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Pharmaceutical medicine is a medical discipline concerned with the discovery, evaluation, registration, monitoring and clinical aspects of pharmaceutical development. All medical specialties overlap to some extent, and likewise the boundaries of pharmaceutical medicine are elastic. But, at its centre is the clinical testing of medicines, translation of pharmaceutical drug research into new medicines, safety and well-being of patients and research participants in clinical trials, and understanding the safety profile of medicines and their benefit-risk balance. Pharmaceutical physicians work in the pharmaceutical industry, universities / medical schools, drug regulatory authorities and contract research organisations, but have a close affinity with their medical colleagues elsewhere.

Certain imidazo[1,2-a]pyrazin-8-ylamines and method of inhibition of bruton's tyrosine kinase by such compounds

Compounds of Formula I-a
and all pharmaceutically-acceptable forms thereof, are described herein.
The variables R1, R2, R3, Z1, Q, and A shown in Formula I-a are defined herein. Pharmaceutical compositions containing one or more compounds of Formula I-a, or a pharmaceutically acceptable form of such compounds, and one or more pharmaceutically acceptable carriers, excipients, or diluents are provided herein. Methods of treating patients suffering from certain diseases responsive to inhibition of tyrosine kinase activity are also given. In certain embodiments the diseases are responsive to inhibition of Btk activity and/or B-cell proliferation. Such methods comprise administering to such patients an amount of a compound of Formula I-a effective to reduce signs or symptoms of the disease. These diseases include cancer, an autoimmune and/or inflammatory disease, or an acute inflammatory reaction. Thus methods of treatment include administering a sufficient amount of a compound or salt as provided herein to decrease the symptoms or slow the progression of these diseases. Other embodiments include methods of treating other animals, including livestock and domesticated companion animals, suffering from a disease responsive to inhibition of kinase activity. Methods of treatment include administering a compound of Formula I-a as a single active agent or administering a compound of Formula I-a in combination with one or more other therapeutic agent. A method for determining the presence of Btk in a sample, comprising contacting the sample with a compound or form thereof of Formula I-a under conditions that permit detection of Btk activity, detecting a level of Btk activity in the sample, and therefrom determining the presence or absence of Btk in the sample.
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