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In electrical engineering a limit switch is a switch operated by the motion of a machine part or presence of an object. They are used for controlling machinery as part of a control system, as a safety interlocks, or to count objects passing a point. A limit switch is an electromechanical device that consists of an actuator mechanically linked to a set of contacts. When an object comes into contact with the actuator, the device operates the contacts to make or break an electrical connection.

Electromechanical Manipulating Device for Medical Needle and Syringe with Sensory Biofeedback and Pain Suppression Capability

In an aspect, a medication delivering injector which includes a housing having opposing proximal and distal ends and an accessible internal cavity for inserting and removing a medicament container such as a syringe. The injector is designed to hold and manipulate a medication delivery device such as a large variety of standard and non-standard medical syringes with fixed or attached needles, assembled such that centrally located is a cylinder containing a liquid medicament and attached either permanently or removably to the distal end of the cylinder, is a hypodermic needle or cannula in fluidic communication with the cylinder. The needle can be from one-half inches to one-and-one-half inches in length in the illustrated embodiment and other sizes are possible by changes in scale of the injector. At the proximal end of the cylinder is an opening with an inserted seal or bung with an attached rod thus constituting a plunger. The central medicament containing cylinder could also be a standard medicament cartridge. Hereinafter, both are referred to as a “syringe”. A lid or access cover which, in an open position permits insertion and removal of the syringe into/from the housing in a horizontal fashion thus providing ease of loading. The syringe is inserted with the needle end toward the distal end of the housing and the plunger toward the proximal end of the housing. A movable carriage is disposed in the proximal end of the housing and slides in the axial direction forwards and rearwards such that a syringe, whose proximal end is gripped by the carriage, so moves with the carriage such that the needle exits the housing at the distal end of the housing and pierces the tissue of the patient prior to dispensing of the medicament, and then is retracted after the medicament has been dispensed by retraction of the carriage. Attached to the carriage is an actuator which pushes on the syringe plunger causing the medicament contained within the syringe cylinder to be dispensed through the needle into the patient's tissue. In one embodiment suitable for both removable needle and fixed needle syringes, the proximal end of the syringe including the syringe finger flange is gripped by an elastomeric flange grip which resides within the carriage, while the syringe distal end resides in and is supported by a “syringe guide” which is attached to the carriage and thus moved with it. In another embodiment which is so made to accommodate syringes with removable needles and their safe disposal, the syringe flange at the proximal end of the cylinder is gripped by an elastomeric flange grip which resides in the carriage as described above, while the syringe distal end is supported by a needle which resides in a removable disposable needle shield. The needle guide is biased toward the carriage and thus, the syringe body is compressed and guided as the carriage moves forward and rearward.
Both the movement of the carriage and the actuator are controlled by servo motors which are controlled by electronics and a microcontroller so operating such that speeds and accelerations are controlled smoothly and gently so as to avoid the stop/start motion of motors controlled by limit switches and simple electronics or the vibration and abruptness such as result from injectors powered by compressed springs or gas. Furthermore, the forces are adaptive to the loads imposed and the requirements necessary for the proper dispensation of medicaments with high viscosity or sensitivity to shear forces.
The housing, approximately midway between proximal and distal ends, is affixed by a hinge such that the device can be folded in half to provide for a more compact device to be stored and transported.
On the distal end of the housing are electrical sensor pads in communication with the microcontroller such that contact with the patient's skin and the angle at which the injector is held against the skin and the steadiness with which the injector is being held can be ascertained. Within the housing are a haptic vibrator and an audio speaker, both producing a vibration which is variable in pitch in such a manner that biofeedback is provided to the injector user as to the pressure, angle and steadiness with which they are holding the injector against the skin. This facilitates the action of injection oneself in the gluteus muscle where visual feedback isn't available to the patient.
Multiplexed onto the electrical sensor pads, is a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) generator which is operational (at the user's choice) just before and during the injection to interrupt or quench the pain of tissue perforation often accompanied with needle injections.
Contained on the surface of the housing such as on the access cover, is a display such that user menus, device state, directions, and battery charge status, etc. are displayed. Also contained on the surface of the housing, on the proximal half, are buttons which control the menus and selections that are shown on the display. These selections provide for the user to set such parameters as hypodermic insertion speed and medicament dispensing speeds, the preferred mode of user biofeedback which can include: speech mode (which can be accompanied by musical themes and ringtones, plus variable pitch tone and haptic vibration), MP3 mode (which has speech muted but includes musical ringtones and variable pitch tone and haptic vibration), and haptic mode (which is haptic vibration and audio tone queues needed for injector position biofeedback and readiness), plus mute mode (which provides no audio but the haptic vibration remains), and none, which provides no vibrational biofeedback, yet the display information always remains available.
Also contained on the surface of the housing on the distal half, is an “injection initiate” button which causes the sequences required for performance of an injection to occur if said button is “enabled”.
Contained within the electronics and its operating program is the ability to audibly play pre-recorded human speech in any language such that: directions in the form of consecutive steps which are required to load the medicament container (syringe) into the device, consecutive steps to perform an injection, steps to remove and properly dispose of parts, to alert of device status and menu choices, etc. can be played through the audio speaker. Also contained within the electronics and program is the ability to play musical ringtones as a distraction during the needle insertion and injection or when a scheduled injection alarm is reached, or calming human voice exhibiting bedside manner during the needle insertion and injection.
Also contained within the electronics and software is a real-time clock-calendar which can store a patient's injection schedule and play a musical ringtone as an alarm as each scheduled injection becomes due. Also contained within the electronics and software are the ability to communicate with a personal computer through a USB port, which can also charge the injector's rechargeable battery. The battery in one embodiment, consists of three AAA batteries which can be rechargeable or non-rechargeable. The USB port in combination with an application running on the personal computer, is used to download the injection schedule into the real-time clock-calendar and to download ringtones and musical themes of the user's choice and to download foreign language sets for the pre-recorded human language feature.
The injector can be further equipped with the capability to aspirate the tissue by drawing back on the plunger thus creating a vacuum into which fluids will flow. These fluids enter the syringe cylinder where they can be checked for the presence of blood by optical absorption in the red spectrum. This information is useful in the instances where intramuscular injections are to be given with drugs whose ‘Full Prescribing Information’ instructs the patient to aspirate and check for blood in the syringe which indicates that the puncture of a vein has occurred, and if so detected, to abort the injection and then re-inject into a different location.

Transformer substation inspection robot system for detecting equipment in box and method thereof

The invention discloses a transformer substation inspection robot system for detecting equipment in a box and a method thereof. The transformer substation inspection robot system comprises a robot and an automatic unlocking system installed outside the box. The automatic unlocking system comprises an electromagnetic lock and a control device. The control device comprises a single-chip microcomputer, a wireless communication module, an electromagnetic relay, a door-closing limiting switch and an alarm module. The automatic unlocking system is installed on a box door. The control device is installed in a lock body. The electromagnetic lock can be remotely controlled to be opened or closed by the robot and can also be manually opened or closed through a key. Through communication with the automatic unlocking system, the box lock can be automatically opened, and therefore detection and operation of the equipment in the box can be realized; the automatic unlocking system is compatible with a common key unlocking mode, and therefore an automatic robot inspection mode and a traditional manual inspection mode can coexist; a robot pan-tilt is provided with a lifting mechanism, and therefore the range of the equipment capable of being detected by the robot is greatly expanded.

Resistance heat tension straightening device and straightening method thereof

The invention discloses a resistance heat tension straightening device and a straightening method thereof. A fixed pulley is arranged at the center of the top end of a support (6); and a cylinder (5)is fixed on the lower surface of a beam of the support. One end of a steel wire of the fixed pulley is fixed on the beam of the support (6), and the other end of the steel wire of the fixed pulley isfixedly connected with a connecting ring of an upper clamping head (4). Two ends of a titanium alloy bar are respectively clamped in the upper clamping head (4) and a lower clamping head (3); and a balance weight (2) is hung below the lower clamping head (3). Output terminals of a power supply (1) are communicated with two ends of the bar by wires respectively. The weight of the balance weight andthe tension straightening length of the bar are obtained by calculation. The bar triggers a limit switch when reaching a preset tension straightening length, the power supply is disconnected, and straightening is stopped. The resistance heat tension straightening device is characterized by high straightening precision, simple device structure and operation method, low surface oxidization of short-term heated materials, and small residual stress inside the materials after hot straightening, and is applicable to metallic materials with higher resistivity.

Intelligent medicine case system and medicine taking reminding and medicine getting method

The invention discloses an intelligent medicine case system. The intelligent medicine case system comprises an intelligent medicine case device and is characterized by further comprising a wearable recognition device, a mobile communication terminal and a computer, the wearable recognition device is communicated with the intelligent medicine case device by means of radio-frequency communication, and the mobile communication terminal is communicated with the intelligent medicine case device by means of wireless communication; the intelligent medicine case device comprises a master control unit, at least one medicine case unit and a loudspeaker, the master control unit, the at least one medicine case unit and the loudspeaker are connected, the loudspeaker is arranged on the wall of the master control unit, the master control unit consists of a microcontroller and a power module, and the microcontroller is respectively connected with a communication module, a WiFi (wireless fidelity) module, a radio-frequency recognition module, a key, a speech synthesis module, an indicator lamp, an electromagnetic valve interface and a limit switch interface. The intelligent medicine case system has the advantages of simple structure, modular design, functional completeness, high intelligence and convenience and effectiveness in use. The invention further discloses a medicine taking reminding and medicine getting method for the intelligent medicine case system.

Kiwi fruit picking end actuator

The invention discloses a kiwi fruit picking end actuator which comprises a clamping mechanism, a rotary picking mechanism, an approaching mechanism, a sensing system and a control system. The clamping mechanism comprises a scissor structure formed by front arc-face finger a rear arc-face finger and is capable of separating and reliable gripping of adjacent fruits. The rotary picking mechanism uses a reduction stepping motor to drive the clamping mechanism to rotate so as to separate stems and fruits. The approaching mechanism drives the front finger to approach the fruits. The sensing system comprises a pressure sensor, an infrared photoelectric switch, a Hall position sensor and a limit switch which are respectively used for detecting a clamping force threshold, fruit positions and mechanism reset information and controlling rotation angle of the reduction stepping motor, wherein the pressure sensor and the infrared photoelectric switch are mounted on the inner side of the front finger, the Hall position sensor and the limit switch are mounted on a frame. The control system comprises a single-chip microcomputer and a stepping motor controller and is used for controlling the whole system by the aid of the sensing system. By the actuator simple in mechanical structure, accurate positioning, separating and reliable gripping of the fruits are achieved, and lossless picking of the fruits is realized.

Rotary type surveying and mapping platform convenient to move

The invention discloses a rotary type surveying and mapping platform convenient to move. The rotary type surveying and mapping platform comprises a base, a first telescopic mechanism, a fixing frame,a rotating disc and a movable plate, wherein a sliding groove is formed in the lower surface of the base, a double-shaft motor is arranged in the middle of the sliding groove, a left shaft extension end and a right shaft extension end of the double-shaft motor are rotationally connected with screw rods correspondingly, and a left movable column and a right movable column are hinged to the lower surface of the base; and universal wheels are installed at the lower ends of the left movable column and the right movable column correspondingly, an interior of the sliding groove is connected with a left sliding block and a right sliding block in a sliding mode, and the lower surface of the base is provided with a limit switch. The device is provided with the universal wheels capable of ascendingand descending, so that pushing the surveying and mapping platform to a proper position is facilitated; when the surveying and mapping platform is moved to the proper position, the fixing plate movesdownwards while the universal wheels are folded, fixing cones are enabled to be inserted into the ground, so that the stability of the surveying and mapping platform is improved; the movable plate isarranged above the rotating disc, an inclination angle of the movable plate can be adjusted according to actual requirements, so that the problems that an existing surveying and mapping platform is inconvenient to move and the angle of a working area is inconvenient to adjust are solved.

Variable pitch system for offshore high-power wind driven generator group and control method for variable pitch system

The invention discloses a variable pitch system for an offshore high-power wind driven generator group and a control method for the variable pitch system. The system comprises independent variable pitch driving systems on each blade, a variable pitch control system, a limit switch, an angular coder and a sliding ring, wherein the variable pitch driving systems are arranged in a hub on the front part of a cabin; the communication and the motive power of the variable pitch driving systems are realized through the sliding ring connected with the main control system in the cabin; and the variable pitch control system is used for allocating instructions from the main control system in the cabin to drivers and feeding back related signals detected by the angular coder, a rotation coder, the limit switch and a blade root sensor to the main control system in real time. In the variable pitch system, the force bearing acceleration sensor is arranged at a blade root and is used for detecting different applied forces of blades at different positions and feeding back to the variable pitch control system, and the variable pitch control system is used for sending a corresponding instruction to the driving systems, so that the size of a pitch angle is separately corrected, and the variable pitch system is completely independent.

Mobile terminal

The invention discloses a mobile terminal, which comprises a casing, a camera, a telescopic mechanism and a control mechanism, wherein the casing encloses an assembly cavity and comprises a circumferential frame, and a protruding hole is formed on the circumferential frame; the telescopic mechanism and the control mechanism are all arranged in the assembly cavity, the camera is opposite to the protruding hole, and the telescopic mechanism is fixedly connected with the camera; the control mechanism comprises a limit switch and a limiting portion, the limiting portion is relatively fixed with the camera, the limit switch comprises a buckle, an ejecting member and a magnetic member; and the two ends of the ejecting member are respectively connected with the buckle and the magnetic member; when the camera is located inside the assembly cavity, the buckle is engaged with the limiting portion, and the telescopic mechanism applies a thrust to the camera; when the magnetic member attracts thebuckle to move toward the magnetic member, the buckle is disengaged from the limiting portion, and the ejecting member applies a thrust away from the magnetic member to the buckle, and the telescopicmechanism pushes the camera to penetrate the protruding hole to reach the exterior of the casing. The mobile terminal provided by the present invention can automatically control the camera to pop up through a program as needed.

Self-lifting water quality purification device applicable to still water lakes

The invention discloses a self-lifting water quality purification device applicable to still water lakes. The device comprises a floating island basal body, an air pump, an ecological purification box, floating troughs, an air delivery pipe and an aeration device, wherein the floating island basal body floats on the water surface and aquatic plants are planted on the floating island basal body; the ecological purification box is in a water permeable structure, and substances used for microbial degradation and physical filtration and adsorption are arranged in the ecological purification box; the ecological purification box slides up and down along the air delivery pipe; and the aeration device is arranged below limit switches, is connected with the lower end of the air delivery pipe and is used for delivering oxygen to lake water and the floating troughs. The device has the beneficial effects that integration of plant absorption, microbial degradation, physical filtration and adsorption and oxygenic aeration of the lake water is achieved via the aquatic plants, the ecological purification box and the aeration device; the invention aims to solve the problem that common floating beds have poor still water bottom layer purification efficiency; and three-dimensional purification of the still water is achieved by the self-lifting purification device to gain better water quality purification effects.

Collection cultural relic display cabinet

The invention relates to a collection cultural relic display cabinet. A cabinet body is provided with an electric mounting area and an closed cultural relic display area which are independent of each other; a temperature and humidity sensor, a micro differential pressure transformer, a gas sensor, a closed space multi-dimensional standing-wave detector and an LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lamp are arranged in the cultural relic display area; a purification-constant-temperature and constant-humidity machine and an intelligent controller are arranged in the electric mounting area; a circulating gas pipeline is arranged between the purification-constant-temperature and constant-humidity machine and the cultural relic display area; a limiting switch is mounted on a cabinet door of the cabinet body of the display cabinet; the limiting switch, the temperature and humidity sensor, the micro differential pressure transformer, the gas sensor and the closed space multi-dimensional standing-wave detector are all connected with the input end of the intelligent controller; the output end of the intelligent controller is connected with each of the purification-constant-temperature and constant-humidity machine, an alarm device and the LED lamp. According to the collection cultural relic display cabinet, an automatic purifying function, an automatic humidity regulating function, an automatic temperature regulating and controlling function, an anti-theft alarm function, and an automatic LED brightness regulating function are realized.

Unloading method for advertising board wind force loading and anti-strong wind advertising board

The invention discloses a load-off method of billboard wind power loading, the handle process is: A. measure the wind speed in real time, changing the wind speed into electric control signal; B. Anemometry instrument comparison circuit composes the electric control signal with the control of parameter which is pre-established, controlling the running of the motor by the relay; C. The electric motor drive the vane of the shutter billboard plate to do angular adjustment. This invention of the billboard against strong wind, the plate face is shutter and set with electromagnetism lock implement, the live shaft of each vane on the plate face are set on the transmission mechanism; the electric motor assembles transmission mechanism by the reducer ,the anemometry instrument is equipped with the safety relay and the replacement relay , two relays link the positive and negative rotate control circuit of the electric motor respectively , the safety relay links with blade electromagnetism lock implement; setting regular location arriving limit switch and revolving arriving limit switch on the transmission mechanism respectively. The invention can realize the load-off of the billboard wind power loading, improved the resistivity ability against the strong wind of the outdoor billboard.
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