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Pure medicinal formulation for treating cancer and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a traditional Chinese medicine preparation for treating cancers and a preparation method thereof. Cancer is one of serious illnesses in human society, numerous people in medical circle carries out research and treatment for years, but the effect is very little and the western medicine can even not effect a permanent cure; commonly, people associate cancer with death which makes the people suffer untold misery. The traditional Chinese preparation comprises 121 types of pure traditional Chinese medicines as follows: musk, bezoar, cordyceps, barbed skullcap herb, centipede, pangolin scales, earthworm, dogwood, lalang grass rhizome, asparagus, puff-ball, twotooth achyranthes root, prepared common monkshood daughter root, cortex cinnamomi, Chinese angelica, figwort root, carapax trionycis, blackberrykiky rhizome, cornucervi pantotrichum, honey and the like. When in preparing, the finished products of pills are prepared by selecting materials, crushing, mixing, preparing pills, drying, inspecting and packing or the finished products of oral liquid are prepared by selecting materials, soaking, decocting, concentrated matching, filtering, filling, pressing caps, sterilizing and packing. By utilizing the pure traditional Chinese medicine preparation to treat cancers, the invention has the advantages of addressing both the symptoms and root causes, having no toxic side effect, eliminating pains of patients and achieving the effect of treating thoroughly.

Pure Chinese medicine preparation for preventing and treating enteron disease and improving self phylactic power, and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a Chinese traditional medicine and a preparation method thereof, in particular to a pure Chinese traditional medicine preventing preparation which can effectively treat outdated, superficial, and atrophic gastritis, ulcer, edema, and acute and chronic gastroenteritis, hepatocholangeitis, and malignancy, and can improve the immunity of the patients, and a preparation method thereof. The herbal preparation is composed of more than 100 pure Chinese traditional medicines according to the proportioning by weight: dzho milk made calcite, zuota, jade, coral, pearl, tabasheer, saffron, clove, nutmeg, cardamom, Fructus Tsaoko, bezoar, Phytolacca acinosa, yellow corydalis, iris, Panax pseudoginseng, coriander, rutabaga, double-blossom groundsel, red sal ammoniac, purple sal ammoniac, Sikkimese rock astragalus root, stenophyllous ground touching plum, Tibetan arris vegetable, Himalayas red Jessamine, caltrop, Nangjuguique, veronica, etc. The preparation method includes six procedures of crushing, mixing, making pill, polishing, and packaging. The Chinese traditional medicine of the invention has notable curative effect, simple medicament form, and simple production process, and is worthy to be popularized and applied.

Composition for mitigation of insects and/or mollusca

InactiveUS20020010156A1BiocideInorganic boron active ingredientsFecesSemiochemical
A composition including a bait and a borate is used to mitigate a population of target insects and/or mollusca. The composition may include attractive by-products of agriculture and manufacturing with or without semiochemicals or biopesticides prepared as point source units (such as pellets or microcapsules). The by-products attract insects and/or mollusca to a food source for the purpose of mitigating the target organism. The bait is combined with borates and is pelletized and/or encapsulated into micron size particles. The pelletized and/or encapsulated particles are broadcast (spread) over areas infested with the target insect. The insects ingest the composition and regurgitate the composition to the remainder of the insect population. Significant mitigation of the population of the target insects results with little to no effect on the environment. The composition is also passed on to the next generation due to cannibalism of the target insects. A feed through process wherein the composition is fed to an animal and is contained in the manure of the animal deposited as a point source location. The composition is either mixed in with the food of the animal or placed directly in the gut of the animal using a ball and gun method. The target insects are attracted to the manure and upon ingesting the manure, ingest the composition and are dispatched.
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