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A floating type wave power generation system

A floating type wave power generation system is characterized in that the system consists of eight sets of lever-type floating bodies and a hydraulic energy accumulation converter with the hydraulic pump function. On a floating workbench 7, eight sets of levers 2 and a floating body 1 are connected through supporting hinge bearers 10 and 11; in this way, the highly undulating displacement caused by waves can be converted to relatively lesser displacement of a piston rod 4, and the minor force that the floating body bears can be converted through the lever to the major force on the piston rod. The piston rod drives a hydraulic tank 3 to switch and transmit the hydraulic energy through a connecting oil pipe5, a high-pressure oil pipe6, a hydraulic oil tank and four no-return valves of each set to a hydraulic motor in a hydraulic power generation control chamber 9; in this way the generator is driven to work. The present system can absorb, convert and accumulate the intermittent unstable wave energy in a highly effective way and can buffer the destructive effect of waves. The floating platform can be suitable to different marine space by adjusting the length of an anchor chain 8. And in various sea conditions, kinetic energy and potential energy possessed by waves in the sea surface can be converted and accumulated as hydraulic mechanical energy by utilization of the wave drop; thus the generator is driven to unremittingly provide electric power.

Method and system for basement engineering water proof and water drain

A basement engineering waterproof and drainage method is provided. The wall footing of the outside wall in basement engineering is embedded in watertight or micro-watertight soil rock layer or cement soil layer. The wall footing intercepts water by a thin-part structure. The cushion of the basement engineering soleplate and the falling layer of the top board are composed of combined water-proof layers. The late poured band, the movement joint and the horizontal construction joint at the lower part of the outside wall are treated by a water-proof structure combined with waterproofing measures. The basement engineering is provided with a drainage system. The groundwater and surface water at the soleplate are drained into city drainage pipelines via a soleplate part of the drainage system. The rainwater of overburden layer bottom of the top board is then drained into city drainage pipelines via the indoor part of the drainage system. The invention is designed by adopting a one-body method of arranging the basement engineering waterproofing, drainage and anti-floating as well as underground engineering space enclosing structure and pipelines, thereby shortening the construction period, reducing the engineering cost, increasing the durability and reliability of underground building space enclosing structure and waterproof layer as well as pipelines.
Owner:朱邃科 +2

Production method of stepped groove circuit board with through hole, soldermask and circuit graphics at groove bottom

The invention relates to a production method of a stepped groove circuit board with a through hole, a soldermask and a circuit graphics at a groove bottom, which comprises the following steps that: 1, a sub board is produced, and is provided with the circuit graphics, the soldermask and the metalized through hole; 2, a prepreg and a core board are provided, and a through groove is arranged at the prepreg; 3, packing is carried out, a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) gasket is placed in the through groove, and a polyimide adhesive tape is adhered to one side of the PTFE gasket, which is close to the sub board; 4, lamination is carried out, so a mother board is produced; 5, the through hole is drilled on the mother board, a protective adhesive tape is adhered to the outer end of the metalized through hole, and then copper deposition and electroplating are carried out; 6, the protective adhesive tape is removed, and an outer layer of circuit graphics is produced; 7, the outer layer is subjected to soldermask treatment, the board is milled in a depth control way, and a stepped groove is formed; and 8, the PTFE gasket and the polyimide adhesive tape are taken out, surface treatment is carried out, so the stepped groove circuit board is produced. According to the production method, the stepped groove circuit board of which the through hole at the groove bottom cannot be blocked can be produced, and the soldermask of the groove bottom is good.

Steel-fiber concrete combined bridge deck structure with reinforced joints and construction method of steel-fiber concrete combined bridge deck structure

The invention discloses a steel-fiber concrete combined bridge deck structure with reinforced joints. The steel-fiber concrete combined bridge deck structure is mainly formed by assembling a plurality of steel plate-fiber concrete combined components, each component comprises a steel bridge deck plate and a prefabricated fiber concrete element cast on the steel bridge deck plate, reinforced joint structures are arranged in butt joint regions of two adjacent components and comprise cast-in-situ concrete elements and steel plate reinforcing components, the steel plate reinforcing components are covered by prefabricated fiber concrete elements and cast-in-situ fiber concrete elements, the steel plate reinforcing components and the prefabricated concrete elements are connected in a tongue-and-groove engaging mode for forming an integral fiber concrete layer, and the adjacent steel bridge deck plates are welded into an integral steel bridge deck plate layer. A construction method provided by the invention comprises the following steps that the steel-fiber concrete combined components are firstly manufactured, then, the combination and split joint is carried out, and next, the repeated sequential assembly is carried out. The steel-fiber concrete combined bridge deck structure and the construction method have the advantages that the tensile strength and the rigidity of local parts of the combined bridge deck structure can be improved, the joint seam stress is reduced, and the generation of cracks of paving layers is prevented.

Method for river course slope protection by using composite stream constructed wetlands

The invention relates to a method for river course slope protection by using composite stream constructed wetlands, comprising the following steps that: (a) grass planting ditches with V-shaped cross section are dug on a slope surface, and plants are planted in the grass planting ditches; (b) a composite stream constructed wetland in which fillers are provided is set at the water outlet of the grass planting ditch, and one or more plants selected from reeds, cattail, sedge, Sparganium, Juncus, canna, metasequoia, calamus, Scirpus tabernaemontani, arrowheads, Aponogetonaceae grass, Alternanthera sessilis, cress or sedge are planted on the fillers; (c) a water outlet pipe is arranged at one side of the composite stream constructed wetland adjacent to the river course so that water flowing from the composite stream constructed wetland is drained into the water course. The method for river course slope protection by using composite stream constructed wetlands has the advantages of good stability of slope protection to water courses, little damage to ecological environment keeping at both sides of rivers, capability of beautifying riparian landscape and adding biological diversity, low cost and favorable pollution interception and purification effects.

Energy-dissipating and collision-preventing combined device of floating composite pier

InactiveCN101538828AAvoid the disadvantages of being prone to corrosionExtended impact timeClimate change adaptationBridge structural detailsPre stressEngineering
The invention relates to an energy-dissipating and collision-preventing combined device of a floating composite pier, which is characterized by at least comprising an internal layer corrosion-preventing ring (16) arranged along the pier, wherein the internal layer corrosion-preventing ring (16) comprises a plurality of composite lattice pouring jackets (17) arranged around the pier, the composite lattice pouring jackets (17) are connected to form an integrated structure through longitudinal composite presstressed reinforcing steels (6) and transverse composite presstressed reinforcing steels (7), the side of each composite lattice pouring jacket (17) is provided with an anchor head (10), the upper surface and the lower surface of each composite lattice pouring jacket (17) are both embedded with embedding pieces (11) connected with the adjacent composite lattice pouring jackets (17); part or all of the composite lattice pouring jackets (17) forming the internal layer corrosion-avoiding ring (16) are connected with pulleys (13); the joint of the adjacent composite lattice pouring jackets (17) is provided with a sealing body; and one surface of each composite lattice pouring jacket (17) contacting with water is provided with a wave-dissipating hole (15). Compared with the traditional steel pouring jacket, the invention has better shock resistance and durability, light weight, and convenient installation and repair, can save materials, and shorten the construction period.

Prefabricated assembly FRP-reinforcing steel-bar-concrete combined bridge deck and construction method

The invention discloses a prefabricated assembly FRP-reinforcing steel-bar-concrete combined bridge deck and a construction method. The prefabricated assembly FRP-reinforcing steel-bar-concrete combined bridge deck comprises a semiclosed FRP groove and concrete inside the FRP groove, wherein the bottom surface and two side surfaces of the concrete are wrapped by the FRP groove to form the combined panel, a transverse through reinforcing steel bar reserved tunnel is formed in a transverse setting position of the combined panel, a transverse prestress reinforcing steel bar is arranged in the reinforcing steel bar reserved tunnel to connect a plurality of FRP-concrete combined panel prefabricated components to form an integral bridge panel structure in a needed size. The construction method comprises the steps: firstly producing the semiclosed FRP groove; arranging an FRP rib and an embedded corrugated pipe, and fixing the FRP rib and the embedded corrugated pipe; pouring concrete; splicing a plurality of prefabricated FRP-concrete combined deck components into a whole by utilizing the prestress after the strength of the concrete reaches the requirement. The factorization prefabrication and on-situ assembling of the FRP combined bridge deck are realized, the structure is simple, and the construction is convenient.

Aqueous antimicrobial coating and preparation method thereof

The invention belongs to the technical field of coating and particularly discloses an aqueous antimicrobial coating and a preparation method thereof. The coating is composed of a normal-temperature self-crosslinking multifunctional modified acrylic ester copolymer emulsion, an organic antibacterial and antifungal agent, an inorganic antibacterial and antifungal agent, a wetting dispersant, a PH adjustor, a defoamer, a coalescing agent, a hydrophobic modified nonionic polyether rheology modifier, a swelling anion hydrophobic modified alkali, a dye, a filler and water. By adopting the aqueous antimicrobial coating, the microorganism corrosion can be prevented, particularly the growth of the microorganisms and the algae in the film after forming the film can be inhibited for a long time, various microorganisms and algae of the film can be killed and resisted from external erosion and the film has the function of preventing the erosion of the microorganism and the algae. The aqueous antimicrobial coating is convenient to use, beautiful in film, strong in decorativeness, low in toxin, high in antibacterial rate and good in mildewproof effect. The aqueous antimicrobial coating can be applied to the warm humid building inner wall and outer wall, the ceiling and the ground and also can be applied to the public places with high sanitary requirement such as the hospital, the hotel, the office and the restaurant.

Strengthening method for gob-side entrydriving narrow coal pillar

A strengthening method for a gob-side entrydriving narrow coal pillar comprises the steps that firstly, an ultra-long horizontal drill hole and top and bottom plate inclined drill holes are drilled in the narrow coal pillar inside an upper section mining roadway, the length of the ultra-long horizontal drill hole is larger than the width of the narrow coal pillar. A grouting off target prevention bag and horizontal and inclined grouting anchor rods are installed inside each drill hole. A unilateral cable-stayed anchoring system, a unilateral transverse side limiting strengthening device and a unilateral gob-side entrydriving opposite-pulling anchoring system are formed on one side of the mining roadway, after a lower section roadway to be dug is dug, machinable rods are cut off in the lower section gob-side dug roadway, a butt-joint short anchor rod, a cable-stayed anchoring system and a transverse side limiting reinforcing device are correspondingly installed on the other side of the narrow coal pillar, finally, grouting is performed on the grouting anchor rods, and prestressing force is applied to nuts. Safety and stability of the narrow coal pillar gob-side entrydriving are effectively ensured, roadway deformation is effectively reduced, a coal pillar plastic area is obviously reduced, and the roadway repair cost can be lowered. The structural design is reasonable and simple, construction is convenient, the strengthening effect is obvious, and the coal recovery ratio is increased.

Electrocatalytic material loaded with vanadium-cobalt alloy nanoparticles and preparation method of electrocatalytic material

The invention discloses an electrocatalytic material loaded with vanadium-cobalt alloy nanoparticles and a preparation method of the electrocatalytic material, and belongs to the technical field of composite material preparation. The carbon nanofiber-supported vanadium-cobalt alloy nanoparticle catalytic material for water electrolysis is prepared by loading a vanadium source and a cobalt source onto an ultrafine fiber carbon precursor by utilizing an electrospinning method, performing pre-oxidation, and performing reduction; and the catalytic material for the water electrolysis is composed ofreaction active matter and a carrier, wherein the reaction active matter is a vanadium-cobalt alloy nanoparticles, and the carrier is a carbon nanofiber material prepared by the electrospinning method. The catalytic material for the water electrolysis prepared by the method has a high specific surface area, thereby facilitating electrolyte diffusion and gas desorption; hydrogen evolution can be performed under acidic and alkaline conditions, and the hydrogen production speed under large voltage is much higher than that of a commercial Pt/C electrode; and in addition, the catalytic material for the water electrolysis prepared by the method does not need to coat an electrode, and can be directly used as an electrode for electrolyzing water.

Surface spray process for aluminium alloy sections

The invention discloses a surface spray process for aluminium alloy sections. Through a series of procedures such as dust removing, de-oiling, water washing, surface treatment, secondary water washing, priming paint spraying, first-time solidification treatment, finish paint spraying, second-time solidification treatment, finishing varnish spraying and third-time solidification treatment, aluminium alloy sections with strong adhesion performance are obtained. After examination, dedusting and deoiling, a chromium-free surface treatment fluid is utilized for treatment to form a safe and environment-friendly protective film, so that the binding force between a coating and an aluminium alloy surface is increased, the anti-oxidation capability is improved, and the service life of the aluminium alloy coating is prolonged; and a priming paint, a finish paint and a finishing varnish are sequentially sprayed on the surface of the protective film, and solidification treatment is conducted after each time of spraying, so that the adhesion between all layers is enhanced. The aluminium alloy sections obtained through plastic spraying are attractive and textured in surface and can meet the use requirements of more occasions; and meanwhile, the oxidation resistance of the aluminium alloy surface layers is greatly improved, a good anti-corrosion effect is achieved and environmental pollution is avoided.

Broadband absorbing material based on frequency selective surface and sandwich structure design and preparation method thereof

InactiveCN107734948AFrom erosionEffectively exploit the advantages of broadening the absorbing frequency bandMagnetic/electric field screeningTO-18Reflection loss
The invention relates to a broadband absorbing material based on a frequency selective surface and sandwich structure design and a preparation method thereof. On the basis of combination of a frequency selective surface and a sandwich structure, the advantage of widening the absorbing band of the frequency selective surface is utilized and the frequency selective surface is protected from being corroded by a high-temperature aerobic environment. According to different environmental usage requirements like the temperature or bearing requirement, different dielectric layer materials are selectedpreferably and the corresponding preparation processes are optimized, so that the application field of the absorbing material is widened. Besides, the intermediate electromagnetic wave loss layer isa frequency selective surface film based on multi-loss-mechanism coordination with compatibility of conductivity losses and polarization losses instead of the traditional frequency selective surface.On the basis of the macro-scale structural design and micro-scale frequency selective surface film optimization and regulation, the frequency width of the reflection loss <-10dB of the material is 8 to 18 GHz. Moreover, the preparation method of the broadband absorbing material is simple and has high designability; the performances are stable; the applicability is high; and the broadband absorbingmaterial and the preparation method thereof have the development prospects.

High-strength cement sound-absorbing plate

The invention relates to a high-strength cement sound-absorbing plate, which comprises a sound-absorbing layer and a sound-insulating layer, wherein a cavity is formed between the sound-absorbing layer and the sound-insulating layer; sound-absorbing materials are filled into the cavity; the surface of the sound-absorbing layer is provided with a plurality of shutter-type sound-absorbing holes communicated with the cavity. The gradient of a shutter-type sound-absorbing hole window is set in such a manner that dust, rain and snow can be prevented from entering the inside of the sound-absorbing plate, and the sound-absorbing material is prevented from being corroded by rain and snow; the surface of the sound-absorbing plate has a hydrophobic effect, so that the problem of accelerated aging caused by freezing and thawing effects can be solved effectively, damages of moisture and cold to the sound-absorbing plate are prevented, and meanwhile weathering can be prevented; the high-strength cement sound-absorbing plate is molded at a time via a mold, and a unit plate has high structural stability and high structural strength; perlite and the like are taken as sound-absorbing materials, so that the structural strength of the sound-absorbing plate is enhanced while the sound-absorbing effect is ensured.
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