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Temperature measuring system, heating device using it and production method for semiconductor wafer, heat ray insulating translucent member, visible light reflection membner, exposure system-use reflection mirror and exposure system, and semiconductor device produced by using them and vetical heat treating device

Oppositely of a temperature measuring surface of an object-to-be-measured 16, a reflecting member 28 is disposed while being spaced by a reflection gap 35 from the temperature measuring surface. The reflecting member 28 is composed of a heat ray reflecting material capable of reflecting heat ray in a specific wavelength band, in a portion including a reflection surface 35a. A heat ray extraction pathway section 30 is disposed through the reflecting member 28 so that one end thereof faces the temperature measuring surface. Heat ray extracted through the heat ray extraction pathway section from the reflection gap is detected by a temperature detection section 34. The heat ray reflecting material is configured in a form of a stack comprising a plurality of element reflecting layers composed of a material having transparent properties to the heat ray, in which every adjacent two element reflecting layers are composed of a combination of materials having refractive indices which differ from each other by 1.1 or more. This makes the measurement be hardly affected by radiation ratio of the object-to-be-measured when temperature of the object-to-be-measured is measured by a radiation thermometer, enables to measure its temperature more correctly irrespective of the surface state thereof, and can simplify configuration of a measurement system.

Coolerless photonic integrated circuits (PICs) for WDM transmission networks and PICs operable with a floating signal channel grid changing with temperature but with fixed channel spacing in the floating grid

A coolerless photonic integrated circuit (PIC), such as a semiconductor electro-absorption modulator/laser (EML) or a coolerless optical transmitter photonic integrated circuit (TxPIC), may be operated over a wide temperature range at temperatures higher then room temperature without the need for ambient cooling or hermetic packaging. Since there is large scale integration of N optical transmission signal WDM channels on a TxPIC chip, a new DWDM system approach with novel sensing schemes and adaptive algorithms provides intelligent control of the PIC to optimize its performance and to allow optical transmitter and receiver modules in DWDM systems to operate uncooled. Moreover, the wavelength grid of the on-chip channel laser sources may thermally float within a WDM wavelength band where the individual emission wavelengths of the laser sources are not fixed to wavelength peaks along a standardized wavelength grid but rather may move about with changes in ambient temperature. However, control is maintained such that the channel spectral spacing between channels across multiple signal channels, whether such spacing is periodic or aperiodic, between adjacent laser sources in the thermally floating wavelength grid are maintained in a fixed relationship. Means are then provided at an optical receiver to discover and lock onto floating wavelength grid of transmitted WDM signals and thereafter demultiplex the transmitted WDM signals for OE conversion.
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