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Method and a device for maintaining the performance quality of a code-division multiple access system in the presence of narrow band interference

A method and device which dynamically detects, tracks and filters interfering signals with sufficient speed (i.e. within one IS-95 CDMA data frame period, or 20ms and fidelity to eliminate or greatly reduce the deleterious effects of narrow band interferor signals on a CDMA link. When inserted in an RF signal path an Adaptive Notch Filter (ANF) detects narrow band interferors above a threshold level within the CDMA signal. Detection is accomplished by continuous scanning of a preset excision band, e.g. a specified narrow band associated with an AMPS system. Detected interferors are then automatically acquired and suppressed. This is achieved by electronically placing a rejection notch at the frequency of the interferors. Multiple notch filters may be used to simultaneously suppress multiple interferors. In the absence of interferors a bypass mode is selected allowing the RF signal to bypass the notch. Upon detection of an interferor, a switch is made to a suppression mode where the interferor is steered through a first notch section and suppressed. Alternatively, an external control line may be used to select the bypass mode so that the signal is allowed to pass the notch section, regardless of interferer content.

Focusable and steerable micro-miniature x-ray apparatus

ActiveUS20050105690A1Inexpensive to fabricateUse disposableX-ray tube windowsHandling using diaphragms/collimetersX-rayEngineering
A micro-miniature x-ray apparatus comprises: a first chip subassembly including a source of x-rays including both Bremsstrahlung photons and characteristic x-rays; a second chip subassembly including a filter for transmitting the characteristic x-rays and blocking the Bremsstrahlung photons; a third chip subassembly including a movable element for focusing or collimating the transmitted characteristic x-rays into a beam and means for controlling the position of the focusing element. In one embodiment, the controlling means include a micro-electromechanical system (MEMS). In another embodiment, the position of the movable element determines how the x-ray beam is steered to the focal area. In still another embodiment, the x-ray source includes a field emitter electron source and a target responsive to the electrons for generating x-rays. In this case, the x-ray beam is also steered by selectively energizing the anode segments. In yet another embodiment, the movable element includes a Fresnel zone plate; in still another embodiment it includes an array of poly-capillaries. Advantageously, our x-ray source, including its focusing, collimating and steering components, can be fabricated small enough to be mounted at the end of a catheter. In addition, in some embodiments it can also fabricated sufficiently inexpensively to be disposable after each use.
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