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Optically similar reference samples and related methods for multivariate calibration models used in optical spectroscopy

Systems and methods for establishing and/or maintaining the prediction capability over time of a multivariate calibration model designed for quantitative optical spectroscopic measurement of attributes or analytes in bodily tissues, bodily fluids or other biological samples, which are particularly useful when the spectral absorbance of the attribute or analyte is small relative to the background. The present invention provides an optically similar reference sample to capture the characteristics of instrument and environmental variation and to reduce the effect of such variation on the measurement capability of the model. The optically similar reference is preferably stable over time and is designed such that its optical properties are sufficiently matched to the sample of interest that instrument and environmental variations are captured in the same manner in both the test sample of interest and the optically similar reference sample. The optically similar reference sample may include one or more physical components which are spectroscopically measured in a manner which closely mimics the spectroscopic measurement of the test sample of interest. Spectral similarity may also be achieved by using alternative components with spectral characteristics similar to the components contained in the test sample of interest.

Computer-aided methods and systems for e-books

One embodiment includes a portable e-book reading device for reading a paginated e-book, where each page includes one or more sections, with at least one section including a piece of text linked to an illustration. The device includes a controller, a display and a screen layout module coupled to the controller and the display. The module can be configured to layout the at least one section of the e-book at least by keeping the piece of text with the illustration to be displayed in one screen of the display, and to maintain the pagination if a page is in more than one screen of the display. Another embodiment includes a paginated e-book with a text sub file, an illustration sub file and a logic sub file. The text sub file can store at least one piece of text and an attribute regarding the text. The illustration sub file can store at least an illustration and an attribute regarding the illustration. Either the text sub file or the illustration sub file includes position information linking the illustration to a corresponding piece of text in the text sub file. The logic sub file can include a rule to instruct an e-book reading device on how a section of the e-book should be displayed on a screen of a display at the device. Yet another embodiment includes an e-book with a logic sub file that can analyze an attribute of and provide a response to the reader.
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