis with a stepless-regulated wheel track. The longitudinal central planes of commonly used vehicle chassises of two groups of agricultural vehicle wheel track stepless regulation devices are arranged on a rectangular vehicle frame back and forth according to the vehicle wheel shaft distance; the two groups wheel track stepless regulation devices are respectively and fixedly connected with the front end and the back end of the vehicle frame through level tracks to form the agriculturalvehicle chassis with the stepless-regulated wheel track; each wheel track stepless regulation device consists of a screw rod, a nut, a slide block, a bearing rod, a vehicle wheel shaft, wheels, one level track, a coupler and a retarder; and the two retarders of the front and back wheel track stepless regulation devices are synchronously driven by an outer driving force, and input shaft rotating angles of the front and the back retarders are synchronously changed and kept the same, and distances between each wheel and the vehicle longitudinal central plane are symmetrically changed, so wheel track stepless regulation on the vehicle chassis is realized, and the mechanical operation requirement on crops with different row spaces is met. The agricultural vehicle chassis with the stepless-regulated wheel track is suitable for mechanical operation for field management in a growing period of the crops.
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