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An inspection method can be assigned to master inspection characteristics or directly to an inspection characteristics in an inspection plan. An Inspection method can be created in one plant and the same method can be used in other plants.

Visual inspection and verification system

A method and apparatus for inspecting a photolithography mask for defects is provided. The inspection method comprises providing a defect area image to an image simulator wherein the defect area image is an image of a portion of a photolithography mask, and providing a set of lithography parameters as a second input to the image simulator. The defect area image may be provided by an inspection tool which scans the photolithography mask for defects using a high resolution microscope and captures images of areas of the mask around identified potential defects. The image simulator generates a first simulated image in response to the defect area image and the set of lithography parameters. The first simulated image is a simulation of an image which would be printed on a wafer if the wafer were to be exposed to an illumination source directed through the portion of the mask. The method may also include providing a second simulated image which is a simulation of the wafer print of the portion of the design mask which corresponds to the portion represented by the defect area image. The method also provides for the comparison of the first and second simulated images in order to determine the printability of any identified potential defects on the photolithography mask. A method of determining the process window effect of any identified potential defects is also provided for.

Excisional biopsy device and methods

InactiveUS6849080B2Efficiently and safely exciseMinimize complicationUltrasonic/sonic/infrasonic diagnosticsCannulasBiopsy methodsDistal portion
An excisional biopsy device includes a tubular member having a window near a distal tip thereof; a cutting tool, a distal end of the cutting tool being attached near the distal tip of the tubular member, at least a distal portion of the cutting tool being configured to selectively bow out of the window and to retract within the window; and a tissue collection device externally attached at least to the tubular member, the tissue collection device collecting tissue excised by the cutting tool as the biopsy device is rotated and the cutting tool is bowed. An excisional biopsy method for soft tissue includes the steps of inserting a generally tubular member into the tissue, the tubular member including a cutting tool adapted to selectively bow away from the tubular member and an external tissue collection device near a distal tip of the tubular member; rotating the tubular member; selectively varying a degree of bowing of the cutting tool; collecting tissue severed by the cutting tool in the tissue collection device; and retracting the tubular member from the soft tissue. The tubular member may include an imaging transducer and the method may include the step of displaying information received from the transducer on a display device and the step of varying the degree of bowing of the cutting tool based upon the displayed information from the imaging transducer. Alternatively, the imaging transducer may be disposed within a removable transducer core adapted to fit within the tubular member.

Pattern inspection apparatus, pattern inspection method, and recording medium

First, a pattern inspection apparatus detects the first edge from an image of a pattern to-be-inspected. Next, the pattern inspection apparatus conducts matching of the image of the pattern to-be-inspected and the first reference pattern by comparing the first edge and an edge of the first reference pattern. Since, as a result of the matching, a shift quantity S1 can be obtained, and then the first reference pattern is shifted by this shift quantity S1. Subsequently the pattern to-be-inspected is inspected by comparing the first edge and the edge of the first reference pattern so shifted. In this first inspection, pattern deformation quantities are obtained and defects are detected. A shift quantity S2 can be obtained as one of the pattern deformation quantities. Next, in order to detect the second edge from the pattern image to-be-inspected, the corresponding second reference pattern is shifted by a shift quantity S1+S2. Using the second reference pattern so shifted, a profile is obtained on the pattern image to-be-inspected and the second edge is detected. Then, by comparing the second edge and the edge of the second reference pattern so shifted, the pattern to-be-inspected is inspected. Also in this second inspection, the pattern deformation quantities are obtained and defects are detected. A shift quantity S3 can be obtained as one of the pattern deformation quantities.

Intelligent inspection system and inspection method for electric transmission line by unmanned aerial vehicle

The invention discloses an intelligent inspection system and an inspection method for an electric transmission line by an unmanned aerial vehicle. The intelligent inspection system comprises an inspection mission planning system, a dispatching system, a monitoring system, an inspection result processing platform and mobile branch stations, wherein the inspection mission planning system communicates with the inspection result processing platform and the dispatching system respectively; the inspection result processing platform and the dispatching system communicates with the monitoring system respectively; the monitoring system is connected and communicate with the mobile branch stations. The inspection method has the benefits that factors of the inspection unmanned aerial vehicle, inspection equipment, an inspector, and the like accessing the dispatching platform through a dispatching terminal can be dispatched effectively to realize equipped configuration of unmanned aerial vehicle inspection resource; the usage rates of personnel and equipment can be improved; the no-load rate and vacancy rate of the inspection equipment are reduced; through centralized monitoring of condition information inspected by the unmanned aerial vehicle, unmanned aerial vehicle inspection dispatching personnel can master unmanned aerial vehicle inspection in the large effectively; the service life of the unmanned aerial vehicle is prolonged.

Inspection system based on mobile inspection apparatus of transformer station and inspection method thereof

The invention discloses an inspection system based on a mobile inspection apparatus of a transformer station and an inspection method thereof. The inspection system comprises a monitoring center; and the monitoring center is connected with at least one station-level mobile inspection apparatus intelligent inspection system of a transformer station through a network. And all station-level mobile inspection apparatus intelligent inspection systems include at least one base station. Meanwhile, an environmental information collection subsystem and fixed point auxiliary monitoring subsystems that are installed at places needing monitoring equipment in the transformer station are arranged in the transformer station. A detection unit comprises an infrared detection unit and an ultraviolet detection unit; and the ultraviolet detection unit is composed of an ultraviolet video server and an ultraviolet detection apparatus. According to the invention, an inspection path is optimized; the safety protection is good; and the intelligent degree is high; moreover, the inspection system has advantages of whole time fault detection and seamless video monitoring; and a novel technical detection means and omnibearing safety guarantee are provided for an intelligent transformer station.
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