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ROBOTY (Arabic: روبوتي‎) is a differential wheeled robot with self-balancing, motion, speech and Object recognition capabilities. ROBOTY is also the first autonomous robot in Yemen, all of which will be primarily controlled by voice commands. The final goal of this research project is to build a robot capable of playing chess.

Multi-joint omnibearing extra-pipe robot

InactiveCN104972460AOmni-directional movement abilityThe technical benefits and advantages are: the robot has omnidirectional movement abilityProgramme-controlled manipulatorPipe elementsStructural engineeringRoboty
The invention discloses a multi-joint omnibearing extra-pipe robot. The multi-joint omnibearing extra-pipe robot has the omnibearing movement ability, can be connected with pipe joints such as a tee joint and a four-way joint through an elbow pipe, can surmount the external obstacles such as a valve, a flange plate and a support and can step over two adjacent pipelines. The multi-joint omnibearing extra-pipe robot is characterized by comprising a bearing beam, a multi-joint clamping mechanism, turning joints, a clamping opening and closing mechanism, an axial driving mechanism and a circumferential mechanism, wherein the bearing beam is used for carrying equipment. The axial driving mechanism can make the robot move on a pipeline at a high movement speed in a wheel mode. The circumferential driving mechanism make the robot rotate around the pipeline by 360 degrees, spiral movement of the robot around the pipeline can be achieved by coupling the rotation of the robot and the axial movement of the robot together, and thus the robot can pass through the pipeline in a full-coverage mode. The robot can move freely between adjacent pipelines through a turning mechanism and a clamping mechanism, and thus working efficiency is further improved. The bearing beam can carry the devices such as fault detection equipment and maintenance mechanism arms, so that the work such as pipeline maintenance is achieved.

Comprehensive monitoring system of power distribution network based on the internet of things and intelligent patrol robot

The invention discloses a comprehensive monitoring system of a power distribution network based on the internet of things and an intelligent patrol robot. The system comprises a monitoring system, an intelligent patrol robot, a background management platform and a remote receiving terminal. The monitoring system comprises an environment monitoring system, an anti-theft monitoring system, a fire-fighting monitoring system, an entrance guard management system, a ring network cabinet monitoring system and a related linkage device. The monitoring system is in communication connection with the background management platform through an intelligent acquisition device. The background management platform sends out a control instruction and controls the working state of the related linkage device through the intelligent acquisition device. The intelligent patrol robot and the remote receiving terminal are in communication connection with the background management platform. According to the technical scheme of the invention, the intelligent routing inspection of a substation and the centralized monitoring and management of an on-site environment, anti-theft equipment, fire-fighting equipment and a ring main unit are realized. Therefore, the linkage device is intelligently controlled, and potential fault risks are prevented in advance. Moreover, an occurred fault can be quickly and accurately judged and treated. Therefore, the safe and stable operation of the power distribution network is ensured.

Motion control system and motion control method for spherical robot with visual feedback

The invention discloses a motion control system and a motion control method for a spherical robot with visual feedback. The motion control system comprises a binocular visual system, a gyroscope, a spherical robot body, an embedded-type controller and a wireless communication module. The motion control system is positioned through cooperation between a visual camera and the gyroscope and measures self motion parameter information of the robot in real time, and the self motion parameter information is used as feedback to be input into a controller. After conducting calculations, the controller issues a control order to a motor on the spherical robot so as to achieve tracking of a targeted path. Meanwhile, the controller can also monitor state information of the robot remotely and give an operation order. The motion control method sets up an inner ring control strategy by adopting a state feedback algorithm, sets up an outer ring control strategy by adopting a curvature tracking algorithm and conducts control through combining an inner ring and an outer ring. The left and right image sequence can be collected in real time through the binocular visual system. By means of adoption of a binocular visual range algorithm, postures and changes of position of the spherical robot can be figured out. By mean of the gyroscope, errors caused by an unstable platform are complemented, and obtained results are used as feedback to be brought into a control algorithm.

Automatic rubber cutting robot

The invention provides an automatic rubber cutting robot, and belongs to the field of agricultural machinery. The automatic rubber cutting robot is characterized by comprising a clamping mechanism, a cutting depth adjusting mechanism, a power device and a cutting trajectory control mechanism, wherein the clamping mechanism consists of rotating blocks and supporting rods; the cutting depth adjusting mechanism consists of a rotating disk with scales, a movable positioning wheel and a knife rest; power is provided by stepping motors; and the cutting trajectory control mechanism comprises an upper annular track, a lower annular track, bogie driving mechanisms and a screw and nut mechanism. The automatic rubber cutting robot is tightly clamped to a rubber tree through the clamping mechanism, a cutting trajectory is a helix through the cutting trajectory control mechanism, then line-change cutting of the automatic rubber cutting robot is realized through screws and nuts, finally appropriate cutting depth is adjusted through the cutting depth adjusting mechanism, and automatic rubber cutting is realized. The automatic rubber cutting robot can automatically adjust the rubber cutting depth, can automatically change lines, is adapted to different tree diameters, and has the characteristics of being simple in structure, convenient to control, low in cost, reliable and practical.

Passive sound source two-dimensional DOA (direction of arrival) estimation method under complex environment

The invention discloses a passive sound source two-dimensional DOA (direction of arrival) estimation method under a complex environment, comprising the steps that (1) voice signals in a room are collected by a uniform circular array; (2) the voice signals received by the uniform microphone array are preprocessed in a spectral subtraction method; (3) an M_AEDA algorithm is adopted to estimate the relative time delay of each microphone; (4) a direction coefficient vector is determined according to a direction coefficient formula; (5) the direction coefficient vector and the voice signals preprocessed in the step (2) are correspondingly multiplied to serve as an input signal for minimum variance undistorted response; (6) an minimum variance undistorted response algorithm is adopted to process the input signal; and (7) the output average power is subjected to spectrum peak search, and the estimation value of the sound source two-dimensional DOA is obtained accordingly. The passive sound source two-dimensional DOA (direction of arrival) estimation method under the complex environment has the advantages that the sound source can be accurately located under a reverberation and low signal-to-noise ratio environment; during sound source location, the location accuracy and accuracy rate are high; and the required equipment is simple, the passive sound source two-dimensional DOA estimation method can be applicable to real life in the aspects of video conference, robots and the like.

Intelligent disinfection and epidemic prevention robot

The invention discloses an intelligent disinfection and epidemic prevention robot which comprises a robot body, wherein the robot body comprises a wheel-type moving platform module, a disinfectant storage box module, a disinfection module and a sensing and control system; the wheel type moving platform module is used for position movement; the disinfectant storage box module is used for storing adisinfectant; the disinfection module comprises an ultrasonic wave spraying unit, a sprinkling unit, an air filtering unit and an ultraviolet ray disinfection unit; the ultrasonic wave spraying unit is used for performing dry fog spraying disinfection of the disinfectant; the sprinkling unit is used for performing wet sprinkling disinfection of the disinfectant; the air filtering unit is used forperforming filtration disinfection on environment air; and the ultraviolet ray disinfection unit is used for performing ultraviolet ray disinfection on the environment; and the sensing and control system is used for sensing the environment and sending control instructions. According to the embodiment of the invention, the intelligent disinfection and epidemic prevention robot provides options andcombination of a plurality of disinfection modes by aiming at the characteristics of novel coronaviruses, and can effectively block the spreading of the novel coronaviruses.
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