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Novel media file access and storage solution for multi-workstation/multi-platform non-linear video editing systems

A novel system, method and computer program product for accessing digital media files stored in a media storage device via a server device in communication with the media storage device. The method includes providing, via the server, a file virtualization scheme that permits that enables a server to permit multiple non-linear editing workstations and other devices to see and access the same media files (video, audio, graphics, etc.) stored in the media storage device while keeping each workstation and other devices isolated from the others (i.e., unaware that the others exist). In this manner, workstation crash and project file corruption is avoided when multiple users access each other's projects. There is additionally provided a tool for managing the digital media storage system particularly enabling media and corresponding virtual files to be automatically manipulated, e.g., deleted, removed, transferred and synchronized, in response to user requests, all the while automatically retaining the file virtualization features as described. There is additionally provided a tool for allowing multiple non-linear editing systems to safely open up and work from and collaborate on the same “Project”. The tool manages ownership and permissions over different editors' contributions to shared Projects and implements “symbolic links” to create a virtual file and folder structure that creates an “optimized view” of the Project for each editor, that keeps work organized so that it is clear which editor is editing what and that allows each editor to maintain his/her own settings for the Project.
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