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Integrated chip system for high-throughput sorting and counting detection of biological particles, and application

The invention discloses an integrated chip system for high-throughput sorting and counting detection of biological particles, and an application. The chip system comprises a main microfluidic chip, a micropipe, a sample liquid micropump, an exchange liquid micropump, a first waste liquid collecting device, a second waste liquid collecting device, a third waste liquid collecting device, laser emitters, photoelectric conversion devices, optical fibers and a computer, wherein the main microfluidic chip comprises an asymmetric curved flow path, a first branch channel, a second branch channel, a third branch channel, a main flow path, a branch flow path, aligning marks, etc. The system utilizes the asymmetric curved flow path to realize pre-focusing and sorting for the particles, utilizes a liquid changing flow channel to realize change of a carrier liquid of to-be-tested particles and particle cleaning, and utilizes a viscoelastic effect and an inertial effect of a viscoelastic fluid to realize focus of single equilibrium position of section centers of the particles. The system does not need a sheath liquid, complex pre-cleaning of the particles, and optical alignment, has advantages of high speed, high precision, integration, miniaturization, automation, low cost, simple production process, easy batch production, etc.

Bonding system of high-reliability thick-film mixed integrated circuit and manufacturing method thereof

The invention discloses a bonding system of a high-reliability thick-film mixed integrated circuit and a manufacturing method thereof. The system and the method are characterized in that the bonding system is an indirectly bonded bonding system, namely, a layer of blocking layer metal film is added on the surface of the metal bonding area and a layer of metal film capable of carrying out high-reliability bonding with the silicon-aluminium wire is then added on the surface of the metal bonding area so as to form a multilayer transitional film; and subsequently the bonding system of the silicon-aluminium wire is carried out on the surface of the metal bonding area. The system and the method have the advantages of: (1) improving the bonding performance of the bonding area of the thick-film gold conducting belt and the silicon-aluminium wire; (2) forming local nickel bonding area or an aluminium bonding area on the bonding area of the same gold conducting belt, and being compatible with the gold wire bonding and silicon-aluminium wire bonding; and (3) adopting a metal mask location register and high-vacuum deposition film-formation technology and having no damaging effects on the substrate of the thick-film. When being applied to all thick-film mixed integrated circuit taking gold conducting belts or silver conducting belts as substrates, the reliability of the mixed integrated circuit can be improved and the mixed integrated circuit has wide application prospect in the fields such as aviation, spaceflight, navigation, communication, industrial control and the like.

Heavy duty stacker for containers

The invention discloses a heavy duty stacker for containers. The heavy duty stacker comprises a stacker frame, a safety protection device, a loading platform, a container hooking and taking device, a lifting device, an operation driving device and an electrical control device, wherein the stacker frame comprises four upright posts, an upper cross beam and a lower cross beam; the safety protection device comprises a cargo state detection device, a broken rope protection device, a power outage protection device, a travel speed-limiting device, a detection and positioning device and a progression speed reduction, walking emergency stop and retreat speed reduction switch; the container hooking and taking device comprises a lower fork, a middle fork, an upper fork and a hooking and taking driving mechanism composed of a normally closed electromagnetic braking motor, a chain wheel and a chain; the lifting device comprises a speed reduction motor, a pulley group, a steel wire rope reel, an encoder and a steel wire rope; and the operation driving device comprises a motor, a driving wheel, a driven wheel and an encoder. The heavy duty stacker is reasonable in structural design, strong in operability, good in safety performance and good in stable performance, and can meet the loading demand of large containers at ports and docks, and be convenient for popularization.

Three-dimensional network graphene for lithium battery and preparing method thereof

The invention relates to three-dimensional network graphene for a lithium battery and a preparing method thereof. The preparing method of the three-dimensional network graphene for the lithium battery comprises the steps that firstly, high-purity expanded graphite, an anion type organic surface active agent, a dispersing agent, an antifoaming agent and a solvent are fully mixed, so that thick few-layer graphene slurry is obtained; liquid swelling high polymer materials are added, composite slurry is obtained after even mixing, and the composite slurry is coated in holes of porous foam materials; finally, the porous foam materials are fully carbonized and then are further processed, so that three-dimensional network graphene powder is obtained. The graphene prepared through the method is of a porous network structure on the microscopic scale, and thus the graphene is high in specific surface area, high in conductivity, high in heat conductivity and good in electrolyte wettability; when the graphene is mixed into positive electrode and negative electrode materials of the lithium battery for manufacturing pole pieces, the electron conduction can be effectively improved, the internal resistance of the battery can be greatly lowered, the amount of heat generated when the battery is charged and discharged is educed, the power density, the energy density and the safety of the battery are further improved, and the service life of the battery is prolonged.

Flat plate type vacuum pulsation drying machine

The invention belongs to the technical field of agriculture product processing, and particularly relates to a flat plate type vacuum pulsation drying machine. The flat plate type vacuum pulsation drying machine comprises a machine body, a control unit, a material drying unit and a pulsation vacuum unit, wherein the material drying unit is provided with multiple layers of material shelves. According to the flat plate type vacuum pulsation drying machine disclosed by the invention, a heating part adopts special electric heating plates, so that the processing is simple and convenient, the cost is low, the heating temperature is uniform, and the manufacturing cost, the using cost and the maintaining cost of the drying machine are greatly reduced; through a hierarchical control mode, corresponding heating plates can be opened according to actual processing amount, so that the energy consumption is reduced; meanwhile, soft material trays are adopted, so that the contact conditions between the material trays and the heating plates are remarkably improved, the quality of dried products can be effectively ensured, and the problem that the soft material trays are inconvenient to move is overcome by using a dedicated material tray shovel to assemble and disassemble the material trays; in addition, the flat plate type vacuum pulsation drying machine belongs to static drying, the breakage of materials cannot be caused; the processing and loading capacity of equipment can be effectively increased by virtue of a multi-layer structure.

Dry ice cleaning system for electrical apparatus external insulation

The invention discloses a external-insulation dry-ice cleaning system for electrical equipment, which belongs to the technical field of the external-insulation dirt removal of electrical equipment of an electrical system. The external-insulation dry-ice cleaning system adopts the structure that a dry-ice particle spray nozzle (1), an insulating adjustable bracket (2), a dry-ice transmission insulating pipe (3), a dry-ice cleaning device (5), an air compressor (6) and an air dryer (7) are sequentially connected with each other front and back, wherein the dry-ice particle spray nozzle (1), the insulating adjustable bracket (2), an insulating bracket regulating lever pipe (4) and a bracket regulating power device (8) are sequentially connected with each other from front and back, a dry-ice making granulating machine (10) is connected with a liquid carbon dioxide storage tank (11), a dry-ice insulation can (12) is independent equipment, and an earthing base (9) is taken as a safe earthing pedestal of the external-insulation dry-ice cleaning system. The invention has high dirt removing efficiency, is suitable for the on-line cleaning of an insulating sleeve and an insulating mainstay or an erected transmission line insulator inside a transformer station, and is an effective measure for safely generating the electricity and ensuring the electricity supply.

Cross laminated timber (CLT) double-board seismic wall with swinging energy-dissipation function

The invention relates to a cross laminated timber (CLT) double-board seismic wall with a swinging energy-dissipation function. The CLT double-board seismic wall is composed of two CLT shear walls, a friction-type vertical connecting piece and a friction-type pulling-resistant anchoring piece. The two CLT shear walls are spliced together through the friction-type vertical connecting piece, and a wall body is connected with a floor or a foundation through the friction-type pulling-resistant anchoring piece. Under the effect of an earthquake, the CLT shear walls rotate in the wall board plane, the friction-type vertical connecting piece is in shear, and lap joint friction surfaces of the friction-type vertical connecting piece slide relatively to dissipate energy; and meanwhile, the specially-designed pulling-resistant anchoring piece is matched with rotation of the CLT shear walls, and friction surfaces in the pulling-resistant anchoring piece also slide relatively to dissipate energy. The CLT shear walls are hardly damaged after the earthquake, friction sheets in the vertical connecting piece and the pulling-resistant anchoring piece are not damaged and do not need to be replaced after the earthquake, and the ideal anti-seismic property that the structure is stable under small earthquakes, the seismic wall swings but is not damaged under large earthquakes, and no post-earthquake maintenance or only a small amount of post-earthquake maintenance is needed is achieved.
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