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Ancient blue and white porcelain and production method thereof

ActiveCN102249654AColorfulBright appearanceLine drawingsCeramic glaze
The invention relates to ancient blue and white porcelain and a production method thereof. The ancient blue and white porcelain comprises a blank body ingredient and a porcelain glaze ingredient. The production method comprises the following steps of: manufacturing a blank body, coloring matters, porcelain glaze, stained paper and applique decoration liquid; mixing a blank substrate with the coloring matters to obtain the blank body ingredient; adding an appropriate amount of water for performing ball milling; and performing iron sieving, clay squeezing, crude refining, ageing, refining, rolling molding, drying, blank trimming, line drawing, glaze applying, stained paper attaching, baking and drawing to obtain a finished product. Due to the adoption of the production method, the principle of color development from body glaze in the conventional celadon color tone is changed, part of color development pigment is added into the blank body substrate to obtain the blank body, stained paper with various historical character miracles or pictures and texts is attached to a glaze layer, the ancient blue and white porcelain obtained by one-step baking at high temperature has the advantages of stable blue tone, abundant colors, shining and smooth appearance, simple and elegant color and luster, high strength, high thermal stability, extremely small dissolved quantity of lead and cadmium, smoothness and light transmittance, safety and sanitation. The preparation method is scientific and reasonable and is suitable for mass production.

One-dimensional photonic crystal structure color generation material and preparation method thereof

ActiveCN106199770AColorfulEasy to prepareOptical elementsPhotonic crystal structureInorganic nanoparticles
The invention relates to a one-dimensional photonic crystal structure color generation material and a preparation method thereof and belongs to the field of new material preparation, in particular to the field of new color generation material preparation. The one-dimensional photonic crystal structure color generation material is a periodical laminated structure material formed by organic nano particles and inorganic nano particles on a matrix in an alternative stacking mode. The periodical laminated structure material is obtained by alternatively stacking, drying and curing organic polymer microemulsion or reversed-phase microemulsion and inorganic substance nanometer sol. The one-dimensional photonic crystal structure color generation material can solve the problem that polymer permeates into gaps among the inorganic nano particles when only an organic polymer solution takes part in assembling, the stacking thickness of the polymer is controlled well, and a regular layer-by-layer structure is obtained. The one-dimensional photonic crystal structure color generation material prepared through the method is suitable for wide organic and inorganic materials and has good application prospects in the field of coatings, displaying, naked eye detection, anti-faking and the like.

Processing method for keeping freshness of roses and carnations

ActiveCN103960227AColorfulRich space for flower art creationDead plant preservationChemistryEnvironmental geology
The invention discloses a processing method for keeping the freshness of roses and carnations, and is characterized by adopting fresh-keeping rose and carnation living bodies as raw materials; natural roses and carnations are picked and sterilized, and then are subjected to the first time of replacement and decoloration treatment; water in cells of each rose or carnation, or each rose or carnation spray is completely replaced by an immersion fluid, accordingly, the original colors are removed to became transparent, and the cells of each rose or carnation and each rose or carnation spray are completely opened; each rose or carnation and each rose or carnation spray are transparent after replacement; colouring fresh-keeping fluid prepared from carbohydrate, a nutrition conditioning agent, an antioxidant, C2H5OH, HO(CH2CH2O)nH, pigment and water is used to perform the second time of treatment; the two times of immersion are performed in respective different utensils; the environmental temperature is controlled at 15-22 DEG C, the relative humidity is 70-80 percent, the immersion time is 5-300 hours, and then the immersed roses and carnations are subjected to decoloration, softening, coloring, drying, grading and shaping, as a result, the freshness of the roses and carnations are kept.

Preparation method for fluorescent spandex

The invention relates to a preparation method for fluorescent spandex and belongs to the technical field of differential polyurethane elastic fibers. The method comprises the following steps: firstly, adding an organic small-molecular luminous material into an organic solvent, and agitating and dissolving to form an organic solution with fluorescence characteristics; mixing polyethylene-polypropylene glycol with diisocyanate to prepare a -NCO blocked polyurethane prepolymer; adding the organic solvent to sufficiently dissolve the prepolymer to obtain a prepolymer solution; secondly, adding the organic solution with the fluorescence characteristics into a prepared mixed amine solution, and agitating and mixing uniformly; thirdly, adding the mixed amine solution into the prepolymer solution and carrying out a chain extension reaction; after the reaction, adding a spandex auxiliary agent to obtain a polyurethane-urea solution; and finally, spinning and molding by a dry-process spinning system to obtain spandex fibers with fluorescence effects. The fluorescent spandex prepared by the method provided by the invention has the advantages of safety and environmental friendliness, low cost, abundant fluorescent colors and the like, and strong binding force between the organic small-molecular luminous material and the spandex is realized.

Method for producing PBT (Polythylene Terephthalate) color point core spun yarns

The invention discloses a method for producing PBT (Polythylene Terephthalate) color point core spun yarns. The method comprises the following steps: selecting yarn materials; performing process procedures of the PBT color point core spun yarns; implementing the specific production process. According to the method disclosed by the invention, acrylic fibers serve as raw materials of the points, the color point has rich colors, the color is bright, the stereoscopic impression is excellent, and the price can be saved by 20000 Yuan per tonnage compared with that of common chinlon points. A waterproof agent is diluted according to a ratio and uniformly sprayed onto the points, and the points are dried and roasted at a high temperature, so that the colored point achieves a water-repellent effect, the colored points are prevented from being loosened in the subsequent processing procedure, staining of dyes on the color points is reduced in the dyeing process, the shape and brightness of the color points can be guaranteed, and the quality of the yarns is improved. The PBT serves as the core yarn, viscose cotton serves as an outer packaging material, and the problems that the spandex core-spun yarns are poor in acid resistance and chlorine resistance and have non-ideal dyeing effect are solved. The color point core spun yarns produced by the method disclosed by the invention are excellent in fluffiness and crimpiness and high in elasticity and shape stability and have hand feel of cashmere.

Double-jacquard weave color mixing knitting technology

InactiveCN107988699AGood color mixing effectColorfulWarp knittingColor mixingEngineering
The invention provides a double-jacquard weave color mixing knitting technology. Double-jacquard weave screen cloth is integrally woven by a two-needle-bed jacquard warp-knitting machine, the two-needle-bed jacquard warp-knitting machine comprises a front needle bed, a rear needle bed and guide bars, the guide bars comprise ground guide bars GB1, GB2, GB5 and GB6 and jacquard guide bars JB1 and JB2, regarding all the guide bars, chinlon low stretch yarn or positive ion low stretch yarn is adopted by one ground guide bar, or dacron low stretch yarn is adopted by one jacquard guide bar, and darcon low stretch yarn, chinlon semifinished yarn and positive ion low stretch protofilament are adopted by other guide bars respectively, through doubling of the darcon low stretch yarn and the chinlonsemifinished yarn and doubling of the darcon low stretch yarn and the positive ion low stretch protofilament, the front side and the reverse side of gray fabric are closely knitted together without gaps, the double-jacquard weave screen cloth with a more excellent color mixing effect is knitted, the color is richer, the technical problems are solved that jacquard weave screen cloth blisters and wrinkles, through holes are not neat, stitching is exposed in the through holes, the physical property is poor and supporting force is small, and the product quality is greatly improved.

Multifunctional children water gun fluid

The invention provides multifunctional children water gun fluid. The multifunctional children water gun fluid comprises, by weight, 0.015-0.03 % of triarylmethane phthalide leuco body dye, 0.1-0.35 % of sodium hydroxide, 80-90 % of distilled water, 10-20 % of alcohol, 2-5 % of N,N- diethyl-toluamide, 0.15-0.5 % of menthol, and 0.05-0.15 % of essence. The components are evenly mixed according to component proportion, and the multifunctional children water gun fluid is obtained. According to the multifunctional children water gun fluid, the single-colored water gun fluid respectively of the red color, the purple color, the green color and the blue color can be manufactured respectively, the water gun fluid of two or more than two kinds of colors can also be mixed according to different proportions, and the water gun fluid of various kinds of intermediate colors can be obtained. The multifunctional children water gun fluid can be sprayed to the surface of the skin of a child, and the effects of cooling and radiating heat, restoring consciousness and refreshing, and expelling parasites and avoiding mosquitos are achieved. The multifunctional children water gun fluid is even and bright in color, the color can be automatically faded in 10 minutes to 30 minutes after the water gun fluid is sprayed on the surface of clothes, the cost of dye which is used is relatively low, and manufacturing technology is simple.
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