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Super-amphiphobic polymer and super-amphiphobic surface prepared from super-amphiphobic polymer

The invention belongs to the field of macromolecule super-amphiphobic materials and discloses a super-amphiphobic polymer and a super-amphiphobic surface. The super-amphiphobic polymer is a random copolymer composed of structural units shown as a formula I and a formula II. The super-amphiphobic surface is obtained by comprising the following steps of: pre-processing a substrate material; placinga micro-balloon in a fluorine-containing solvent, and ultrasonically dissolving to obtain a micro-balloon supernatant solution; adding the super-amphiphobic polymer, a hydrochloric acid tetrahydrofuran solution and water into the micro-balloon solution while stirring, placing the substrate material, and reacting for 5-24 h; and taking out the substrate material, washing by using the fluorine-containing solvent, methanol and water in turn, drying in vacuum, and obtaining the super-amphiphobic surface. The super-amphiphobic polymer disclosed by the invention can give good surface hydrophobic ability and oleophobic ability to the substrate. Because the polymer has the characteristics of the fluorine-containing polymer so that the polymer can be chemically bonded with the surface of the substrate, the obtained super-amphiphobic surface has good scrubbing resistant property and corrosion resistant property.

Long fibre nonwoven wallpaper base stock and preparation method thereof, and nonwoven wallpaper prepared by the same

The invention relates to a non-woven wall paper, in particular to a long fiber non-woven wall paper raw paper and the preparation method and the non-woven wall paper prepared in the method. The long fiber non-woven wall paper raw paper comprises fiber pulp material and adhesive agent, wherein the fiber pulp material comprise wood pulp fiber and functional fiber, the weight proportion between the wood pulp fiber and the functional fiber adopts 0 to 95 percent to 5 to 100 percent, and the adhesive agent occupies 1 to 10 percent of the total weight of the raw paper; the functional fiber at least contains a functional fiber which fineness is 0.8 to 25 D, and which length is 15 to 60 mm. The surface of the wall paper in the invention presents natural stripes, the outer appearance is artistic, and further treatment is not required. Simultaneously, during the wall paper product processing, no shrinkage and moist feeling occur, the paper uncover is complete, and the paper flexibility is good. The wall paper product adopting flame-resistant fiber can be burnt on the fire source, the fire is extinguished after leaving the fire source, and the non-woven wall paper has a good flame-resistant performance.
Owner:浙江凯恩新材料有限公司 +1

White-surface coated craft paper and production method thereof

The invention discloses white-surface coated craft paper and a production method thereof. The white-surface coated craft paper comprises a core paper layer; the upper side of the core paper layer is a surface paper layer, and the lower side is a bottom paper layer; a coating layer is arranged on the upper surface of the surface paper layer; the bottom paper layer and the core paper layer of the white-surface coated craft paper are prepared by the steps of: dosing the waste paper, preparing waste paper pulp to obtain non-deinked waste paper pulp, and manufacturing paper through a paper layer to obtain a wet bottom paper layer and a wet core paper layer; the surface paper layer is prepared by the steps of: mixing the bleached hardwood pulp, bleached softwood pulp and bleached regenerated fiber pulp DIP at any proportion, and manufacturing paper through a paper layer to obtain a wet surface paper layer; and the wet bottom paper layer, the wet core paper layer and the wet surface paper layer are subjected to the steps of compounding with the coated body paper, preliminary drying, sizing, later drying, paper surface calendering, paper surface coating and after-treatment to obtain the white-surface coated craft paper. The available waste paper types are increased, and the fiber source is wider; and meanwhile, the quality of the waste paper pulp is effectively stabilized so as to guarantee the quality stability of the coated body paper and the white-surface craft paper and avoid easy layering, splitting and scaling.
Owner:山东晨鸣纸业集团股份有限公司 +1

Preparation method of modified AKD (Alkyl Ketene Dimer) neutral sizing agent

The invention relates to a modified AKD (Alkyl Ketene Dimer) neutral sizing agent which is a milk white liquid in appearance. The modified AKD neutral sizing agent comprises the following main materials: AKD, starch, paraffin, high molecular dispersant and other assistant materials. The modified AKD neutral sizing agent is mainly used for sizing paper pulp and improving the water resistance and impermeability of paper in the paper-making production process, and the consumption for every ton of paper is 10-20kg. Compared with like products, the quickly-cured modified AKD neutral sizing agent has the following advantages: (1) effective ingredient particles of the product are finer and more uniform and can be cured more tightly, the product has a longer quality guarantee period, and convenience is provided for transportation and storage; (2) the product is applicable to neutral paper pulp and can no longer result in the production of acidic paper-making sewage, thereby being beneficial to environmental protection; (3) the use effect of the product can act quickly, and the curing time is extremely short, thereby facilitating the effect monitoring and quality control in use, improving the production efficiency and enhancing the yield of paper; and (4) the consumption of the product is lower than that of other like products, thereby reducing the cost of production materials and improving the economic benefits of customers.
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