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A soil horizon is a layer parallel to the soil surface, whose physical, chemical and biological characteristics differ from the layers above and beneath. Horizons are defined in many cases by obvious physical features, mainly colour and texture. These may be described both in absolute terms (particle size distribution for texture, for instance) and in terms relative to the surrounding material, i.e. ‘coarser’ or ‘sandier’ than the horizons above and below.

Testing device and method of ground deformation caused by simulating metro shield tunnel construction

The invention discloses a testing device and a method of ground deformation caused by simulating metro shield tunnel construction, and belongs to the technical field of underground engineering experiments. The overall process that similar materials are used for simulating soil layer structures, a tunnel simulating device is used for simulating tunnel structures, and a ground loss simulation system is used for simulating disturbed soil around a tunnel and ground loss is included. After the installation of the device is completed, the ground loss simulation system is started, an airtight water bag which is filled with water by using a pressure water pump in advance is drained step by step through a drain pipe, and water discharge is accurately controlled through a water stop valve and a measuring tank. Moreover, the water discharge is recorded, the ground loss is simulated, a corresponding stratum is deformed, and then the earth surface subsides, the surface subsidence is accurately measured through a dial indicator, and a measured value is recorded. Stratum loss ratio is calculated out through conversion, and the stratum loss ratio and the subsidence measured value are made into forms and images together, and thereby the relation between the stratum loss ratio under different stratum structures and the surface subsidence can be measured out simply, conveniently and accurately.

Method and system for basement engineering water proof and water drain

A basement engineering waterproof and drainage method is provided. The wall footing of the outside wall in basement engineering is embedded in watertight or micro-watertight soil rock layer or cement soil layer. The wall footing intercepts water by a thin-part structure. The cushion of the basement engineering soleplate and the falling layer of the top board are composed of combined water-proof layers. The late poured band, the movement joint and the horizontal construction joint at the lower part of the outside wall are treated by a water-proof structure combined with waterproofing measures. The basement engineering is provided with a drainage system. The groundwater and surface water at the soleplate are drained into city drainage pipelines via a soleplate part of the drainage system. The rainwater of overburden layer bottom of the top board is then drained into city drainage pipelines via the indoor part of the drainage system. The invention is designed by adopting a one-body method of arranging the basement engineering waterproofing, drainage and anti-floating as well as underground engineering space enclosing structure and pipelines, thereby shortening the construction period, reducing the engineering cost, increasing the durability and reliability of underground building space enclosing structure and waterproof layer as well as pipelines.
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Grouting simulating test device and test method thereof

InactiveCN105527384AEasy to sample and observeAvoid eccentric compressionMaterial strength using tensile/compressive forcesSoil horizonComputer science
The invention discloses a grouting simulating test device and a test method thereof, and belongs to the field of indoor grouting simulating test. The grouting simulating test device comprises a pressurizing system and a grouting permeating device, wherein the pressurizing system comprises a pressurizing air pump, a mortar storage bucket and a pressure gauge, a stirrer is arranged in the mortar storage bucket, and the upper part and lower part of the mortar storage bucket are respectively provided with a mortar inlet and a mortar outlet which are communicated with the pressurizing air pump and the grouting permeating device; the grouting permeating device comprises an inner cylinder and an outer cylinder, and water permeating holes are distributed in the wall of the inner cylinder; a grouting pipe is arranged at the top part of the grouting permeating device and extends into the grouting permeating device, the exterior of the grouting pipe is provided with external threads, and a porous separating plate is sheathed at the exterior of the grouting pipe, and can move vertically; holes are formed in the bottom part of the grouting permeating device, and the upper part of the grouting permeating device is provided with water permeating stones. The grouting simulating test device has the advantages that the grouting simulating test device can be used for grouting simulating test of multiple soil layer overlying conditions, different filling and building conditions and water-containing soil conditions; the operation of the test method is simple, multiple working conditions can be simulated, the grouting simulating effect is approximate to the actual condition, and the grouting effect is visual and visible.

Urban road rainfall runoff ecological coprocessing device and method

The invention discloses an urban road rainfall runoff ecological coprocessing device and a method. The device comprises an urban road rainfall runoff ecological coprocessing box and a bioretention purification unit, wherein an overflow weir board, a second screen mesh partition and a perforation partition are arranged in the urban road rainfall runoff ecological coprocessing box at intervals sequentially; the interior of a box body is divided into an overflow chamber, a water inlet chamber, a water distribution chamber and a bioretention purification chamber that are sequentially arranged by the overflow weir board, the second screen mesh partition and the perforation partition; and the bioretention purification unit is arranged in the bioretention purification chamber, and comprises a gravel layer, a sand filter layer, a planting soil layer and plants. The device and the method can sequentially remove floating matters, particles and soluble pollutants that are in different particle sizes in rainfall runoff, achieve hierarchical control of the pollutants in the rainfall runoff, can store a part of rainfall runoff to meet growth requirements of the plants in the bioretention unit, achieve a water conservation effect, and can also achieve multi-purpose control of water quality and water quantity of the urban road rainfall runoff.

Method for planting organic passion fruit trees

The invention discloses a method for planting organic passion fruit trees. The method includes the steps of variety selection, site selection, soil preparation, soil pH adjustment, establishment of a passion fruit tree foundation, field planting, reshaping and pruning, field management, blossoming, fruit yielding and the like. According to the method, organic fertilizer and a low-toxicity prevention method are adopted in fertilization and pest control, so that the pulp of produced passion fruits is full of yellow fruit juice, the content of sugar is high, the color is bright, the yield reaches up to 2 tons per mu each year, pollution is avoided, and five seasons of fruits can be harvested each year. The successful planting of the organic passion fruit trees provides a theoretical and practical basis for creating incomes of local farmers. According to the method, a leeward apricus flat ground is selected, and the place where a good source of water is obtained, the soil layer is thick, fertility of the soil is above the average and transportation is convenient is used as a planting foundation, so that it is guaranteed that the passion fruit trees can grow in a good environment, the roots of nursery-grown plants are planted in furrows and exposed to the sun, hence, the roots can better absorb sunshine, and fertilization and weeding are further facilitated.

Ecological integrated improved facility and improving method for saline and alkaline land

The invention discloses an ecological integrated improved facility and improving method for saline and alkaline land. The ecological integrated improved facility and improving method are characterized in that: according to the ecological integrated improved facility for the saline and alkaline land, a salt removing filter layer is filled in a blind ditch; a layer of non-woven fabric is paved on the surface of the salt removing filter layer; mixed soil a of original soil and organic matters is filled above the non-woven fabric of the blind ditch; the blind ditch is filled and leveled up with the mixed soil; small square plots are arranged above the mixed soil a; acid salt removing columns are equidistantly arranged on each work plot; plants are respectively planted on each work plot; and thick peat soil is paved on the surface of the soil around the plants. The ecological integrated improving method for the saline and alkaline land comprises the following steps of: blocking; arranging the blind ditch; filling the blind ditch; filling and leveling up the peat soil; applying the organic matters; washing and removing salt; applying a modifying agent and acid fertilizer to the saline and alkaline land; arranging the salt removing columns; deeply ploughing and cultivating; and paving the thick peat soil. The ecological integrated improved facility and improving method disclosed by the invention have the advantages that a soil crumb structure is helped to form; the water permeability performance among soil layers is improved; and the development of crop root systems is effectively promoted.

Centrifugal experimental simulation testing device for surface subsidence induced by city shield tunnel construction

The invention belongs to the field of tunneling in geotechnical engineering and underground engineering, and particularly relates to a centrifugal experimental simulation testing device for surface subsidence induced by city shield tunnel construction. The testing device mainly comprises a model box, a small displacement meter bracket, a big displacement meter bracket, a tunnel excavation device, a linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) displacement meter and the like, wherein the model box is a hollow cuboid; the small displacement meter bracket and the big displacement meter bracket adjust the LVDT displacement meter along the horizontal direction and the vertical direction, so that the surface subsidence and the soil layer deformation can be measured; and the tunnel excavation device can simulate the soil body deformation caused by stratum loss by discharging a certain volume of water. Through the device, the deformation influence of the city shield tunnel construction on surrounding soil layer can be more conveniently, really and effectively simulated, so more real and accurate experimental data can be provided for tunnel design and construction, and high efficiency and safety of the city shield tunnel construction are guaranteed.

Indoor simulation experiment system for pipe-jacking grouting drag reduction

The invention discloses an indoor simulation experiment system for pipe-jacking grouting drag reduction, which comprises an experiment box. An opening and a vertical loading test system are arranged on the experiment box; obround holes are arranged on two opposite sides of the experiment box; a horizontal loading test system is arranged on the one side of the experiment box; the experiment box is internally filled with a soil sample; a pipe to be tested penetrates through the experiment box via the obround holes on the two sides of the experiment box. The experiment system also comprises a grouting system and a grouting pipe connected with the grounding system; the pipe to be tested is formed by a front pipe segment and a rear pipe segment that are connected with each other; and the diameter of the front pipe segment is larger than that of the rear pipe segment; at least one grouting hole is configured on the wall of the pipe to be tested; and a slurry outlet end of the grouting pipe extends in the pipe to be tested and is connected with the grouting holes. According to the invention, the experiment test can simulate pipe-jacking process in soil layers; mixed slurry is injected to surrounding soil during the jacking process to test frictional resistance and frictional coefficient during the pipe-jacking process under different slurry proportions and different grouting pressures, so that the grouting pressure and the grouting proportion suitable for pipe-jacking in the soil layers can be obtained comprehensively and accurately.

Method for treating soft soil roadbed by artificial composite crust layer

The invention discloses a method for processing a soft roadbed through artificial composite crusts, including the following steps: first, constructing micro-piles; second, constructing a construction waste cushion layer; third, constructing pile caps and paving steel-plastic geotechnical grilles; fourth, filling and building a soillime layer; fifth, filling and building a compact clay-doped construction waste layer; and sixth, filling and building a road embankment. The micro-piles is connected with a plastic or hard plastic claypan and a soft plastic claypan; pile caps are arranged on the piles and the steel-plastic geotechnical grilles are connected on the pile caps; the undersides of the steel-plastic geotechnical grilles are connected with the construction waste cushion layer, and the upsides are connected with the soillime layer; and the soillime layer is connected with the compact clay-doped construction waste layer which is finally connected with the road embankment. The method reduces construction cost and environment pollution, realizes utilization of a large amount of construction waste, and remarkably improves the bearing strength and uneven settlement resistance of soft roadbeds. The method is also applicable for soft roadbed treatment in large area in other municipal projects.

Construction method for connection passage by double-row hole horizontal freezing method

The invention relates to a construction method of a connecting channel by a double-row hole horizontal freezing method. The method comprises the following steps: freezing parameters are defined; frozen holes are arranged and drilled; a freezing system is mounted and operated; the connecting channel is constructed and excavated; injected slurry is unfrozen and thawed initiatively, artificially and compulsively combining construction monitoring and natural unfreezing; in the method, at the time of natural unfreezing, hot brine circulates in the frozen holes, frozen soil is unfrozen compulsively in means of area separation, and the unfreezing is carried out from down to up; thaw settlement grouting is carried out by a pre-buried injection pipe, and the grouting is carried out from down to up; the frozen holes are arranged in a row of outer holes and a row of inner holes; the length of the holes is subject to the length reaching a side duct piece, the way of holing on the two sides is applied; the connecting channel is excavated in the way of dynamic excavation, namely the heading and constructing of two main tunnels are operated simultaneously. The method efficiently controls the stability of the mouth of a cave in the process of excavation and the sedimentation of the connecting channel and the two main tunnels, and has the advantage of saving the construction period, therefore, the method is applicable for the freezing construction of the connecting channel of various soft soil layers.

Profiled bar freezing wall foundation ditch combined enclosure method and its structure

The invention discloses a method for combination enclosure protection of profiled bar frozen wall pit, and a structure thereof, belonging to the technical field of the building construction. The method comprises the steps as follows: according to the excavation limit specified in the construction drawing, the frozen wall construction and the insertion position of the profiled bar are determined; a guide trough is excavated at the insertion position of the profiled bar; a guideway is arranged right above a guide ditch; the profiled bar is pressed in soil by the self-gravity of the profiled bar and the external load; the soil layer is frozen by an indirect cooling type (the salt water is cooled by a freezing machine; subsequently, the low-temperature salt water is circulated in a liquid inlet pipe, a freezing pipe and a liquid returning pipe). A top-pressing beam is constructed along the circumference of the pit at the position where the profiled bar is inserted, so as to improve the whole stiffness of the frozen wall; after the basement structure is completed, the freezing is released immediately and the profiled bar and the freezing pipe are recycled. The invention has the advantages of high strength and good load-bearing capability and can be suitable for various soil layers and various underground engineering.

Process for grouting on back of shield segment

The invention discloses a process for grouting on the back of a shield segment to control stratum settlement in shield tunnel construction. The process comprises steps of synchronous grouting, secondary grouting and a special treatment process; during synchronous grouting, when a shield advances and a shield tail is formed, a grouting pump of a shield tunneling machine is used for symmetrical grouting through a synchronous grouting system of the shield tunneling machine; during secondary grouting, double grout is injected to the back of the segment through a shield segment secondary grouting hole, and a gap on the back of the segment is subjected to secondary filling and compression; and the special treatment process comprises steps of adding a triallyl cyanurate (TAC) high-molecular polymer material solution and pressing and injecting epoxy resin seal reinforcing rings. By the process, particularly the TAC high-molecular polymer is added to improve a soil layer and the epoxy resin reinforcing rings are pressed and injected to reinforce the stratum in the special treatment process, the grouting effect is good in a safe and convenient way, the flow and loss of the grout are prevented, the grouting plumpness is ensured, the soil body can be well improved, the stratum is reinforced, the settlement amount is effectively controlled, and the shield tunneling construction is safely and smoothly carried out.

Cloth bag grouting pile-forming method

ActiveCN101126238AHigh strengthControl investmentBulkheads/pilesEngineeringSoil horizon
The invention relates to a method to construct the pile by injecting grout through a bag, which is characterized in that the method comprises the procedures: 1) a pile hole is formed in the soil with a hole-making machine; 2) a bag is sleeved outside a grout injection tube and the bag is bound on the grout injection tube with a strip segment by segment along the axial direction, the two ends of the bag is tightly bundled, the lower end of the grout injection tube is sealed and the grout injection tube is provided with an injection hole on the tube wall; 3) the grout injection tube which is sleeved with the bag is placed into the pile hole; 4) the grout injection tube is used for injecting grout into the bag section by section from the bottom to the top, the next section is injected until the design pressure of the present section is reached until the whole bag is filled with grout and a whole pile body is formed. The invention adopts the bag pile to enhance the soft underlying soil, which can commendably control the investment and solve the problem of sedimentation and stability. As the bag has the separation effect, the grout can facilitate the surrounding soil to compact and expel the water by expanding the bag; the formed pile body is relatively regular and the intensity of the pile body is higher and controllable.

Purple massif forestation planting grass para position allocation and mixed cultivation method

The invention provides a method of para position allocation and ,mixing cultivation of planting grass for afforestation on purple hills, which comprises the steps of: (1) division of land types: purple hilly lands are divided according to the acidity, basicity and lithology of the lands, soil erosion, soil thickness and terrain features; (2) selection of species of trees and grasses: species of trees and grasses which are applicable to grow in varied purple lands are selected according to the selection experiments of the different types of species of trees and grasses used for afforesting of purple hilly lands, and fitting degrees of the species of trees and grasses to each kind of land are specified; (3) para position allocation of the species of trees and grasses with the kinds of the lands: corresponding species of trees and grasses are allocated on the most suitable or relatively suitable lands; (4) mixed disposition of trees: different optimized disposition modes for purple hilly mixed forests are selected according to the mixed experiments of the trees for different kinds of lands of hills and hilly areas with purple soil, and trees and bushes, legumes and non-legumes, species of trees of deep root system and shallow root system, horizontally growing type and vertically growing type, soil fixing type and soil improved type are mixed. The method of the invention adopts trees, brushes and grasses to be planted on the most suitable and relatively suitable hills with purple soil, thus realizing precise para position allocation, high survival rate being up to over 90 percent and greatly accelerating the growing speed and forest establishment speed.

Rainwater collection diversion and strata conservation regulation and storage system

ActiveCN104947781AImprove flood discharge capacityReduce surface runoffFatty/oily/floating substances removal devicesSewerage structuresControl systemRainwater harvesting
The invention provides a rainwater collection diversion and strata conservation regulation and storage system comprising a water collection tank, a filter tank, a sedimentation basin, a regulation and storage pool and a control system; the water collection tank is connected with the filter tank, and a filter grid is arranged on a connecting portion between the water collection tank and the filter tank; a water exit of the filter tank is connected with the sedimentation basin, and a filtering net is arranged on a connecting portion of the two; the sedimentation basin is connected with the regulation and storage pool through a rainwater inflow pipe arranged above a side wall; the side wall of the regulation and storage pool is provided with an overflow pipe and water diffusion pipes uniformly arranged around the overflow pipe, wherein the overflow pipe is connected with a municipal downpipe net, and the water diffusion pipes extend outwards to surrounding soil by taking the regulation and storage pool as a center; the rainwater collection diversion and strata conservation regulation and storage system is controlled by the control system, and can collect, purify, store and divide road rainwater, thus realizing peak clipping, regulating, storing, strata conserving and water ecology restoring purposes, and providing important reference meanings for construction of a sponge city.
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