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Computerized information processing and retrieval system

A computerized information processing and retrieval system is described. The system includes a data acquisition device that collects various types of data. After collecting the data, this device transfers the data to a data accumulation device. The data accumulation device effectively stores and transfers data between digital devices. Finally, a computer system processes the data stored on the data accumulation device, retrieves any relevant information, and produces a report for a user. Consequently, this multipurpose system includes components easily adaptable to numerous applications such as wellness monitoring, emergency medical treatment, financial planning, an informational resource system, inventory management, management of service providers, as well as other suitable applications. The computerized information processing and retrieval system easily adapts into a wellness monitoring system that can track fitness, nutrition, medicine, blood-lipid levels, as well as other values. As a medical treatment system, the computerized information processing and retrieval system enables more effective treatment of patients in either an emergency vehicle or a medical facility. Another application of the computerized information processing and retrieval system includes an informational resource system that efficiently retrieves detailed information associated with a simple informational identifier.

Method for establishing human knee joint three-dimensional simulation model in combination with CT (Computed Tomography) and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

The invention relates to a method for establishing a human knee joint three-dimensional simulation model in combination with CT (Computed Tomography) and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), and belongs to the technical field of medical images. The method comprises six steps of CT image acquisition, MRI image acquisition, data storage, CT two-dimensional image importing and three-dimensional model establishment, MRI two-dimensional image importing and three-dimensional model establishment, and knee joint anatomy simulation model registration and modification. The method combines the advantages of CT and MRI scanning, so that the scanning is convenient and fast, the images are clear, the dissection relation is definite, the density resolution is very high, and the scanning range is very wide. According to the method, two sets of images are registered through a three-dimensional image registration technology, three-dimensional coordinate systems of two types of images are unified by fitting point cloud contours and anatomical feature points of femurs, tibias and fibulas, and registration is performed through a registration module to obtain a double-lower-limb full-length knee joint three-dimensional digital model with structures of bones, cartilages, meniscuses, ligaments, muscle tendons and the like.

Fast checking method for pipe defect and nondestructive testing apparatus

The invention relates to a fast scanning method of pipeline drawbacks and a non-destructive detection device, which is more particularly suitable for fast scanning and non-destructive detection of drawbacks of the pipelines with insulation. The invention is composed of a guided wave sensor, a transmitting module, a receiving module, a signal generating module, a power amplifying module, a signal processing module, an A/D conversion module and an built-in computer system. The invention is suitable for comprehensive detection of drawbacks of pipelines with different diameters, detection of long distance pipelines, and detection of pipelines in inaccessible places. The invention has the advantages of fast and large-scale detection ability without contact, high efficiency; overcoming a plurality of limitations of the conventional non-destructive detection method; overcoming the restriction conditions of oil pollution, fouling, bending or heat insulation protective layer, judging and locating the drawbacks of the pipelines, reducing the maintenance range, avoiding unnecessary disassembly and replacement, reducing the intensity of artificial detection, and saving the human and material resource. In addition, the invention can achieve on-line monitoring, and evaluate the health condition of the element or predicts the service life of the element.
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