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Frictional resistance is the net fore-and-aft forces upon the ship due to tangential fluid forces. Frictional resistance accounts for nearly 80 percent of total resistance in slow-speed ships like oil tankers and as much as 50 percent in high-speed ships like container vessels.

Interior rearview mirror assembly with polymeric components

InactiveUS6877709B2Manufacturing EasePerformance easePicture framesDomestic mirrorsElectrical conductorElectrical connection
An interior rearview mirror assembly for vehicles incorporates a rearview mirror mount, a rearview mirror, and a rearview mirror support. The support is pivotally attached to the mirror mount by a first pivot element, and to the rearview mirror by a second pivot element. The mirror mount, support, a rearview mirror housing, and the pivot elements are each formed by molding from polymeric material having a respective color. In various embodiments, the colors may all be substantially the same, such as black, gray, tan, brown, burgundy, green, or another color, or may be different. In one form, the rearview mirror housing includes at least one electrical accessory. Electrical conductors may extend through the pivot elements and mirror support to the rearview mirror housing to provide an electrical connection for the electrical accessory to the vehicle electrical system. The pivot elements preferably include ball pivot members and sockets on various of the mirror mount, support and rearview mirror housing, and may include surfaces for enhanced frictional resistance to pivotal movement. In one form, the rearview mirror mount preferably includes receiving members which release the assembly from a windshield attachment member when sufficient force is applied such as upon impact.

Graphene coating as well as preparation method and coating method thereof

The invention belongs to the technical field of materials and in particular relates to a graphene coating as well as a preparation method and a coating method thereof. The graphene coating is prepared from the components by weight: 5-95wt percent of less layer of grapheme, 5-95wt percent of adhesive, 0.01-50wt percent of dispersant and surfactant, 0.01-10wt percent of defoamer and the balance of solvent. With the adoption of the graphene coating, the thickness of an electricity and heat conductive coating can be controlled to be 100nm-20 microns; when the graphene coating is used on a plastic matrix, the volume resistivity can reach a range from 10<-2> to 10<-4>; while the graphene coating is used on a metal matrix, the volume resistivity can reach 10<-6> The graphene coating can be applied to the metal surface so as to improve the cohesiveness, the electricity/heat conduction performance and the corrosion and oxidation resistance. When the graphene coating is coated on the plastic surface, the frictional resistance, the electricity and heat conduction performances and the static resistance can be lowered, and the graphene coating can be applied to the fields of printed circuits, electronic devices, radio frequency devices, touch screens, thin film solar energy, LEDs, magnetic shielding, radio frequency shielding and the like.

Supersonic condensation and cyclone separation device

The invention provides a supersonic condensation and cyclone separation device, which leads air flow to generate powerful rotation in a blade-guiding manner at an entrance; then, a laval nozzle is used for coordinating with the separation device to lead the air flow to reach a supersonic speed and reduce temperature thereof greatly, thus condensing components with higher dew points and achieving the separation between the gas phase and the liquid phase under the action of the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the air flow; and a highly-efficient liquid trap and a cyclone-recovering booster are arranged at the tail part of the nozzle. Compared with the existing supersonic separating device, the supersonic separation device of the invention has higher efficiency of separation and cyclone recovery under the same working conditions of low flow rate, for the device has the advantages that the flow channel of the device in a high-speed flow field area is smooth, the fractional resistance of the wall surface is low and the device is provided with the cyclone recovering booster suitable for the conditions of low flow rate. Since quite a lot of inland gas fields has low single-well flow rate in China, the device of the invention has wide application prospect in the field of natural gas treatment for the inland gas fields in China.

7A04 aluminum alloy casing body parts multi-functional die forging technique and mold

InactiveCN101214526ANo lossImprove plastic forming abilityForging/hammering/pressing machinesMetallic materialsForge
A multi-direction forging technique and die for a 7A04 aluminum alloy cartridge receiver body part belongs to the technical field of metal material plastic forming and aims at effectively overcoming the problems of the existing opening-die forging technique and isothermal-die forging technique. The order of the multi-direction forging technique of the invention includes the steps of baiting, heating, rough making, reheating and multi-direction forging. The multi-direction forging relates to (1) using a multi-direction die forging die to pre-forge and form a heated 7A04 aluminum alloy roll forging rough;(2) then suing the multi-direction die forging die to realize finally forge to forge a die forging element. The invention multi-direction forging die includes symmetrical upper half and lower half concave model, a pre-forging convex model, a final-forging convex model, a fixing plate for the pre-forging convex model, a fixing plate for the final-forging convex model and a model frame consisting of an upper model seat and a lower model seat. The invention has the advantages of reasonable technique flow, stable technique parameter and performance, simple structure of the die, convenient manufacture, mounting and use, reliable work. And the invention can greatly reduce the friction resistance between a forging element and a die chamber, improve the surface quality of the forging element and remarkably improve the service life of the die.

Indoor simulation experiment system for pipe-jacking grouting drag reduction

The invention discloses an indoor simulation experiment system for pipe-jacking grouting drag reduction, which comprises an experiment box. An opening and a vertical loading test system are arranged on the experiment box; obround holes are arranged on two opposite sides of the experiment box; a horizontal loading test system is arranged on the one side of the experiment box; the experiment box is internally filled with a soil sample; a pipe to be tested penetrates through the experiment box via the obround holes on the two sides of the experiment box. The experiment system also comprises a grouting system and a grouting pipe connected with the grounding system; the pipe to be tested is formed by a front pipe segment and a rear pipe segment that are connected with each other; and the diameter of the front pipe segment is larger than that of the rear pipe segment; at least one grouting hole is configured on the wall of the pipe to be tested; and a slurry outlet end of the grouting pipe extends in the pipe to be tested and is connected with the grouting holes. According to the invention, the experiment test can simulate pipe-jacking process in soil layers; mixed slurry is injected to surrounding soil during the jacking process to test frictional resistance and frictional coefficient during the pipe-jacking process under different slurry proportions and different grouting pressures, so that the grouting pressure and the grouting proportion suitable for pipe-jacking in the soil layers can be obtained comprehensively and accurately.
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