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Battery Exchange Service System and Charging Method Therefor, and Portable Device

There is provided a service system that allows a user to charge and repeatedly use a secondary battery and exchanges a battery pack for a charged battery pack. There is provided a battery exchange service system in which a terminal is connected to a management server. The terminal includes an information obtaining unit that obtains battery information and user information; a charging and discharging unit that charges and discharges a battery pack; and a power information generation unit that generates information on an amount of electricity based on the charging and discharging by the charging and discharging unit. The management server includes a battery information database that stores battery information distributed in the battery exchange service system; a contractor information database that stores contractor information for the battery exchange service system; a battery information verification unit that verifies the battery information by the battery information stored in the battery information database; a user information verification unit that verifies the user information by the contractor information stored in the contractor information database; and a charge calculation unit that calculates a charge based on the information on the amount of electricity.

Systems and methods used in the operaton of a recycling enterprise

A system and computer program product for communicating with a recycling user during recycling activities of a recycling vehicle, including: receiving recycling user information, associated with a recycling user via a web-based user interface, having a street address, contact information, a reward point total and recycling data associated with the recycling user; associating a unique identifier with the recycling user; periodically storing and updating the recycling user information in an account identified by the unique identifier in the database; converting the street address into a recycling user geographic coordinate; periodically receiving a recycling vehicle geographic coordinate associated with the real-time location of a recycling vehicle via a wireless network; comparing the received recycling vehicle geographic coordinate with the recycling user geographic coordinate and determining whether the received recycling vehicle geographic coordinate associated with the recycling user geographic coordinate are within a predefined geographic distance of each other; retrieving the account of the recyclable user within the determined predefined geographic distance; and transmitting an electronic communication over a network to an electronic address identified by the contact information associated with the account of the recyclable user.

System and method of selling goods or services, or collecting recycle refuse using mechanized mobile merchantry

The present invention relates to a system and method of selling goods or services, or collecting recycle refuse using mechanized mobile merchantry, comprising positioning, by self-propelling, at least one of a mechanized mobile merchantry within a geographical boundary, allowing interaction with consumers, and effectuating selling of goods or services, or collection of recycle refuse with consumers. Other exemplary embodiments can include signaling a mechanized mobile merchantry with a consumer's mobile device to direct the merchantry to self-propel to the consumer's location, and utilizing usage logs and algorithms to optimize functionality of a fleet of merchantry and reposition the merchantry, as necessary, within a geographical boundary, to increase sales and consumer convenience. The present invention also relates to a waste collection system with option to deliver new food and beverage items includes a customer service robot comprising a slave computer and one or more waste receptacles to collect waste material. The customer service robot includes at least one robotic arm having at least three degrees of motion to facilitate collection from, e.g., tables and the like. The customer service robot is also capable of interfacing with a recycling unit and a master computer to control disposal of the collected waste.

Cloud recognition system and cloud recognition method for intelligent classification and recycling of domestic garbage

The invention discloses a cloud recognition system and a cloud recognition method for intelligent classification and recycling of domestic garbage. The cloud recognition system comprises a garbage classification receiving device, an intelligent fine-classification device, a compression processing device, a cloud recognition device and a user feedback device. The garbage classification receiving device comprises a plurality of garbage input openings for receiving a plurality of different kinds of domestic garbage. The intelligent subdivision device comprises an infrared detecting module, a camera and an electronic balance. The kind, weight and external dimension of the domestic garbage are transmitted to the cloud identification device. The compression processing device performs compression on the domestic garbage. The cloud identification device transmits feedback information to the user feedback device. The cloud recognition system and the cloud recognition method are advantageous in that a resident can perform garbage classification in a higher visual and easier manner; coarse classification is performed through inputting different kinds of garbage; fine classification is performed on the coarse-classified garbage by means of cloud recognition technology, and furthermore recycled data are feedback to the resident in real time.
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