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Efficient closed loop feedback navigation

The present invention provides a means for guiding a medical device within the body to approach a target destination. The system and method provide a means for determining a predicted length and orientation, navigating the device to an intermediate point less than the predicted length, determining an error between the projected destination and actual target destination, and successively updating a predicted value of a control variable to yield an orientation within a predetermined distance error before advancing the device the remaining distance to the destination. This provides a physician with the capability of verifying the device will be accurately guided to the target destination without trial and error. A method is also provided for intuitive navigation to targets with limited trial and error based on user-applied device orientation adjustments, where the user chooses the magnitude of the adjustments and the system determines the adjustment direction.

Laser irradiation device, patterning method and method of fabricating organic light emitting display (OLED) using the patterning method

In a laser irradiation device, a patterning method and a method of fabricating an Organic Light Emitting Display (OLED) using the same. The laser irradiation device includes a light source, a mask, a projection lens, and a Fresnel lens formed at a predetermined portion of the mask to change an optical path. When an organic layer pattern is formed using the laser irradiation device, laser radiation is irradiated onto a region of an organic layer, which is to be cut, and the laser radiation is appropriately irradiated onto a region of the organic layer, which is to be separated from a donor substrate. The laser radiation irradiated onto an edge of the organic layer pattern has a laser energy density greater than that of the laser radiation irradiated onto other portions of the organic layer pattern. As a result, it is possible to form a uniform organic layer pattern and reduce damage of the organic layer.

Methods for Implementing Microbeam Radiation Therapy

A method of performing microbeam radiation therapy (MRT) includes delivering a dose only to selected tissue in a target volume (10) with continuous broad beam, first, by interleaving arrays of microplanar beams (30,36) only at the target (10). Administered contrast agents can supplement the effect by preferentially increasing the target dose relative to dose in normal tissue. A broad beam effect is alternatively created using non-interleaving microbeam array(s) with scattering agents administered to selected tissue that preferentially increase valley dose (69) within target to approximate broad beam. The methods of interleaving microbeams are also applied to treat diseases and conditions by ablating at least a portion of selected tissue, or by damaging blood-brain barrier for efficient drug and / or cell administration. A system for performing interlaced microbeam radiosurgery preferably includes two orthogonal radiation source arms (102) for producing and interleaving microbeam arrays (30,36) at the target volume (10). The methods treat tumors, pain, epilepsy, and neurological diseases.

Method and apparatus for preparation of genetically transformable plant tissue

A process of mechanical separation of embryos from seeds for genetic transplantation employs counter-rotating cylinders together with one or more culling, hydration, separation, and viability testing steps to provide high-throughput of viable, transplantable tissue.

Flexible display device

A flexible display device according to an embodiment of the invention comprises: a flexible screen, a shell and a bottom support part, wherein the shell comprises an accommodating part and a support seat; the bottom support part and the flexible screen are connected and overlapped; the bottom support part comprises a fixed support part and a rollable support part which are sequentially distributedalong the length direction of the flexible screen; and the flexible screen is in sliding fit with the support seat through the bottom support part. In the flexible display device according to the embodiment of the invention, the flexible screen can be glidingly arranged on the support seat through the bottom support part; the flexible screen and the rollable support part can synchronously stretchout of or retract in the accommodating part; the fixed support part always bears the flexible screen below partial flexible screen; and on the premise of making the flexible screen telescopic, the flatness of the flexible screen is improved, the damage of the flexible screen is reduced, and the display effect of the display screen is optimized.

Automatic cleaning device for bristle roll of combing machine and cleaning method thereof

The invention provides an automatic cleaning device of a brush roller of a combing machine and a method for cleaning the same. The method comprises the following steps that: the upper side of the brush roller of the combing machine is provided with a dust hood which is connected with a draft fan through an air duct; the front part of the brush roller of the combing machine is provided with a brush roller cleaning mechanism; sundries which are attached on the brush roller of the combing machine are cleaned by contacting the brush roller cleaning mechanism with the surface of the brush roller of the combing machine. The automatic cleaning device of the brush roller of the combing machine and the method for cleaning the same are designed based on the principles of automation, cleaning and actual effect, which improve greatly work efficiency of an equipment maintainer so that the work must be done originally by two persons, but now the work can be done by one person after the brush automatic cleaner is used. Compared with the brush which is cleaned by persons, the brush which is cleaned by the brush automatic cleaner is cleaner, and the brush hair is straighter; and after the brush is operating, the state of cleaning the circular comb by the brush is improved greatly.

Flash memory cell and methods for programming and erasing

Flash memory cells are presented which comprise a dielectric material formed above a substrate channel region, a charge trapping material formed over the dielectric material, and a control gate formed over the charge trapping material. The cell may be programmed by directing electrons from the control gate into the charge trapping material to raise the cell threshold voltage. The electrons may be directed from the control gate to the charge trapping material by coupling a substrate to a substrate voltage potential, and coupling the control gate to a gate voltage potential, where the gate voltage potential is lower than the substrate voltage potential. The cell may be erased by directing electrons from the charge trapping material into the control gate to lower a threshold voltage of the flash memory cell, such as by coupling the substrate to a substrate voltage potential, and coupling the control gate to a gate voltage potential, where the gate voltage potential is higher than the substrate voltage potential.

Weak impact type butting system for androgynous stiffness damping closed loop feedback control

The invention discloses a weak impact type butting system for androgynous stiffness damping closed loop feedback control. Butting mechanisms of two spacecrafts are contacted to generate mutual action under specified initial conditions, the butt ring of the butting mechanism of a driving spacecraft generates position and posture deviation, and the relative deviations of the two butting mechanisms are adapted; the driving butting mechanism measures the displacement of six linear driving mechanisms which are connected with the butt ring and calculates the motion speed and posture of the butt ring; buffer damping data required by the butt ring of the driving butting mechanism is determined according to a preset control rule; and reactive force is generated through motors arranged on the six linear driving devices, and the linear driving devices are directly driven to capture and buffer the butting process. The collision load can be controlled in a narrow range in the butting process, weak impact butt is realized, butt and separation of different butting quality targets can be realized by changing the control rule, and butting between the spacecrafts and the existing manned spacecraft can be realized.

Plastering composite wall with reinforcing steel bar and/or metal net equipped at inter and outer or two-side

The utility model relates to a compound wall with reinforcing bars and / or metal mesh plastering on the inside and outside or on both sides, which relates to a building compound wall. Aiming at the incomplete structure of the bundled composite thermal insulation wall with support. Option 1: Outdoor vertical steel bars (5) and indoor vertical steel bars (6) are fixed to the outside and inside of the load-bearing member (1) of the main building structure, and the inner and outer sides of the core layer (3) are provided with inner and outer protection plan 2: the vertical steel bar (5-2) under the outdoor window sill and the vertical steel bar (6-2) under the indoor window sill are fixed to the cantilever plate (1-2); plan 3: indoor The vertical reinforcement (6) is fixed to the indoor floor of the load-bearing member (1) of the main structure of the building; scheme 4: the indoor vertical reinforcement (6) on both sides of the air layer, and the inner and outer sides of the indoor metal mesh are provided with protective layers (10 -1), the air layer (3-1) is located between the protective layers (10-1) on both sides. The invention has the advantages of good earthquake resistance, good wind load resistance, low cost, convenient construction, good safety of the outer decorative surface layer, increased indoor usable area, and meets the requirements of low energy consumption buildings.

Fabricated concrete column-steel beam energy dissipation type panel point connecting device

The invention discloses a fabricated concrete column-steel beam energy dissipation type panel point connecting device. The fabricated concrete column-steel beam energy dissipation type panel point connecting device is composed of a beam-beam bolt connection component and a friction energy dissipation device, and comprises a prefabricated concrete column, a pre-buried steel beam, a middle steel beam and a combination connection steel piece, wherein transversal surfaces of the pre-buried steel beam and the middle steel beam are both H-shaped, webs of the pre-buried steel beam and the middle steel beam are connected through a web cover plate, and flanges of the pre-buried steel beam and the middle steel beam are connected through a connection cover plate. Earthquake energy is dissipated by using friction plates attached inside a combination steel piece and through a friction energy dissipation mechanism. Compared with the prior art, the connecting device can reduce adverse effects on a floor and achieve a beam hinge yielding mechanism by moving a plastic hinge outward, the energy dissipation device can improve fabricated structure energy dissipation and reduce damages of main structural members, connection parts and the steel beams can be conveniently maintained, replaced and dismantled for reuse, and simultaneously, the fabricated concrete column-steel beam energy dissipation type panel point connecting device is produced by using a whole prefabricated industrialization standard, and installed only through bolts on site, and has strong engineering practicability.

Compound feed for teaching piglets to eat foods other than breast milk

InactiveCN102178115AHealthy micro-ecological balance environmentAvoid damageFood processingAnimal feeding stuffDiseaseSucrose
The invention provides compound feed for teaching piglets to eat foods other than breast milk, which is used for weaning piglets and teaching the piglets to eat foods other than breast milk, and comprises the following components in part by weight: 212.4 parts of corn starch, 154.0 parts of bulked corn, 100.0 parts of 46 percent of bulked bean pulp, 40 parts of fish meal, 100 parts of wheat flour, 5 parts of calcium powder, 21 parts of calcium hydrophosphate, 2 parts of table salt, 20 parts of soybean oil, 5 parts of lysine, 2 parts of threonine, 1.5 parts of choline chloride, 10 parts of premix, 0.2 part of complex enzyme, 0.3 part of pig Duowei, 0.2 part of sweetener, 0.3 part of flavouring agent, 3 parts of baking soda, 20 parts of cane sugar, 30 parts of glucose, 50 parts of egg powder, 70 parts of soy protein concentrate, 50 parts of fermented bean pulp, 6 parts of acidizer, 100 parts of whey powder, 0.5 part of mould removing agent, 0.3 part of antioxidant and 0.3 part of mildewpreventive. In the invention, the problems of incomplete immune functions, low disease resistance, inadequate digestive ferment, incomplete upper gastrointestinal development, low digestion and absorption ability, susceptibility to diarrhea and the like of piglets.

Policy specification framework for insider intrusions

The present invention provides a policy specification framework to enable an enterprise to specify a given insider attack using a holistic view of a given data access, as well as the means to specify and implement one or more intrusion mitigation methods in response to the detection of such an attack. The policy specification provides for the use of “anomaly” and “signature” attributes that capture sophisticated behavioral characteristics of illegitimate data access. When the attack occurs, a previously-defined administrator (or system-defined) mitigation response (e.g., verification, disconnect, deprovision, or the like) is then implemented.

Toothbrush with light source for illuminating oral cavity

A toothbrush apparatus includes a power source coupled to a light source for illuminating the oral cavity of the user to aid in the tooth cleaning process and prevent damage from inaccurate brushing. The light source is arranged away from the bristles and directs light towards the free ends of the bristles to aid the user in identifying areas of the teeth that may need more cleaning. In this manner, the user can more accurately clean all areas and prevent damage to the surrounding gum tissue, while directing appropriate brushing strokes to areas where food debris and plaque are present. The toothbrush may be provided in a manual or automatic version.

Small-bore long distance curved pipe jacking method

The present invention discloses a small-bore long distance curved pipe jacking method, belonging to the technical field of architectural construction, and comprising the following steps: constructing a working well; mounting construction equipment; leading in a measuring axis and a benchmark; taking the jacking tubes in position; jacking; grouting; constructing pipelines in the working well; and finishing the cleaning; the construction equipment comprises a development machine, a curved guide machine with an automatic measurement system, a jack and a pump cylinder, wherein the curved guide machine is connected to a back end of the development machine; the jack is mounted in the working well; the pump cylinder is mounted in a duct of the curved guide machine; the pump cylinder is used for conveying thixotropic mud to between an outer wall of the jacking tube and a soil body via a slip casting tube; during the jacking procedure, the adjacent jacking tubes are connected by a pipe joint sleeve. The method of the present invention enables the prior impossible small-bore long distance quick turn construction to be possible; the economic benefit is good, and construction precision is high; the environment problems like traffic obstruction and the like are solved successfully.

Assembled joint node for column base and construction method

Provided is an assembled joint node for a column base and a construction method thereof. The assembled joint node for the column base can be used in a prefabricated reinforced concrete column, a reinforced concrete foundation, a column anchorage longitudinal rib, a grouting sleeve and a foundation anchor steel bar, wherein the foundation anchor steel bar is connected with the column anchorage longitudinal rib through a crack pouring material, and the grouting sleeve is filled full with the crack pouring material; a spliced seam of the reinforced concrete foundation and the prefabricated reinforced concrete column is also filled with the crack pouring material, and the foundation anchor steel bar comprises a vertical part and a horizontal part; the vertical part comprises an upper anchorage section, which extends beyond the upper surface of the reinforced concrete foundation, a middle no-bonding section, which is embedded in the reinforced concrete foundation, and a lower anchorage section; the outside of the middle no-bonding section is provided with an isolation suite which is used for isolating the the middle no-bonding section and preventing the middle no-bonding section from being bonded with concrete; the top surface of the isolation suite is aligned with the upper surface of the reinforced concrete foundation. According to the assembled joint node for the column base and the construction method of the assembled joint node, the deformation capability and the mechanical property of the node at the column base in an assembled structure, the construction is efficient, and the seismic performance is good.

GPRS-based urban underground integrated pipe gallery water supply pipeline online monitoring system

The invention relates to a GPRS-based urban underground integrated pipe gallery water supply pipeline online monitoring system which mainly comprises four parts: pipeline monitoring sites, a GPRS data transmission network, a central control room, and an automatic control link. Monitoring data is transmitted to the central control room through a GPRS network. Pressure, flow, liquid level and residual chlorine data of a water supply pipeline is collected and processed, and the operation state of the water supply pipeline is analyzed based on the data transmitted back wirelessly. When the data of the pipeline is abnormal, alarm is raised, and meanwhile, computer-aided control software is started automatically to close a switching valve installed at a faulty site, and the operation state of the underground integrated pipe gallery water supply pipeline is detected, diagnosed and controlled online. When the pipeline fails, the position of the faulty site is located accurately by using a GIS and a GPS, and fault information is displayed on the display screen of a monitoring center. Therefore, the damage caused by accidents is reduced, and the operation efficiency and quality of the water supply pipe are improved.

Maca instant tea and production method thereof

Maca instant tea and a production method thereof belong to the technical field of maca deep processing. The production method includes: grinding maca and tea materials respectively, performing enhanced extraction with water and ultrasound at 20-40 DEG C, filtering and concentrating extract, spray-drying to obtain maca extract and instant tea powder, and mixing, sterilizing and bagging to obtain the maca instant tea, wherein the maca instant tea comprises, by weight, 10-30% of functional maca extract, and 70-90% of instant tea powder. The maca instant tea retains tea flavor and gives full play to functions of maca, such as fatigue relief, radiation proofing, immunity enhancement, hormone balancing, benign prostatic hyperplasia proofing and sexual function enhancement. Bioavailability of functional components of functional maca extract is improved, and accordingly the maca instant tea has broad application prospect in terms of preventing and improving sub-health.

Automatic vehicle braking device

The automatic vehicle braking device is equipped with a braking force control processing portion which, based on the judgment result of a collision judgment processing portion and the judgment result of a steering avoidance judgment processing portion, imparts a turning property in a direction of head-on collision to the vehicle when the lateral position of the obstacle with respect to a travel route curve is large in a condition in which the driver is unconscious of a high possibility of collision between the vehicle and the obstacle and has taken no steering avoidance action yet. As a result, it is possible to reduce the speed of the vehicle and, at the same time, mitigate the damage suffered by the vehicle occupants at the time of collision.

Mountainous road traffic safety dynamic early-warning system

The invention relates to a mountainous road traffic safety dynamic early-warning system which comprises a traffic accident analysis early-warning module, a traffic flow detection module, a road alignment module, a weather forecast module and a variable traffic sign LED display screen, wherein the traffic flow detection module, the road alignment module, the weather forecast module and the variable traffic sign LED display screen are connected with the traffic accident analysis early-warning module. The traffic flow detection module is used for dynamically collecting traffic flow data on the road, the weather forecast module is used for dynamically collecting weather conditions, the road alignment module conducts static collection and is used for collecting the geometrical features of the current road alignment, and the traffic accident analysis early-warning module conducts data real-time interaction with the traffic flow detection module, the weather module and the road alignment module. The mountainous road traffic safety dynamic early-warning system is mainly used for mountainous road traffic safety early-warning and is installed on a place where accidents frequently occur, and traffic accidents such as tailgating, handrail collision and the like when vehicles run on the mountainous road are avoided according to traffic controlling strategies of device output vehicle speed limit, traffic flow control and the like.

Walnut powder and production method thereof

InactiveCN101690596AReduce the degree of protein denaturationRealize comprehensive utilizationFood preparationSocial benefitsSolubility
The invention provides walnut powder and a production method thereof; walnut kernel is peeled by high pressure water spraying, bubble water stream impact and ultrasonic wave vibration after being soaked by compound alkaline liquid, and then second-grade cold pressing is carried out to the peeled walnut kernel after the peeled walnut kernel is dried and crushed, the walnut kernel is crushed, filtered, batched and colloid-milled to be refined, and then a complex stabilizer is added in the walnut kernel to be sterilized, concentrated, homogenized and dried to obtain the walnut powder. The method has low damage degree, can effectively prevent protein denaturation and reduce alkaline liquid amount; the second-grade cold pressing technology is adopted, the denaturation degree of the protein of the walnut cake is reduced, and the walnut powder is prepared by high-pressure homogeneity and spraying drying; the visual color and luster, solubility and the content of the protein and other indexes of the product are superior to the similar products in the current market. The invention realizes the comprehensive utilization of the walnut resource, the technology is advanced, simple and practical and is easy to popularize, thereby having good economic and social benefits.

Preparation process for collagen sponge

The invention relates to a preparation method for collagen sponge. The preparation method comprises the following steps of: pretreating fresh pig skin serving as a raw material to remove fat; treating by an acid enzyme method; performing ultrasonic treatment so as to further improve extraction efficiency; purifying to prepare a high-purity collagen product; and preparing the collagen sponge through enzyme method crosslinking and freeze drying. By the preparation method for the collagen sponge, the extraction efficiency is high and the product purity reaches over 98 percent. The product comprises the collagen sponge which is prepared by freeze-drying active collagen and maintains a triple helix structure, has low immunogenicity, high biocompatibility and biodegradability, and is applicableto medical treatment.

Wafer-level fingerprint recognition chip packaging structure and method

Disclosed is a wafer-level fingerprint recognition chip packaging structure and method. The method includes: providing a substrate which comprises a plurality of induction chip areas and is provided with a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface, wherein a first surface of each induction chip area comprises an induction area; forming a covering layer on the first surface of the substrate; forming a plug structure in each induction chip area of the substrate, wherein one end of each plug structure is electrically connected with the corresponding induction area, and the other end of each plug structure is exposed out of the second surface of the substrate. By the forming method, the packaging process of a fingerprint recognition chip can be simplified, the requirement on sensitivity of the induction chip is lowered, and the packaging method is wider in application.

Thin film transistor panel and fabricating method thereof

A thin film transistor panel includes a substrate, a light blocking layer on the substrate, a first protective film on the light blocking layer, a first electrode and a second electrode on the first protective film, an oxide semiconductor layer on a portion of the first protective film exposed between the first electrode and the second electrode, an insulating layer, a third electrode overlapping with the oxide semiconductor layer and on the insulating layer, and a fourth electrode on the insulating layer. The light blocking layer includes first sidewalls, and the first protective film includes second sidewalls. The first and the second sidewalls are disposed along substantially the same line.

Beside-roadway escribing pressure relief method of roadway driving along gob of small coal pillar influenced by dynamic pressure

InactiveCN102778182AShorten exercise timeEliminate mining dynamic pressureBlastingEngineeringCoal pillar
The invention discloses a beside-roadway escribing pressure relief method of roadway driving along a gob of a small coal pillar influenced by dynamic pressure. The method includes the following steps: adopting roadway roof deep hole blasting as the escribing method, arranging escribing shot holes within the overall length range of an adjacent working surface crossheading of the roadway driving along the gob, and implementing stage blasting operation during back production of the working surface, wherein the escribing shot holes need to be close to the small coal pillar as far as possible, the depth of the escribing shot holes is determined according to the mining height of the back production working surface and the free caving height of the roof of the working surface, the shot holes need to be arranged with a distance away from the working surface, and the distance among the shot holes need to be determined reasonably; then performing explosive filling and hole blocking; performing ahead blasting operation in front of the working surface or lag blasting operation after the shot holes enter a gob area; and instantly performing roadway driving along the gob when the bad influence on the essence of the roadway driving along the gob of the small coal pillar caused by dynamic pressure of the working surface can be basically eliminated when back production of the adjacent working surface is finished. By means of the beside-roadway escribing pressure relief method, normal production of a back production working surface is ensured, and the cost and difficulty in roadway support along the gob are greatly reduced.
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