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System and method for diagnosing air conditioner failure based on data fusion in internet-of-things environment

ActiveCN102354206AOvercoming deficiencies that are difficult to establish preciselyImprove timelinessSpace heating and ventilation safety systemsLighting and heating apparatusCarbon dioxideData processing
The invention relates to a system and a method for diagnosing air conditioner failure based on data fusion in an internet-of-things environment. The failure diagnosis of air conditioning equipment is realized by analyzing and judging data in a database of the system for diagnosing the air conditioner failure and carrying out a corresponding decision. The system comprises a plurality of environment modules, a plurality of air conditioner wireless measurement and control modules, a plurality of room controllers and at least one management computer. The environment modules acquire environmental parameters of rooms; the air conditioner wireless measurement and control modules acquire state and parameter information of air conditioners; the room controllers communicate with the environment modules and the air conditioner wireless measurement and control modules through a wireless sensor network, and are connected with the management computer through an ethernet network; and the management computer performs unified management on data in a form of a database, extracts the environmental temperature, the humidity, the carbon dioxide concentration, air conditioning parameters and the like in the database, integrates the information to perform data processing, comparison and analysis, and judges the states and the tendencies of the air conditioners to diagnose the air conditioner failure.

Virtual-reality modeling method of ocean water body

The invention discloses a virtual-reality modeling method of an ocean water body. The method comprises the following steps: constructing a main body of a model by utilizing remote sensing (RS) data ina convenient and high-efficiency data-processing process and a scientific storage mode based on an OpenGL technology; adopting a contour line of an ocean surface experimental area to construct a three-dimensional modeling method of a three-dimensional ocean water body; presenting ocean surface waves by texture mapping; utilizing the projection of a parallel contour line to construct a cylindricalbody of the water body to present physical quantity change conditions of the RS data, such as the water depth, the water quality, and the like; and representing the ocean water body and undersea topography in a transparent body mode. The new method realizes the modeling of the three-dimensional ocean water body by utilizing the OpenGL technology as a modeling tool under the technical support of the RS and the GIS (Geographic Information System). The real-time modeling of the three-dimensional ocean water body is realized by effectively utilizing the long-term collected RS data through convenient and feasible data processing and the model-drawing method. The invention has extremely wide application prospects in the ocean environmental monitoring field.

Electric power warning information publishing method in regulation and control integration mode

InactiveCN103700031AImprove timelinessImprove sharing efficiencyData processing applicationsPower gridEvent analysis
The invention relates to a method for monitoring, analyzing, processing and publishing electric power warning information, in particular to an electric power warning information publishing method in a regulation and control integration mode. A warning information rule base of an electric power regulation and control center is constructed, warning information from each business system is searched by taking a power grid interval as a unit when a power grid accident occurs, quick collection and analysis are carried out through a series of preset rules according to internal relation between different business system information, and a brief accident brief report and an omni-directional and multi-dimensional accident comprehensive report are finally formed, thus the safety pressure and the workload of workers of the electric power regulation and control center are reduced; once an analysis result is obtained from event analysis, namely the analysis result is actively pushed to related personnel in real time according to the setting of three mapping relations of information, personnel and communication means in the first time, the timeliness and the accuracy of warning information interaction are promoted, and the sharing efficiency of warning information of an electric power dispatching center is improved.

Embedded, mobile and intelligent interconnection drive assisting system

The invention discloses an embedded, mobile and intelligent interconnection drive assisting system. The system comprises a global positioning system (GPS) positioning module, a random access memory, a vibration sensor, a 3rd generation (3G) telecommunication module, a double-axle acceleration transducer, a liquid crystal touch screen, and a central processing unit which controls the vibration sensor to enter a working state, monitors and acquires vibration signals of an automobile in real time, judges whether the current automobile or goods are in a danger state, receives transverse and longitudinal automobile acceleration signals which are acquired by the double-axle acceleration transducer, judges whether the traffic accident of the current automobile occurs or not, and sends an alarm message to a number which is set by the central processing unit in advance through the 3G telecommunication module if the automobile is in danger. In the system, the advantages of all independent modules are fully exerted and organically integrated. All modules are matched cooperatively, and ensure the safety of the automobile, goods and passengers; the real-time for rescuing accident vehicles and injured persons is improved; and the system has abundant functions of electronic commerce, audio and video entertainment, and wireless Internet access, and fully improves the driving comfort.

Method and device for determining priority of access service

ActiveCN103428870AAdapt to scheduling needsImprove timelinessWireless communicationMobile communication systemsComputer science
The invention provides a method and device for determining a priority of an access service. Attribute parameters and statistical parameters of a first access service are obtained through a base station; on the basis of the attribute parameters and/or the statistical parameters, the base station determines a priority factor of the first access service; on the basis of the priority factor, the base station determines the priority of the first access service; on the basis of the priority, the base station distributes business resources for the first access service. Therefore, on the basis of considering historical dispatching statistics of services, attribute characteristics of the services are comprehensively considered, characteristics of own attributes of the services are reflected, the effect that when the access service dispatching is sequentially carried out according to service attribute requirements, and timeliness of the dispatching is improved. Meanwhile, fairness of the dispatching in a cell can be considered, specifications of service attributes are met better, moreover, grading dispatching is carried out on the access service according to the priority, the requirements of the service attributes can be met better, and dispatching needs of a future mobile communication system mixing service can be met.

A kind of marine biological antifouling paint and its preparation method and application

InactiveCN102300944APrevention and Control of Marine BiofoulingImprove timelinessAntifouling/underwater paintsPaints with biocidesChemistrySeawater
The present invention relates to a marine organism anti-fouling paint and a preparing method and use thereof. The marine organism anti-fouling paint is polyacrylic-capsaicin resin, and the preparing method thereof comprises the steps of: performing esterification reaction for capsaicin compounds and acrylic acid or acrylic acid derivatives to obtain polyacrylic-capsaicin esters; and performing polymerization for the polyacrylic-capsaicin esters and acrylic ester compounds to obtain the polyacrylic-capsaicin resin. The method of the present invention directly performs chemical synthesis for natural organic-compounds with the functions of antimicrobial, sterilization and marine organism repelling action and the anti-fouling paint ground mass, then coats the prepared polyacrylic-capsaicin resin and the anti-fouling paint ground mass onto a body of a ship, after that, in the environment of seawater, the capsaicin in the resin can release slowly to restrain adhesion of the marine organism, thus the anti-fouling paint has the advantages of long aging, nontoxicity, green and environment protection, can be widely applied to prevention and cure for organism fouling, and has wide application prospects and economic values.

Pulsed eddy-current-based metal plate thickness information detection method

ActiveCN107990820AThe experimental method is simpleImprove timelinessElectrical/magnetic thickness measurementsPhysicsBase metal
The invention discloses a pulsed eddy-current-based metal plate thickness information detection method. The method comprises the following steps of S1, testing the magnetic induction intensity Bair inthe air by means of a probe; S2, measuring the magnetic induction intensity Bref of a standard test piece of the same material as a tested piece and adopting the measured result as a reference signal; S3, detecting the test piece of the same standard material and obtaining a parameter (imgfile = 'DDA 00014861076800000000011.TIF 'wi = '155 'he = '70 '); S4, determining a constant C, and calculating a characteristic parameter KB value; S5, calculating the value of the frequency f of the corresponding KB value by calculating a formula of the characteristic parameter KB value and an additional formula in the step S4; S6, taking the frequency f, the constant C and the parameter (img file = 'DDA 00014861076800000000012. tif'wi = '131 'he = '70 ') into the formula, and calculating to obtain thethickness value h of the tested piece. By adopting the method, the eddy current accurate detection is realized through eddy current signal coupling and eddy current signal decoupling. Meanwhile, the experiment method is simplified, and the research timeliness is improved.

On-line judgment method for capacity of backup storage battery

The invention discloses an on-line judgment method for capacity of a backup storage battery. The prior storage battery capacity measuring technology is lagged. The on-line judgment method for the capacity of the backup storage battery comprises the following steps: obtaining a corresponding relationship between the internal resistance and the capacity of the storage battery through actual measurement, setting the internal resistance of the battery obtained according to the capacity of the storage battery from the corresponding relationship as R1, setting the internal resistance of the storagebattery according to the actual measurement as R2, and calculating a reference value R0 of the internal resistance according to the following formula: R0=omega R1 + (1-omega) R2, wherein in the formula, the omega is a weighting coefficient, the measured current internal resistance of the storage battery correspondingly searched from a graph obtained through the actual measurement is Ri, then the percentage of delta R is equal to (Ri-R0)/R0, and the current capacity range of the storage battery can be determined by a corresponding relationship table of the actual measurement according to the numerical value of the percentage of delta R. The method is used for on-line measurement for the capacity of the storage battery.
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